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Friend of Chris Benoit Casts Doubt on the Murder-Suicide Theory

Alex Constantine - July 4, 2007

Triple-Murder?: The Truth about Chris Benoit
Written by Steve Mann
02 July 2007

I have been a wrestling fan now for over 30 years. I remember watching Chris Benoit when he started out in Stampede Wrestling. I cannot tell you how sad I was to hear about the death of him and his family.

But a lot of what I'm hearing just doesn't make sense—and it's getting more bizarre all the time.

Chris spoke to his father on Fathers' Day and made the comment that he wished he could stay home with his family instead of going to work. So his family life couldn't have been as bad as the press is making it out to be.

I wouldn't want to stay home if my wife and I were arguing all the time—I'd want to be out of the house as much as I could.

One week later, they were all dead. So what changed?

Let’s look at the chain of events. Benoit was at his doctor’s office on Friday, where he took pictures with fans that would turn out to be the last images of him alive.

The picture I saw was not that of a man going home to kill his family.

But then again what would that look like?

Benoit allegedly killed his wife Nancy upon returning from the doctor's office. She was found three days later with her hands and feet bound. Why? What happened between the time that Benoit left that office and the time that Nancy was killed?

Benoit allegedly then stayed in the house with his son while his wife lay dead. Some time Saturday or early Sunday, he strangled his son to death. How twisted is that? All the footage I ever saw indicated that Benoit loved his boy. How does someone go from a loving father to a monster?

The strangest part of the story involves the posting of news about Nancy's death on Benoit's Wikipedia page 14 hours before the bodies were found. The anonymous poster has since claimed that it was all a matter of tragic coincidence.

I'm not so sure.

Finally, there's the issue of Benoit's suicide. It has been reported that Chris may have consumed as many as ten beers and a bottle of wine before hanging himself with home gym equipment.

I'm a lot bigger than Chris, and I know I wouldn't have been able to rig something like that with so much alcohol in my system.

The point here: How can we be sure that this isn't a triple-murder made to look like a murder-suicide? What better way to get back at someone than to kill him and his family and destroy his reputation at the same time?

Maybe it's just my wishful thinking here. I just can't see how a great person like Chris Benoit could do such an awful thing.

Chris, Nancy, and Daniel—you will be missed.


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