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Flanders Author Says JFK Wounds Doctored

Alex Constantine - April 21, 2014


Mount Olive Chronicle, April 11, 2014

MOUNT OLIVE TWP. – Retired metallurgical engineer James Rinnovatore is absolutely convinced that the body of President John F. Kennedy was doctored shortly after his death so it looked like Lee Harvey Oswald was the one assassin shooting from behind the president’s motorcade.

The Flanders writer makes a case in his latest book to show that the wounds in the body were altered to conceal the fact that Oswald was a patsy, that there was more than one gunman and that Kennedy in fact was shot while approaching the grassy knoll in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas, on Nov.22, 1963.

Rinnovatore, 81, and editor, Allan Eaglesham outline their theories in their new book, “The JFK Assassination Revisited, A Synthesis.” (AuthorHouse, 180 pages). [See link at bottom of page to order the book. - ed.]

“I take the evidence wherever it will lead me. The media has been in bed with the CIA since day one,” said Rinnovatore. “They’ve been the biggest part of perpetuating the myth that Oswald was the lone assassin. It was an inside job by rogue elements in the CIA who probably planned the assassination with the help of the Secret Service who was instrumental in the cover-up.”

Philadelphia Native

Born in Philadelphia, Rinnovatore moved to Flanders in 1977. He worked for Frankford Arsenal in Philadelphia and then Picatinny Arsenal before retiring in 1990. It was a warm day and Rinnavotore had a day off and was on a ladder cleaning the windows outside of his Philadelphia home when he heard the news on the radio of Kennedy’s murder.

“I was skeptical from the very beginning,” said Rinnovatore. “When Oswald was arrested and claimed he was a patsy, that resonated with me. I felt strongly that he didn’t do it. My interest started that day I don’t know who put the bullets in the president’s body. I only know who took them out and that is what is important.”

His interest really took off after he read David Lifton’s 1981 bestseller, “Best Evidence: Disguise and Deception in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy. “ Rinnovatore said that while Lifton wasn’t explicit, the book “foreshadowed that the president’s wounds were altered.”

Around this time, Rinnovatore met another writer on-line, Douglas Horne of Arlington, Va. Horne was a member of the Assassination Records Review Board. The board was created in 1992 by President Bill Clinton to review declassified government files on the Kennedy case. Horne was the chief military analyst for the board and he deposed pathologists and others involved in the case.

Rinnovatore later found he and Horne had similar questions and theories about the assassination.

Rinnovatore said the review board was established to clear up questions never addressed by the Warren Commission.

“The Warren Commission did a horrible job,” Rinnovatore said. “Anything that pointed to Oswald’s guilt was magnified while any exculpatory evidence was ignored. They didn’t interview pathologists, x-ray technicians, autopsy photographers and two “key” FBI agents. That was key information for me. I could connect the dots.”

By dots, Rinnovatore meant that he now had evidence that Kennedy’s body had been brought to the morgue at Bethesda Medical Center where the bullet wounds were doctored.

Rinnovatore’s book points to one memo from Attorney General Nicholas deB. Katzenbach which he said makes it clear that the investigation will be directed to find that Oswald acted alone. He also said that then Warren Commission staffer, Arlen Specter had strong political ambitions and followed the administration’s theory of a single gunman. Specter was later elected to the U.S. senate.

“The Warren Commission had its marching orders from day one that Oswald was to be the lone assassin,” Rinnovatore said. “

Rinnavotore met Eaglesham, a freelance editor, about six years ago, while Rinnovatore was studying the Kennedy assassination on line. They now claim to have proof that President Kennedy’s body was in the Bethesda, Md. morgue well before the motorcade from Andrews Air Force Base arrived at the entrance to Bethesda Naval Hospital. The bronze casket in which the body had been placed at Parkland Hospital, Dallas, was empty when it arrived at Bethesda. It had been transferred to a gray navy ambulance for transportation from Andrews to Bethesda.

The body had been removed from the bronze casket while Lyndon Johnson was being sworn in as president before Air Force One left Love Field. The purpose of the early arrival of the body at the Bethesda morgue was so doctors could alter the wounds, which had been found to be frontal by the doctors at Parkland, according to the book.

The wounds had to be reversed in order to implicate a lone assassin –Oswald – shooting from the Texas School Book Depository. New information is provided regarding pre-autopsy photographs and exclusion of FBI agents from the autopsy room to prevent their discovery of the body there.

Also provided are analyses of the reports of the Warren Commission “and the case for two Oswalds.”

Rinnavotore said six eyewitnesses confirm that the body was brought to the morgue before the historic record of 7 p.m. and that an empty bronze casket was brought to the morgue at the correct time to give the impression that nothing was awry. He also said four eyewitnesses in the morgue say they saw the body removed from a body basket in a plain, shipping casket.

“We have an eyewitness in the morgue who saw the wounds,” Rinnavotore said.

Rinnovatore has been studying the Kennedy assassination for over 20 years. He has co-authored six articles on this subject, and, with Allan Eaglesham, published “Aftermath of the JFK Assassination: Parkland Hospital to the Bethesda Morgue” in March, 2012, an ebook available from Amazon.

In addition to the ebook published with Rinnovatore, he has published several articles on various aspects of the murder of President Kennedy.


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