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FBI's Hutaree "Christian" Militia Raid Turned Up Nazi Propaganda, Crack Cocaine, Guns, Gas Masks, Knives …

Alex Constantine - April 14, 2010

by Carlin DeGuerin Miller
Crimesider | April 13, 2010

amup - FBI's Hutaree "Christian" Militia Raid Turned Up Nazi Propaganda, Crack Cocaine, Guns, Gas Masks, Knives ...DETROIT (CBS/AP) FBI raids on the self-proclaimed Christian militia group, Hutaree, uncovered more than guns and a plot to kill law enforcement - they also turned up Nazi propaganda, crack cocaine, and steroids, according to court papers released Monday.

Federal agents say they also found gas masks, hand grenade instructions and schematics along with potassium chlorate.

Federal prosecutors say that David Stone Sr. and eight other members of the Michigan-based group plotted the mass killings of police officers in the hope of sparking an anti-government revolution.

The attorney for Hutaree leader David Stone Sr. called the prosecutions assertions "nonsense."

In all, agents claim to have seized dozens of guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition, as well as other weapons, including swords and machetes. At the Whiting, Ind. home of suspected Hutaree member Thomas Piatek, authorities also found a copy of "My New Order" by Hitler; audio of "The Turner Diaries," a novel that is popular with white supremacists; a samurai sword; a jeweled dagger; a ballistic helmet; an intrusion detection machine; and a CD titled "Explosives, Ordnance and Demolition."

Other items ranging from laptops and external hard drives to DVDs and even Mapquest directions to an address in Washington state were carted away.

When the list of items found during the raids was read, William Swor, Stone's attorney, said: "It sounds like a big 'So what?'"

The nine defendants are charged with seditious conspiracy, or plotting to levy war against the U.S., and attempting to use weapons of mass destruction. A judge will hold a hearing April 27 to determine whether to keep the nine in custody while they await trial.
Original headline: "Hutaree Militia Raided: Guns, Knives, Drugs, Gas Masks, Nazi Propaganda Uncovered, says FBI"


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