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David Icke is a Neo-Nazi (Part One) Fascist Conspiracy Theories

Alex Constantine - April 25, 2009

Re "More Conspiracy Moonshine from Neo-Nazi David Icke and Alex Jones"

Comment from reader AdamS: "Wow. Ad hominem or what? ... Pretty much every sentence of that article is a smear. What is meant by "right-leaning causes" for example? How is David Icke a neo-Nazi? ... "

" ... Icke enthusiastically embraced the classic Nazi conspiracy theory [in Robots' Rebellion], alleging that the world is controlled by a secret cadre of "The Elite." He openly endorsed The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Tsarist anti-Semitic forgery that informed Hitler's notion of a global Jewish conspiracy. ... "

Re: "...and the truth shall set you free." - "The book repeated Icke's previous claims that the Protocols were true, and went on to state: 'I strongly believe that a small Jewish clique which has contempt for the mass of Jewish people worked with non-Jews to create the First World War, the Russian Revolution, and the Second World War.... They then dominated the Versailles Peace Conference and created the circumstances which made the Second World War inevitable. They financed Hitler to power in 1933 and made the funds available for his rearmament.'"

Wikipedia: "Icke has cited white supremacist, neo-Nazi and other far-right publications in his books. British journalist Simon Jones notes that the bibliography of … And the Truth Shall Set You Free lists The Spotlight, formerly published by the now-defunct Liberty Lobby, and which Icke calls "excellent," and On Target, published by the Australian League of Rights, which has organised speaking tours for Holocaust denier David Irving. Jones writes: "It's tempting to dismiss David Icke as a confused and ignorant man, manipulated by extremists in order to present their philosophy in a socially acceptable format. But Icke clearly understands the implications of his words."



"September 30, 1999. The Green Party of Ontario plans to protest
the October 6, 1999 speech of anti-semite, David Icke, if Hart
House Theatre does not cancel the booking. According to Frank de Jong, Green Party of Ontario leader, 'Offering a platform to new age conspiracy theorist and anti-semite David Icke is bad judgement on the part of the U of T.' David Icke was removed from the British Green Party for his anti-Semitic writings. ... "

A "right-leaning cause" is self-explanatory.


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  1. David Icke is a Holocaust Denier.

    But he believes the Lizard people control everything.

    Even if they do.

    It's really fucked up to deny the Holocaust

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