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Colombia: Former Intelligence Official Charged with Assassination of Leftist Senator

May 19, 2011 0

By Tom Peters

Colombia Reports | May 11, 2011

Accused: Jose Miguel Narvaez

A former deputy director of Colombia's intelligence agency DAS ordered the assassination of a leftist politician by paramilitaries, the Prosecutor General's Office said Tuesday.

According to prosecutors, there is enough evidence that prove the responsibility of Jose Miguel Narvaez in the murder of the prominent Union Patriotica politician. Narvaez, already in jail for his responsibility in the illegal wiretapping of political opponents of former President Alvaro Uribe, has been accused by paramilitary leader of being their representative in the intelligence agency.

Judicial sources told Spanish press agency EFE that human rights prosectors linked ex subdirector of DAS Jose Miguel Narvaez to the murder of leftist senator Manuel Cepeda Vargas in 1994. The judicial body explained in a communiqué that Narvaez was indicted as the alleged person responsible for the death of Cepeda Vargas, a Union Patriotica congressmen who was shot to death August 9, 1994 in the south-east Bogota.

Cepeda was one of the most prominent member of the Union Patriotica party. His case reached the Interamerican Court of Human Rights which last year held the Colombian state responsible for the crime.

Polo Democratico Senator Ivan Cepeda Castro, son of the late senator said that he was pleased with the judicial decision about Narvaez and asked the Prosecutor General’s Office to declare his father’s death as “a crime against humanity.”


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