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Before MCA – Overview of Nazi Propaganda Films

Alex Constantine - August 12, 2007


German Expert on Nazi Films and Propaganda

0%2C%2C1303543 1%2C00 - Before MCA - Overview of Nazi Propaganda FilmsThe directors and actors who worked during the Third Reich on behalf of the regime were quickly able to resume their work after the war although there were differences between East and West Germany. While Allied-German de-Nazification courts did impose professional bans of various lengths and, in some cases, financial penalties, it wasn't long before filmmakers were back behind the camera — Veit Harlan was the only one to appear before a proper court on charges of crimes against humanity in "Jud Süss" (The Jew Süss) in 1940. He was acquitted both times – under the jurisdiction of the occupying forces. It was ruled that "Jud Süss" did represent a crime against humanity, but it was found that he was acting under pressure. In 1950 he was able to resume filming in Germany.


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