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WQ2RX, John Albanese, Towing the Government’s Line on 9/11

Alex Constantine - May 6, 2008

Kitten 24 explains:

"WQ2RX put their own members on the air to hold mock debates. Gary Welz appeared on CW 11 to lie about seeing planes crash. John Albanese has lied repeatedly about witnessing the wrong brand of airliners crash on 9 11. He spoke to millions on FOX on behalf of 9 11 Truth and he not only failed to tell the truth, he didn't even say 9-11 was an inside job. Then he attacked Researcher Nico Haupt in the New York Post with a vicious lie. Nico Haupt is not affiliated with DOG4TREE COUNTERINTELLIGENCE or Kitten 24. For someone who doesn't have any opinions about 9 11 and doesn't do any research, John Albanese certainly manages to issue a lot of attacks against people who do real research into the media hoax of 9 11. Now attack dog John Albanese doesn't want people to know where he lives because he wants to attack people, go on TV and spread lies, and get paid by WQ2RX. Why is it that wherever there's an attack, wherever there's slander, libel or false accusations, the name John Albanese keeps popping up? John Albanese openly bragged about getting 911researchers taken down, as reported by Morgan Stack on Webster Tarpley's radio show. Now John's bragging days are over. The only thing getting taken down are the members of WQ2RX, and it's being done safely, legally, and ethically in accordance with the laws of Zambia. Every threat John Albanese makes brings him and the rest of WQ2RX one step closer to justice. You can walk away from WQ2rx or you can face kv3ri justice. And if you say kv3ri you'll also have to deal with ak1rd, ak2rd, ak3rd kv6ri nl4rnº wd8rs, ak4rd, ak5rd, akØrd kv3ri nl1rnº wd4rs. A hypothetical question: al qaeda isn't such a great prize with kv3ri, now is it John?"



" ... it promotes the government's "Able Danger" disinformation and blames Islamic fundamentalists for 9/11 repeatedly ... "

"Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime - tries to appear to oppose the official version of events, but agrees in the most substantive way of all: it promotes the government's "Able Danger" disinformation and blames Islamic fundamentalists for 9/11 repeatedly, on a variety of levels, subliminal and not, while suppressing all the pieces of evidence which make it impossible to believe that lie. It starts by rapid-fire reimpressing on viewers' minds so many of the horrible, deadly, emotional images from that day, which everyone will see (unless they shut their eyes) and feel (reminding them of what they were told had happened and how it made them feel), and which will hinder their ability to think clearly about the event from a logic-based perspective, and also softens them up for the hijacker-blaming propaganda which follows. It was produced by John J. Albanese. Nick Levis is listed as the research consultant. It is based upon the physical-evidence-denying, purported-hijacker-blaming work of disinformers Mike Ruppert, Daniel Hopsicker, and Paul Thompson [sic]. David Ray Griffin is also credited as having contributed to this highly disinformative, coverup serving, propaganda video."



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