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Who is George Allen?

Alex Constantine - October 10, 2007

SenatorGeorgeAllen 400x725 - Who is George Allen?Wednesday, October 10, 2007

All The Facts Sen. George Allen Doesn’t Want Virginians To Know About His Record

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Newswire Services | November 6, 2006

Fact #1-- On Iraq, Allen Has No Clue

Do Virginians know that George Allen used his position on the Foreign Relations Committee to exaggerate and mislead the American public about Iraq and the nature of the threat it posed?

“Yet To Present A Thoughtful Statement”, “Out Of Touch”, “Tainted”, “Incompetence”, “Eager To Bolster The White House Line”, “Political Expediency”, “Flip-Flopping” ... That’s how Virginia’s newspapers describe George Allen’s changing views on the war in Iraq.

Fact #2-- The Apologist – Allen’s Illegal Immigration Dilemma

Do Virginians know that Senator Allen made excuses for a Bush appointee that was caught aiding an illegal immigrant?

Fact #3-- More Stock Trouble: Allen’s Not So Noble Support for Offshore Loopholes

Do Virginians know that George Allen owned stock in an energy company that moved its headquarters offshore to avoid U.S. taxes? And do Virginians know that while George Allen owned such stock he voted for legislation to allow tax loopholes that benefit big corporations that shelter profits overseas?

Fact #4-- George Allen: Keeping Jobs Abroad

Do Virginians know that under Senator George Allen and the Bush/Cheney Administration, we have watched our trade deficit with China balloon $118 billion dollars, costing Virginia over 11,000 jobs? And do Virginians know that last month Allen added a lobbyist, who fought legislation to even the playing field with China, as a senior advisor to his campaign staff?

Fact #5-- Allen Gives New Meaning to the Term Judicial Activism

George Allen Accepts Contributions and Lobbies on Behalf of Judges Seeking Senate Confirmation

Do Virginians know that the Center for Investigative Reporting just released a report that documents contributions George Allen received from judges just before he initiated support for their confirmations?

Fact #6-- Leave No Family Behind—Unless You’re George Allen

Do Virginians know that George Allen voted three times against the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), in addition to voting against attempts to expand coverage to those who were subject to domestic violence and sexual assault?

Fact #7-- Mr. Allen Calls It “Monday-Morning Quarterbacking,” - We Call It Accountability

Do Virginians know that in the past year Allen voted four times against re-establishing a Truman Commission to investigate waste, fraud and abuse in Iraq and Afghanistan, even though reports of fraudulent spending are widespread? And do Virginians know that George Allen not only ignorantly said that the more than $300 billion spent in Iraq was the best use of taxpayers' money, but that we shouldn't scrutinize or “Monday morning Quarterback” how taxpayers' money is spent with regard to the war?

Fact #8--Allen’s Cuts Imperil Day Care Centers

Do Virginians know that Senator Allen has a long history of cutting services for Virginia’s children and families? Allen voted against the creation of the Department of Youth Services in Virginia and against establishing the Court-Appointed Special Advocates program (CASA) to protect the interests of children in the judicial system. And as Governor one of the first things he tried to do was eliminate the Virginia Council on Child Day Care and Early Childhood Programs.

Fact #9-- Allen said “I do” to Gay Marriage before he said “I don’t”

Do Virginians know that Senator Allen used to believe that a gay marriage amendment wasn’t relevant, but is now heavily touting his support of it in order to divide Virginians in a pathetic attempt to salvage his political livelihood?

Fact #11-- Allen Fostered Discrimination and Inequality For Women

Do Virginians know that when Senator Allen could have voted for legislation that would help protect women from work and housing discrimination, gender inequality and other safeguards, Allen chose to vote against it!?

Fact #12-- George Allen Votes Against Victims of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

Do Virginians know that George Allen has opposed legislation that would help victims of sexual assault and domestic violence?

Fact #13-- Who Filed Allen’s Disclosures—Abramoff?

Do Virginians know that Senator Allen has failed to live up to the ethical standards that Senators are expected to live by? Do Virginians know that over Allen’s career in the Senate, serious omissions from public disclosures have cast doubt that Allen’s information is “true, complete and correct to the best of” his knowledge?

Fact #14-- Allen’s Flip-Flops On the Iraq War Make Us Less Safe

Do Virginians know that flip-flopped his position on the strategy in Iraq because he didn’t like his poll numbers? And do Virginians know that this isn’t Allen’s first flip-flop when it comes to the war in Iraq?

Fact #15-- Allen Has “No Regrets” About Being “Champion” for Convicted Chinese Spy

Do Virginians know that George Allen knowingly fought for the release of a Chinese prisoner who was, in actuality, a spy for the Chinese government? And do Virginians know that this spy was later convicted of selling China sensitive military technology?

Fact #17-- George Allen: Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

Do Virginians know that millionaire George Allen, who has been known to make as much as $279,000 for two days’ work, attempted to haggle with the NAACP last night over the cost of a lifetime membership?

Fact #18-- Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans Give Allen “D+”

Do Virginians know that while George Allen spouts his commitment to our national security and to our armed forces that the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America has given Allen a “D+” on issues that affect US troops, Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, and military families?

Fact #19-- Allen Allows Corporate Financing of Terrorist States

Do Virginians know that while George Allen likes to talk a hard-line against any diplomatic relations with state-sponsors of terror, he has repeatedly voted against legislation that would prevent corporate subsidiaries that do business with state-sponsors of terrorism like Iran from also doing business with the United States?

Fact #20-- Allen’s Hazmats

Do Virginians know that while George Allen says protecting our national security is a priority he has voted against security systems for America’s hazardous waste shipments several times?

Fact #21-- Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay—Wasting Time

Do Virginians know that as Governor, George Allen accepted $125,000 in political contributions from Smithfield Foods, a meatpacking company that was under investigation by his administration for dumping improperly treated animal waste into a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay?

Fact #22-- Two of These Three Men Have Almost Identical Positions on Iraq. The Other Man is Frighteningly Out of Touch.

Allen: “We need to stay the course”

Warner: “We have to rethink all the options, except any option which says we precipitously pull out”

Webb: “My view on Iraq is that we got in precipitously. We need to get out carefully.”

Do Virginians know that Senator Allen is the only U.S. Senator in Virginia that still wants to “stay the course” in Iraq?

Fact #25- Allen Slashed Job Assistance

Do Virginians know that George Allen voted against helping workers who have lost their jobs because of foreign trade?

Fact #26-- Allen’s Foul Play in the Chesapeake Bay

Do Virginians know that despite Allen’s claims to support the clean up of the Chesapeake Bay, as governor he cut Virginia’s participation in the program?

Fact #27- Read My Lips: George Loves Taxes

Do Virginians know that as George Allen and his political handlers attempt to smear Jim Webb’s position on tax cuts in false advertising across the state, in actuality it is George Allen who has a long-term love affair with raising taxes on the middle class? And do they know that George Allen has sponsored tax increases for transportation projects and gasoline as far back as 1986?

Fact #28-- Allen Voted Against Disclosure Reforms That Benefited His Portfolio

Do Virginians know that Senator Allen fought against legislation that would have required publicly traded companies to show the price of stock options in their financial statements as a cost of business? Do Virginians know that unchecked, “this practice allows companies to overstate real earnings, avoid taxes and undercut shareholders?”

Fact #29— Gone Fishing, Allen and Bush Let North Korea Threat Grow

Do Virginians know that George Allen has spent his career in the Senate taking credit for “six-way” diplomatic talks while refusing to take responsibility for a lack of results?

Fact #32--Junior Senator vs. Senior Senator

Do Virginians know that while Senator Allen praises Virginia’s respected senior Senator John Warner for being a “partner and teammate,” Allen has voted against Warner on the big issues, and with the Bush Administration 97% of the time virtually offering no independent positions on the major issues?

Fact #33-- Opening the Record on Allen’s Record

Do Virginians know that behind Allen’s “sunny demeanor,” exists someone who actually tried to stop state officials from speaking with state legislators, tried to keep documents sealed at the state library and probably destroyed controversial documents?

Fact #34-- Allen Spending That Cheese

Do Virginians know that the National Taxpayers Union says there are 37 Republicans who are better fiscal conservatives than George Allen, and he is next to last among Republican spenders in Congress running for President?

Fact #35-- Allen’s “Fiscal Responsibility” Is Counterfeit

Do Virginians know that in the Senate, Allen voted to increase the federal debt limit and voted against pay-as-you-go rules at the same time? And do Virginians know that as Governor, Allen was the largest spender in Virginia’s history?

Fact #36-- Allen Calls Child Safety Law “Unnecessary”

Do Virginians know that Allen refuses to support a bi-partisan bill to require the installation of safety mechanisms to prevent “backover” fatalities and child-related accidents in driveways and parking lots?

Fact #39-- George Allen, Running from the Senate

Do Virginians know that although polls and political pundits have overwhelmingly told George Allen that he should cease his run for the Presidency, he continues to selfishly advance his national aspirations and refuses to make a 6-year commitment to Virginia?

Fact #40-- Allen: Honey, I Shrunk The Tax Cuts

Do Virginians know that George Allen is blocking Democratic proposals to immediately extend tax cuts for millions of middle class families and businesses?

Fact #41-- Fastow Gets 6 More Years. Will Allen?

Do Virginians know that George Allen has accepted thousands of dollars from Enron? And do Virginians know that despite the fact that thousands of Americans lost their jobs and life savings with the corrupt collapse of Enron, George Allen has refused to return the company’s campaign contributions?

Fact #42-- George Allen: This Isn’t The Course I Charted

Do Virginians know that George Allen has not been candid about the war in Iraq, and instead spent months painting a rosy picture dictated by the Bush Administration telling the American public that most of our troops would return home by the end of 2006?

Fact #43-- Allen’s Not So Intelligent Intelligence

Do Virginians know that Allen has repeatedly voted against honest intelligence reports and has voted to cut intelligence funding in order to protect the White House and his idol President George W. Bush?

Fact #46-- Allen Puts Virginia’s Seniors in a Hole

Do Virginians know that in 2003, George Allen and the Bush Administration let the pharmaceutical companies funding their campaigns write the prescription drug bill? And, do Virginians know that this bill prevented Medicare from negotiating lower drug prices—creating a coverage gap, known as the “doughnut hole,” which can cost seniors up to $3,600 a year in out-of-pocket drug costs?

Fact #47-- Allen’s Magic Trick: I Will Make All Your Jobs Disappear! Poof!

Do Virginians know that while George Allen has voted to increase the number of foreign guest workers in Virginia and the United States, simultaneously he has voted against protecting American workers facing the prospect of losing their jobs to outsourcing?

Fact #48- George Allen Misses the Huddle On Diplomacy

Do Virginians know that George Allen is completely out of touch with the comprehensive efforts necessary to facilitate moving forward in the war in Iraq? And do Virginians know that George Allen's idea of “staying the course” is even more extreme than the White House’s stated policy, which has started to include movement toward building diplomatic bridges necessary to creating conditions in Iraq where U.S. troops can begin to return home?

Fact #49- Bored Allen’s Border Problem

Do Virginians know that Allen called illegal immigration a “low priority” and has voted against tougher immigration laws?

Fact #50--Allen: Which Way to the WMD Hoe-Down?

Do Virginians know that George Allen continually changes his mind on the “incontrovertible evidence” that existed justifying our invasion of Iraq?

Fact#53-- Base to Allen, Do You Read Me?

Do Virginians know that while in the Senate, George Allen, has voted three times against an increase in funding to help the nation’s police and fire agencies communicate in emergencies?

Fact #54 – Allen Shorts Ports

Do Virginians know that George Allen voted against making our ports more secure? Do they know that George Allen voted against legislation requiring that all cargo entering through the U.S. ports be screened for security purposes? Do Virginians know that it has taken Allen and the Republican Congress five years after the terrorist attacks on U.S. soil to vote on a comprehensive port security plan? Five years?!

Fact #55 -- Women, Minorities Excluded from Allen’s “Real World”

Do Virginians know that Allen has a long history of supporting and participating in exclusive, privileged clubs and schools?

Fact #56 -- Allen Support of Historically Black Colleges is New to Virginians

Lately, George Allen has heavily touted his record for historically black colleges. But, do Virginians know Allen actually cut funding for historically black colleges when he was Governor?

Fact #60 -- Are You Ready For Some Football? Allen’s Playbook Revealed

THE REVERSE: After 14 Votes Against Ethanol, Allen reversed his position when he started running for President.

THE CRISS-CROSS: Taking Virginia and his Senate Reelection Race for Granted, Allen Criss-Crossed the Country To Eleven Other States in his quest for the Presidency.

PASS INTERFERENCE: Allen Wrongfully Stole Another Senator’s Legislation.

DELAY OF GAME: Senator Allen Said He Would Answer Why He Voted Himself Four Pay Raises While Voting Against Raising the Minimum Wage Four Times—But, Still Waiting for Answer.

Fact #61 -- Allen: Too Cool For After-School

Do Virginians know that Senator George Allen voted against funding after-school programs in Virginia? While children across the Commonwealth go back to school this week, Virginians should know that George Allen voted against after-school programs five times, rejecting over $90 billion dollars in funding.

Fact #62 -- George Allen Gets Detention: “I Will Not Cut Teachers’ Programs”…“I Will Not Cut Teachers’ Programs”… “I Will Not Cut Teachers’ Programs”…

As Virginia’s parents send their children back to school this week, do they know that George Allen has voted against proposals that would have dramatically impacted the quality of Virginia’s classrooms and the lives of Virginia’s hard working teachers?

Fact #63 -- Cowboy Senator Voted Against Rural Education

Do Virginians know that Senator George Allen voted against funding for education in rural Virginia? While children across the Commonwealth go back to school this week, Virginians should know that George Allen voted against $132 million for Rural Education Grants.

Fact #64 -- George Allen’s Anti-Labor Day Celebration

As Virginians celebrate Labor Day, do they know that while George Allen has voted four times against raising the minimum wage, he has voted just as many times to raise his own salary?

Fact #67 -- Job Killer George Hypocritically to Celebrate “Labor” Day in America

As we head into Labor Day weekend, do Virginians know that George Allen has consistently voted to outsource American jobs overseas and has voted against funding for job training programs and to overhaul overtime pay for Virginia’s workers?

Fact #68 -- George Allen Out to Sea on Port Security

Do Virginians know that while George Allen stood in Norfolk Thursday, feigning support and concern for our nation’s port security, in actuality, he again stood with the Bush Administration and consistently voted against funding critical port security measures?

Fact #69 -- George Allen on the Receiving End from Phone Sex Operator

Do Virginians know that while George Allen speaks of his strong support of restricting minors’ access to pornographic material, he has accepted thousands of dollars from a couple who made millions of dollars off of American teenagers’ calls to Guyanese phone sex lines?

Fact #70 -- Allen Plays the “Name Game” with FEMA

As America recognizes the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, George Allen and George Bush would serve our nation best if they admitted their mistakes and brought forward solutions for the problems that still plague federal disaster relief. But George Bush and George Allen’s new grand strategy for repairing the Federal Emergency Management Agency is nothing of the sort. They’re idea of fixing FEMA is changing its name.

Fact #71 -- Allen—Mean Spirited and AWOL on Katrina and Disaster Preparedness

As America faces the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, we are a nation that is still unprepared to face another large scale emergency because George Allen and George Bush have refused to admit to our shortcomings and fix the problems.

Fact #74 – Allen’s Sass for Bass

Do Virginians know that while Senator Allen plans to stand up tomorrow and tout his record with sportsmen, he has actually spent over a decade as the worst Governor and Senator in Virginia's recent decades for sportsmen?

Fact #75 -- Plan-B Means Plan-$$$ for Allen

Do Virginians know “pro-life” Senator Allen stands to profit from today's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decision to approve the sale of over-the-counter Plan B morning-after contraceptive pills? And, do Virginians know that Senator Allen is trying to have it both ways with the morning after pill?

Fact #76 -- Allen and Bush Squeeze Virginia

Do Virginians know that George Allen aspires to be just like George Bush? And, do they know that George Allen has not only voted with George Bush 97 percent of the time, but both men have politically pandered to record-profiting energy companies, while Virginia’s hard working families suffer under the financial burdens of astronomical gas prices?

Fact #77 – George Allen’s America: Helping Companies That Help George

On George Felix Allen’s first leg of his “Listening Tour,” Senator Allen referred to the “Real America.” What exactly is Senator Allen’s America? It’s going out of his way for companies that can do something for “George Allen.”

Fact #78 -- George Allen’s Social In-Security

On Tuesday, Senator Allen will visit the Greenspring Retirement Community, a spot where he visited with President Bush last year. Do the residents of Greenspring Retirement Community know that Senator George Allen supports social security privatization and other measures to shrink benefits?

Fact #81 -- Allen Smoked Bush On Tobacco Lawsuit

Senator George Felix Allen agrees with President George W. Bush 97% of the time. But, what about the three percent of the time they do disagree? When is Allen more beholden to someone other than President Bush? In one instance, Allen slammed Bush for requesting $25 million to continue the Justice Department's lawsuit against the tobacco industry on racketeering charges.

Fact #82 -- Allen Put Corporate Tax Breaks Over Veterans

Do Veterans know George Allen voted against funding programs that improve benefits for our veterans? Do they know he did it because he voted for corporate tax breaks instead?

Fact #83 -- Allen and McCain: The (Really) Odd Couple

Do Virginians know that although today George Allen plans to stand on stage with Senator John McCain and feign Republican Party, in actuality, he has spent the last six years driving a wedge between himself and the Senator from Arizona? It all started six-years ago, when Allen endorsed George W. Bush for President over John McCain.

Fact #84 -- Where’s George Allen’s Straight Talk?

Do Virginians know that George Allen and John McCain routinely disagree on whether we should make energy policy that helps energy companies or the people of Virginia? Surely George Allen, Junior Senator from Virginia sided with Virginians against Big Oil right? NO!

Fact #85 -- Allen Rated “Zero” By Vets

Do they know that while George Allen has been in the Senate, he has voted against funding programs designed to improve healthcare benefits for our veterans? And, do they know, that while Allen plans to stand alongside Senator John McCain on Wednesday to tout his veteran’s record, in 2004, Allen was given a rating of “zero” by the Retired Enlisted Association and by the Disabled American Veterans?

Fact #88 -- What Stinks?

Do they know that as Governor, George Allen advocated, at the behest of a powerful corporation, a rotten scheme to import and burn out-of-state medical waste, including hospital gowns, syringes and bones, despite the objections of local residents?

Fact #89 -- Senator Allen, Why Is Nothing Going on Upstairs?

George Felix Allen returned to Dickenson County Technology Park, where, as governor, he pushed for using $350,000 of Virginia tax dollars to build a two-story office building for Nexus Communications. Allen and Nexus boasted that the deal would “initially hire about 130 workers and have a work force of as many as 550” over three years. However, almost ten years later, there is just one problem…There is nothing going on upstairs!

Fact #90 -- Allen… Burns… Firefighters

The Augusta County Firefighters, the “Hot Shots,” were one of many groups of firefighters who flew to Montana to help quell growing wildfires. On their way home after many days of dangerous work, they were confronted in the airport by Republican U.S. Senator Conrad Burns. “See that guy over there?” said Burns, pointing at one of the Hot Shots. “He hasn’t done a [expletive deleted] thing. They sit around. I saw it up on the Wedge fire and in northwestern Montana some years ago. It’s wasteful. You probably paid that guy $10,000 to sit around. It’s gotta change.” But the only person who was getting $10,000 to do nothing was Senator George Allen, who in 2006 received $10,000 in campaign donations from Burns’ PAC.

Fact #91 -- Allen Cares About Corporations, not Virginians

In the first two days of his “listening tour,” Allen visited five major corporations. He has taken a total of $46,000 in campaign contributions from these corporations.

Fact #92 -- Allen Said He Didn’t Care About Affordable Housing Grants

The affordable housing project is made possible by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Community Development Block Grants, a program that Allen doesn’t “give a [expletive] about.”

Fact #94 -- Allen Fights for Workers! (Chinese Workers That Is…)

Do Virginians know while George Allen has been telling them he has no time to introduce a bill rewarding U.S. soldiers for fighting bravely in the Global War on Terror (GWOT), he does have time to introduce 15 different pieces of legislation lowering tariffs on household food appliances – made in China!

Fact #95 -- Where Am I? Allen Can’t Remember “The Way We Ought To Go”

George Allen claimed he would only support an increase in the minimum wage if it was coupled with assistance for small businesses, saying at the Virginia Bar Association Debate, the approach was “the way we ought to go.” However, late last night George Allen paradoxically voted for a package of legislation dubbed the “trifecta” bill that was rejected by the Senate. What was absent from the “trifecta” bill? Small Business Provisions.

Fact #96 -- What the FERC!

Do they know of George Allen’s long and sordid, cozy and personally profitable relationship with energy companies, at the expense of consumers?

Fact #97 -- As Oil Companies Fleeced Consumers By Price Gouging, Some In Congress Sided With Consumers to Make The Practice A Crime… George Allen Sided With the Oil Companies

“Do Virginians know that while George Allen was voting for $44 billion in unneeded tax breaks for oil and energy companies and while these companies were making billions in profits, and while consumers were paying record prices for gas at the pump, and while George Allen was being showered with $800,000 in campaign contributions from these oil and energy interests, and when Federal Trade Commissioner Jon Leibowitz said the Commission ‘found price gouging at multiple levels of the petroleum industry,’ George Allen voted to defeat a bill in the Senate that would have made price gouging a Federal crime?” said Webb spokesperson Steve Jarding.

Fact #98 -- “Pro-Life” George Allen’s Dance With Plan B “Morning After” Contraception Pill Manufacturer

“Do Virginians know that while George Allen panders to the far right wing of his party as a staunch ‘pro-lifer’ he accepts funds from, and makes money off a major pharmaceutical manufacturer, Barr Laboratories, whose main product is oral contraceptives, including the over-the-counter Plan B morning-after contraceptive?” said Webb spokesperson Steve Jarding.


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