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Unstoppable Western Fascism in Afghanistan

Alex Constantine - September 26, 2009

" ... While the current Afghan government fails every test of legitimacy, NATO rogues bluff that they need to protect the Afghan populace when they killed bulk of them ... "

By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal
Kashmir Watch, Sep 24
Part 5

5. Obama Predicament: To Be or Not to Be

From the beginning eight years ago, the US-led NATO terrorism in Afghanistan has focused on Afghans resources and energy routes through Afghanistan and energy security in Central Asia and has not fulfilled the commitment of the forces plus resources and now the NATO stalwarts are making a big hue cry over not sending more troops and resources. They fail to understand why should USA that is keen to squander and shift home the Afghan resources should also send its resources to Afghanistan, especially when the Americans are opposing the GST nonsensical terror wars in Islamic wars. Now Barack Obama is once again being coerced by military terror commanders to boost the number of U.S. troops committed to the effort. NATO and USA do not consider a lack of host-government legitimacy in terror occupying Afghanistan would necessarily be critical and that anything would go in the name of combating terrorism which means fighting Muslims and economy of Islamic world. Those Muslim nations that side with the GST rogues would understand the consequences of their terrific fault line in due time.

The bogus counter-insurgency approach drafted by Gen. David Petraeus and now being implemented in Afghanistan has made the terror wars untenable and suggests that without a host government with some degree of credibility and legitimacy The strategy of U.S. commanders in Afghanistan, led by Gen. Stanley McChrystal, acknowledges that this is not a conventional war and that military power cannot win it. It is a political war in which the support and loyalty of the Afghan people will be the deciding factor. The weakness of state institutions, malign actions of power-brokers, widespread corruption and abuse of power by various officials, and ISAF’s own errors, have given Afghans little reason to support their government. The recent poll results revealed an Afghan people increasingly alienated from the government of Hamid Karzai, and a thoroughly corrupt Karzai government shamelessly willing to stuff thousands of ballot boxes in a transparent effort to keep itself in power. Obama would understand that without a credible, legitimate Afghan government as a partner, NATO terror wars cannot succeed and the prolonged over stay could be counterproductive.

When Obama took office, USA had roughly 45,000 troops in Afghanistan. In February, he announced the commitment of another 17,700 combat troops and an additional 4,000 military trainers; those reinforcements are still flowing into Afghanistan. Now, word out of Washington is that McChrystal is pushing for another surge of as many as 40,000 additional troops. That would represent a major and more or less open-ended escalation of the U.S. effort in Afghanistan, and no administration should be asked to make such a critical decision in haste. A seemingly clever McChrystal acknowledges that after eight years of fighting, the United States is losing in Afghanistan. He makes a strong case that without a change in strategy and additional resources, mission failure is likely. To avoid that failure, McChrystal advocates a “comprehensive counterinsurgency campaign” in Afghanistan.

Global media reports of popular views indicate Americans are against this war, want the Obama administration to bring the forces home, and people don’t trust the media reports, politicians and bureaucrats. Attention is, therefore, needed in Afghanistan to draft a credible plan of quick withdrawal of all foreign democratic forces. Attention is indeed is necessary to craft a future democracy program for infuse good thoughts among the democratic western nations that think invasions to ensure energy security and constrain Islam and contain the Islamic world on fictitious terrorism plank. It seems Gen. Stanley McChrystal might resign as commander of allied forces in Afghanistan unless President Obama gives him the additional troops he is asking for to ensure “victory”. That is impression the notorious Pentagon bosses spread in White House corridors possible to bend the Obama resolve to some how accommodate the Bushdom theory.

The way some of the Gulf nations woo the NATO, Russia and China -all killers of genuine Muslims- to cripple Iranian economy by new series of dirty sanctions (economic terrorism) clearly indicate the well-frogs’ small mentality of Islamic world unable to comprehend the hidden anti-Islamic agendas of all nations committed against Islam and Muslims and they want all Afghans to die, but for what? So far the world has seen more symbolic gestures on issues like Afghanistan from the Obama administration than accomplishments. Many in the US and abroad are impatient with the pace of progress under the Obama administration and hope that has been invested in Barack Obama's ability to strike a new course for the US following eight years of Bush administration unpopularity. A few strategists even try to provoke Obama by calling him “impotent” at a time the showdowns between Europe and the US that will reveal further slippage in American global leadership. Europe has been increasingly critical of polluter America's failures to live up to its global responsibilities. The US is not only the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases but is by far the largest per capita emitter of carbon and other pollutants. China and India come close to the US in terms of total carbon emissions,.

While the current Afghan government fails every test of legitimacy, NATO rogues bluff that they need to protect the Afghan populace when they killed bulk of them already as terrorists. The Petraeus doctrine recommends a huge terror troops’ surge In Afghanistan, a nation of 28 million, that works out to 560,000 troops, and Obama knows � Bushdom rogues also knew it- there’s no way USA can or will field a force that size. While the Pentagon is pushing for an early White House decision to send more troops, President Obama is already thinking of a decent roll back suggesting: “Enough is really enough, you guys come back now and let the Afghans decide their future!” President is fully convinced now that additional troops and a change of strategy may not be capable of making a bitter lie any ultimate truth. Rebuilding of original Afghanistan destroyed by the foreign democratic terror forces form 42 plus Axis of Evils, is a lengthy process which only the Afghans can do.


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