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On the Hill, No One Wants to Talk About CIA Briefings re Karzai’s Brother

Alex Constantine - November 2, 2009

By Spencer Ackerman
Washington Independent

opium poppy big - On the Hill, No One Wants to Talk About CIA Briefings re Karzai’s BrotherIt seems like only yesterday that members of Congress bitterly determined that the CIA didn’t sufficiently or accurately brief them about various important secret activities. But today is a new day, and no one on the Hill wants to talk about whether they’ve been briefed on the small matter of the CIA paying Ahmed Wali Karzai, the powerful Kandahar rainmaker/druglord/Roger Clinton.

I hope other reporters have better luck. But I’ve been in contact with a number of congressional offices that work on intelligence matters, and I have gotten an affirmative response from exactly none. I’ve gotten off the record responses that there won’t be any comment or any clarification. Why aren’t I identifying these offices? Because I’ve got to deal with them down the road. Life is unfair.

As I say, I hope other reporters have better luck. I’ll link to you!


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  1. why are we still fighting this so called drug war. Its insane almost 100 years of prohibation and what have we achieved? I think Afghganstan will turn out similiar to Colombias battle with the coca leaf. It should be a INTERNATIONAL HEALTH problem not locking up the low level mules. Lets be honest does anybody beleive we will win this war? Also to call it a war is only to put the fear into people who have no idea whats really going on. Why repeat this behaviour. Educucation and treatment are the key. Demand is driven by the wests desire to get high at the expensive cost to these 3rd world corrupt countries. You cant lie, this problem will only get worse. Its behond repair id decriminalize all drugs and educate the next generation so demand is dropped and tax those who want to use,look at at the Swiss,Or Dutch. Compare the herion problem to any other western country. Time for a change.

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