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Top Five Worst Rand Paul Supporters

Alex Constantine - October 28, 2010

Posts by Casey Gane-McCalla
Nation on Oct 27, 2010

Its interesting that Rand Paul’s enthusiastic supporters are gaining some attention after one of them was caught on camera stepping on a woman’s head. Still Rand Paul has had worse supporters than Tim Proffit. Several prominent Rand Paul supporters have ties to the white supremacist movement, conspiracy theorists, and militias. Here are a few of them.

5. Chris Hightower

Chis Hightower was Rand Paul’s campaign spokesman and former member of the death rock group, Commander. His friend decided to leave Happy N-Word Day message with a picture of a Black man being lynched on Martin Luther King Day and Hightower left it up there until he shut his page down once a blog found out about it. He also wrote about how Black people had KKK radar and could  sniff him out due to his Napalm Death Hoodie.

4. Virginia Abernethy

Virginia Abernethy is one of several white supremacists who have donated to Rand Paul’s campaign. Both Rand and his father Ron have received a lot of support from the intellectual wing of the white supremacist movement. Abernethy is an active member of the Council Of Conservative Citizens, formerly the White Citizens Council which regards African Americans as “a retrograde species of humanity.”

3. Alex Jones

Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist from the Timothy McVeigh/John Birch Society school of thought, who believes the government is responsible for 9/11. He believes that the Rockerfeller family, the Rothchild family, The Federal Reserve, and The Bilderberg group are working toward a New World Order and that Obama and other Presidents are hoaxes to fool the people. He thinks that Obama has a secret agenda of bringing martial law, taking away Patriot’s guns and putting them in FEMA concentration camps, while setting up a Bank Of The World that will dominate America through carbon taxes. Alex Jones has has Rand Paul on his radio show and has been and enthusiastic supporter. Paul’s father Ron has close ties with the John Birch Society and has alluded to a number of the same conspiracies that Jones has.

2. Tim Proffit

Tim Proffit is the Rand Paul supported who wrestled a liberal activist to the floor  and stepped on her head because she wanted to take a pictures with him. After the incident Proffit told a reporter that he thought the activist should apologize to him. Rand Paul proudly showed Proffit’s endorsement in a local paper and reffered to him as the Bourbon County coordinator.

1. Don Black

Don Black is the the most visible of all online white supremacists. He founded and runs the white supremacist site, Stormfront. Black is a former KKK Grand Dragon and member of the American Nazi Party. In 1981 he was convicted of planning to invade the small Caribbean country of Dominica with a group of white supremacists. In 1995 Black started Stormfront, what many consider to be the first internet hate site. Stormfront has been an online hub for Skinheads, Nazis, KKK members, and other white supremacists of all irks. Black is a huge Ron Paul supporter, even taking a picture with him as well as donating money and has continued his support to Rand Paul, for whom he regularly asks for “money bombs” on Twitter and his own website.

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