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The Republican Fifth Columnists

Alex Constantine - May 5, 2009

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Fifth column: a group of secret sympathizers or supporters of an enemy that engage in espionage or sabotage within defense lines or national borders. -Meriam-Webster Dictionary

Excerpt: Diary Entry by Ed Encho
May 3, 2009

The Filthy Fifths: They are the flies in the ointment, the worms in the apple and the maggots in the mix. They are the fascist fifth column - those disloyal to the very concept of America who work relentlessly to undermine the country from within.

They as in all parasites have chosen a host, and the foul cesspool of immorality, racism, greed and sloth that is the Republican party has been most accommodating. The fascist fifth colum has long been a tool of moneyed interests and the predatory jackals of Wall Street who have invested hugely in the building of a network of think tanks, policy organizations, media interests and foundations from which they send their brownshirt legions on a series of search and destroy missions with the destabilization of American democracy and the pillaging of the treasury their ultimate goals. Of course they must divide and conquer, a tactic as old as war itself in order for their sinister agenda to ultimately succeed.

After the hated Franklin Delano Roosevelt (who the vile, Nazi appeasing, fascist fifth column tried to overthrow with the Business Plot and were ratted out by General Smedley D. Butler) and his New Deal politics reigned in big business and spanked the plunderers it was determined that a prosperous middle class, healthy labor unions and an informed population were the enemies that had to be targeted and eliminated with extreme prejudice. The onslaught against America commenced in the immediate aftermath of World War II when Wall Street business interests gangstered up by creating their own Gestapo – The CIA. The fifties saw the ginned up fight against demon communism and the USSR provide intellectual cover for conquest both abroad and at home. Latin America was raped by ruthless fascist capitalists along with their Nazi war criminal accomplices, smuggled out of Europe and into the southern cone of influence by an unholy alliance between big business and European fascists. In America, fear was the order of the ruling class and Senator McCarthy was their champion as the power of the state was unleashed upon organized labor, the real left and those who dared to speak out were hauled in front of fascist tribunals like HUAC and McCarthy's perverse witch hunts. It must be noted that a certain sleazy little ratfink of a punk named Ronald Reagan rose to prominence by acting as a spy against his more talented Hollywood contemporaries, the golden tonsiled, smiling Judas sold them out as a down payment on his own political future.

The fifth columnists were ascendant in the 1960s, a decade that to this day brings forth spittle, bile and loathing from the most dangerous elements of the reich wing. I recall a co-worker of mine who was under the sway of these vicious ratfuckers emphatically stating that the happiest day of his life was when the hated by the establishment John Lennon was gunned down in cold blood by a loser named Mark David Chapman. While this insidious a**hole’s cherubic face filled with glee he described how The Beatles had contributed to the demise of the nuclear family and the abandonment of traditional family values. The dude creeped me out and that was before he proudly rolled up his sleeve to display a tattoo of a rose with a dagger/cross and the caption Abortion Is Murder. Fortunately said co-worker was at that time a temp and was unable to pass the background check for permanent status due to a prior felony conviction. He did remind me of the sort who would not only gameplan for the assassination of doctors but would even park a truck bomb in the parking garage ala Timothy McVeigh if he got a wild hair up his ass some day. I bring this up as an anecdote that these sort of unstable sorts are out there among us, in the workplace, in the stores, in the restaurants where we eat and they are legion. The fact that Lennon was so reviled for his outspokenness, his brashness in condemning the wars and injustices as well as an influence on the youth of a generation was a threat to the establishment. In a bizarre sidenote (or maybe not so bizarre if you understand how the pricks operate) Chapman was involved with what has been rumored to be a CIA front, a religious organization called World Vision, interestingly enough another troubled young man, a man named John Hinkley was also involved with it. You may just remember his his name for he also became famous but that is a story for another time.

The resentment towards the civil rights movement, the antiwar movement, the hated Kennedys, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King provided fuel for the furnace of fascism and the hatred generated burned like a funeral pyre, by the time that the choppers lifted off of the roof of the embassy in Saigon that inferno had consumed millions of lives, it still does to this day as the resentment is always there, always waiting to be sprung like a bouncing betty by the fascist fifth columnists and their propagandists. They hated the freedom, the social progress of the era and used the twin humiliations of the lost war and the fall of their angry avenging warrior Richard M. Nixon in the Watergate scandal as grist for their mills of hatred that would soon be churning out product that would ensure that the current trajectory of America (look at Obama as an intermission) towards that ugly, repressive, dystopian garrison state called The Homeland.

After Watergate and Nam, it was imperative that a coordinated effort be made to discredit and destroy the very fabric of an America that was inclusive to all in terms of both equal protection under the law as well as the opportunity for all to prosper economically or more appropriately to share in the mythical American Dream.The fascist fifth columnists have a vested interest in the destruction of a more egalitarian society as their financial interests trump any such concept as patriotism or shared sacrifice for the good of the country as a whole. They in fact detest the very concept of America and the promise that it used to stand for prior to the ascension of the extreme right-wing ideologues and tyrants who have laid waste to the social contract while turning this country into a festering hotbed of hatred, populated with ignorant, war-mongering, self-centered, overly materialistic bitches and bastards whose idea of living is to remain wrapped in a cocoon of fear and denial.

The upper echelon or more appropriately the looters, rarely if ever enter the fray themselves, for they are the captains of industry and commerce, they are investment bankers, oilmen and arms manufacturers who are above doing the actual wet work. They instead employ legions of highly compensated, ideological allies to act as hired guns, flacks and shills to poison the public discourse and to pit Americans against each other so that the greediest and smallest percentage can continue to exploit with abandon in order to enrich themselves as the parasites that they are.

The fifth columnists disseminate their propaganda in order to break down longstanding American barriers to the acceptance of heinous practices such as torture and sexual degradation, the trampling of civil liberties and the demonizing of dissenters. They spin intricate webs like mutant Orwellian spiders in which logic and common sense are ensnared never to emerge intact. The elimination of the Fairness Doctrine by the canonized Reagan as well as the breaking down of regulatory controls and the green lighting of media conglomerates to seek both monopoly status and message supremacy under the all too willing Bill Clinton whose signing into law of the ‘Telecommunications Act of 1996’ laid the groundwork for the reigning paradigm of FOX News and its clones and the peddling of the yellow journalism and tabloid trash that is the pathetic swill that passes for media in America today. Still it endures, just look at how quickly the Swine Flu pandemic scare swallowed the torture memos last week.

Former Vice President Henry A. Wallace put it best when he said:

"The dangerous American fascist is the man who wants to do in the United States in an American way what Hitler did in Germany in a Prussian way. The American fascist would prefer not to use violence. His method is to poison the channels of public information. With a fascist the problem is never how best to present the truth to the public but how best to use the news to deceive the public into giving the fascist and his group more money or more power."

As the Obama administration is beyond the media malarkey of the ‘first 100 days’ storyline, it is of the utmost of importance that the fifth columnist filth in the Republican party be dealt with while there is an opportunity. So self-congratulatory have many liberals and progressives become as they exalt their own retrenchment into the corridors of political power that they neglect to realize that the rat f*cker pack is not going to just go quietly into the good night. I submit that the new Democratic administration’s ongoing dithering over prosecuting the Bush administration war criminals, the capitulation to the big Wall Street banks that have funded Mr. Obama’s campaign and the certain further deterioration of the American economy will soon bite him in the ass and the cult of personality will begin to be pierced by cold reality. What will prove to be a grave error, other than the bankster bailout will be the folly of escalating the hostility in Afghanistan and as the generals and neocon crazies desire an incursion into Pakistan. While I have been vocal about my disappointment in the new administration’s Fozzie Bear fascism and the continuation of Bush-Cheney policies with sugar sprinkled on them. While dreading it, I may be underestimating the damage of a backdoor Clinton restoration which we appear to have given the preponderance of recycled hacks brought in by the pope of hope starting with that conniving little weasel Rahm Emanuel. Worse yet would be the divisiveness of a Lyndon Baines Obama administration and the wounds of Vietnam would once again be ripped open with a cadre of resurgent fifth columnist Republicans all too eager to fill them with salt. The failure to deal with a terrorist Republican rump while there is a chance to eradicate it as a legitimate political force in America will in all probability prove to be as ultimately catastrophic as the failure to cut the Nazis off at their knees before they were able to drive an entire country mad and set the planet ablaze with their stinking murderous wet dreams of conquest and grandiosity.

Same Ole Crap, Different Package: The latest Orwellian incarnation of American fascism:

The National Council for a New America connivingly convened on Saturday for their kickoff bund meeting in a pizza parlor – how gauchely American, a great substitute for the more famous beer halls where such raw demagogy belonged in a different era.

Jeb Bush: Only in America can the brother of a disgraced imbecile who has just been chased from the District of Criminals like a rabid mongrel with the mantle of ‘worst president in U.S. history’ atop his empty gourd like a crown of thorns as well as the grandson of an treasonous agent of Nazi Germany have the ability to slither back into the national limelight. Make no mistake, this filthy little charade has little to do with the resurrection of the rotting corpse of the Republican fascist party, it has everything to do with polishing the reeking turd that is the Bush family legacy.

Eric Cantor: A sniveling little suckup to Newt Gingrich with a whiny voice and a visage that looks like the logo on the New England Patriots helmet. Cantor is a filthy, conniving serpent who is a perfect fit in the Republican dead ender ranks, a legitimate political force in a perverse manner in that it is only exists because the American Nazi Party hasn’t been able to get it’s sh*t together to offer a refuge for the hard core haters. Cantor is a walking conflict of interest in that his wife Diana’s employer received hundreds of millions in the same taxpayer funds that the GOP hypocrites in their phony populism routinely rail against.

Piyush 'Bobby' Jindal: Slumdog rising star. The Governor of the great state of Louisiana, were the corruption is as traditional as a crawfish boil has been touted as the great brown hope for the newly packaged American fascist Republican party. A bit of the sheen came off of Bayou Bobby when he spectacularly flamed out as the opposition appearance to Barack Obama’s first address to Congress. Jindal, a man who has openly bragged about his participation with a gaggle of ghouls in performing exorcisms back in his college days was mocked and derided even by the Republican Fedayeen loyalists when his rebuttal revealed a talking point spewing little vermin who looked like a wax mannequin of Bob Denver only less articulate and with a better tan.

Haley Barbour: The porcine Mississippi Governor and former RNC Chairman/lobbyist kingpin. The joke of re-branding the GOP couldn’t be more piss your pants funny if they were rolling out the Imperial Grand Dragon of the KKK himself. Barbour is an insipid and corrupt king of the most backwater state in America and his inclusion alone shows that the whole thing is a scam. These red state creepy crawlers are like a mutant form of kudzu and they have permeated the Republikkkan party which ironically has only now created a king hell image problem. A signal that Peckerwood nation will play an integral role in any regeneration of the hydra, especially with a commie Negro in the White House and a legion of third generation Bull Connor clones armed to the teeth and whipped into a rabid, chew their own balls off frenzy over the coming gun grab.

Willard 'Mitt" Romney: The oily uber-capitalist corporate raider with the magic Mormon underpants who as legend goes it once drove the family from Massachusetts to Canada on vacation with the poor family dog tied to the roof of the f*cking car. Romney is sleaze personified and has not one ounce of the dignity of his famous father George who was destroyed by the Nixon machine for daring to speak honestly of the disaster that was Vietnam while in the running for the GOP nomination back in 1967. Romney, then the Governor of Michigan in a TV interview:

"When I came back from Viet Nam [in November 1965], I'd just had the greatest brainwashing that anybody can get." He then shifted to opposing the war: "I no longer believe that it was necessary for us to get involved in South Vietnam to stop Communist aggression in Southeast Asia," he declared. Decrying the "tragic" conflict, he urged "a sound peace in South Vietnam at an early time." Thus Romney disavowed the war and reversed himself from his earlier stated belief that the war was "morally right and necessary".

The Nixon hatchetmen then used the term “brainwashing” to portray him as an out of touch loon much in the way that later generations of Republiscum would turn into their bread and butter character assassination tactics like in swiftboating John Kerry and earlier under the Lee Atwater and Karl Rove strategy of slime Michael Dukakis, Al Gore and even another member of the little kool aid klatch that is The National Council for a New America – John Sidney McCain III. McCain has come to love to kiss the whip, even after the lying and scurrilous 2000 primary attacks in South Carolina, the intellectual capitol of peckerwood nation. But he was a Hanoi Hilton songbird who was all too eager to put the seal of approval on the American torture state for political expediency so his presence amidst the rodents comes as no surprise.

Then there are the others: The philandering little fascist dwarf Newt Gingrich has been a big player as always. His behind the scenes involvement with the ‘tea parties’ and the funneling of fascist funds provided by the usual suspects like the Koch oil Nazis and the deranged Richard Mellon Scaife have already been outed. Gingrich likes to think big and his conniving and ongoing jihad against the constitution as well as his favored pundit status on the fascist propaganda networks along with his ability to not drool on himself while making neoNazism sound reasonable make him into the most dangerous man in America. I concur with radio host Dave Emory who awhile back during the reign of this little fruitbag dubbed him the modern American version of Jonas Outram, the hero of the White Supremacist propaganda tract Serpent’s Walk. Anyone who has seriously studied this little fifth columnist would put nothing past him, and his scabrous fingers are in many pies.

The Tax Chiselers: Grover Norquist, would need a f*cking bathtub the size of the Atlantic Ocean to down the government in now that the Bush-Cheney regime racked up the national credit card like drunken sailors and built the police state while conjuring up visions of doom with apocalyptic conjecture about smoking mushroom clouds and swarthy Arab terrorists lurking under the beds of the children out in the exurbs.

The Loons: Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, Michael Steele and their ilk continue to receive media coverage on a daily basis no matter how outrageous their words and deeds may be. Credit the same pocket media that transformed a skinhead tax chiseler named Samuel J. Wurzelbacher into a phony everyman named Joe The Plumber.

The Secessionist: Renegage Texas Governor Rick Perry- This opportunistic, hick swine. One week he’s firing up the rabble at one of those ridiculous Gingrich teabagger balls and preaching Texan secession and lo and behold now he’s lined up for some of that big gubmint money to use for emergency Swine Flu assistance.

And like anyone who has ever experienced the excruciating indignity of a termite or a cockroach infestation you just can never be rid of them…


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