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UK The Fascist Writers who have Inspired David Cameron’s “Welfare State” Policies

Alex Constantine - September 28, 2012

By Ian Wilkinson

Special to The Constantine Report, September 29, 2012

DCBOLLOCKS - UKDavid Cameron tells us that he is a liberal Conservative. However, as I will prove in this article, which includes a wide range of properly sourced, little known facts about his political beliefs, and which highlights: his little known support for the ideas of Charles Murray, and the late Richard Herrnstein, 2 fascism influenced American writers who advocate scrapping the NHS; his little known support for an American state's welfare state dismantling initiative, which has led to people being deprived of healthcare that they were previously entitled to; and his little known statement to Lord Strathclyde, the Tory leader in the House of Lords, which, as we shall see, was reported in "The Daily Telegraph" on February 7, 2011, that he plans to get rid of "the whole lot" of social security benefits, he is actually on the right wing of the Conservative Party. That is why, as we shall also see, he held standard Tory Right views on lesbian and gay rights before the 2005 election, after which some Tory "modernisers" like Cameron decided that they at least had to pretend to be liberal, because the public had rejected a Tory Right dominated Conservative Party for the third time in a row.

Even Margaret Thatcher did not scrap the NHS, or get rid of all benefits, despite the fact that, as we shall see, one of her ministers, the late Alan Clark, admitted in his now published diaries, that he was a Hitler supporting "Nazi"; despite the fact that she asked the late fascist (General Franco regime supporter) Brian Crozier to advise her in 1976, as Crozier's August 9, 2012 "Daily Telegraph" obituary revealed; despite the fact that, as we shall also see, another of her advisers, the late Alfred Sherman, was a fascism influenced supporter of war criminals; and despite the fact that, as I will explain later, she did not discipline a senior figure in the Tory Party who called in 1987 for 90% of gay men to be gassed, which made him more right wing than the Nazis, who worked gay (and lesbian) people to death on inadequate rations in concentration camps, but did not gas them.

David Cameron's far right, dismantle the welfare state views, explain why he has of course moved the Tories out of the conservative group in the European Parliament, and into a far right group, whose politics were, as I will explain later, described by a Conservative MEP as "respectable fascism". As I will also explain later, the far right group includes Waffen SS admirers, and put up a candidate for Vice President of the European Parliament, Michael Kaminski, who had been a member of a Polish fascist group, and who opposed the President of Poland's apology for a World War 2, SS backed Polish massacre of Polish Jews, so "respectable fascism" was an understatement. Kaminski is also the leader of the far right European Parliament group which the Conservatives are now in, as a February 4, 2010 "Independent" interview with David Cameron, "Let's talk about sex: Johann Hari grills David Cameron over gay rights" reveals. In the article which accompanies the interview, Hari also highlights Cameron's right wing of the Tory Party, homophobic views before the 2005 election; the right wing of the Tory Party, homophobic views which 85-90% of his then shadow cabinet had previously held; the fact that Kaminski has been filmed calling gay men "faggots"; and the fact that Kaminski is a member of the Law and Justice Party, which is, "by far the most homophobic party in Poland", according to a Polish gay rights activist who Hari quotes.

David Cameron is clearly just pretending to be liberal to win votes. That explains his open admission, which, as we shall see, was reported in the Tory magazine "The Spectator" on October 31, 2007, that "W-2", Wisconsin's welfare state dismantling, workfare initiative, which, as I will explain later, has been described by Wisconsin State Representative Johnnie Morris-Tatum as a "new government/corporate partnership for reinstituting chattel slavery", and by Wisconsin State Senator Gwendolynne Moore as "the New Plantation", had inspired him to do the same thing to Britain's welfare state, despite the fact that, as an important December 2001 report by church and other groups, "Passing the Buck: W-2 and Emergency Services in Milwaukee County" showed, it has led to people being deprived of healthcare that they were previously entitled to, which is a point that opponents of Cameron's extremely destructive NHS "reforms" and cuts ought to publicise.

The report, which you can read online, also highlighted the fact that W-2 has led to massive increases in hunger and homelessness.

Charles Murray's book, "The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life" (Simon and Schuster, New York, 1994), which directly inspired W-2, and which he co-wrote with Richard Herrnstein, was based on the racist pseudoscience "research" of numerous fascist writers who they cite in the footnotes (Richard Lynn, J. Philippe Rushton, Arthur Jensen, Hans Eysenck, William Shockley, Roger Pearson, R. Travis Osborne, Seymour Itzkoff, Raymond Cattell, Linda Gottfredson, Robert Gordon, Daniel Vining, and Michael Levin), and led to Murray and Herrnstein being widely labelled in the US as racists who use pseudoscientific fascist writers as their sources. "The Bell Curve" is, as you would expect, a favourite book of a Leeds University lecturer who I will briefly discuss in a moment, as he regards the BNP as too left wing. As you would also expect, Murray's book is available from the booklist of the late BNP founder and leader John Tyndall's "Spearhead" magazine, which, not surprisingly, sells numerous books by fascist writers like the Third Reich's leading race "scientist", Hans Guenther, the pre-World War 2 British fascist party (Imperial Fascist League) leader Arnold Leese, who advocated gassing Jews before the Nazis did, an American Republican Party politician who shares the late Alan Clark's fascist views, despite the fact that he is in an ostensibly conservative political party, Holocaust denier and former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke, and "Bell Curve" source R. Travis Osborne.

Books by some of the fascist writers who inspired Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein to write "The Bell Curve" are, not surprisingly, also available from other fascist sources, the BNP and National Front booklists, as I will explain later.

You can read about those fascist writers in the below Institute for the Study of Academic Racism article, "Race Science and the Pioneer Fund", which was originally published in a special racist pseudoscience issue of the anti-fascist magazine "Searchlight", which featured an article about "The Bell Curve". The ISAR was set up by Professor Barry Mehler of Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan:


As I have said, before the 2005 election, which was of course the 3rd Tory defeat in a row, David Cameron expressed more right wing views, which is why, for example, he co-wrote the 2005 Conservative election manifesto with Thatcherite ultra Michael Howard, who is so right wing, that he once described the NHS as "Stalinist". As I have also said, like other Tory "modernisers", Cameron may have decided to pretend to be liberal after the public rejected a Tory Right dominated Conservative Party for the third time. Those 3 election defeats, may also have inspired Cameron's extremely undemocratic, gerrymandering boundary changes, which I will briefly discuss later, as they are based on who registers to vote in a particular area, not on who lives there, and will thus disenfranchise the many poorer people who are going to be the main victims of the British version of W-2, and who have given up registering to vote, because New Labour, and obviously the Tories do little to help them.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin's A Job is a Right Campaign sell a 140 page report, "The Feeding Trough: The Bradley Foundation, The Bell Curve & the Real Story Behind W-2, Wisconsin's National Model for Welfare Reform", which you can buy from their website, and which helps to prove that David Cameron's goal of getting rid of the social security system, which would disproportionately affect racial minorities and women, was inspired by the racist, pro-dismantling welfare states, late American writer Richard Herrnstein, and by the racist and sexist, pro-dismantling welfare states American writer Charles Murray, who, as we shall see, works for a racist, free market fundamentalist think tank, who also employ another writer whose book openly praises racism, the enslavement of black people for most of US history, and the racial segregation of the American past. Murray has also received grants from racist organisations, at least one of which has funded a second free market fundamentalist think tank who have funded him. Not surprisingly, Murray is an adviser to W-2, and invented the "dependency culture" term which Margaret Thatcher and Cameron used/use.

You can read a summary of "The Feeding Trough" on the A Job is a Right website:


The summary explains that, "Murray and Herrnstein's prescription for an end to poverty and the "threat" of a growing "underclass" was the elimination of all social welfare programs and their replacement by a [W-2 type] work-centered program of coercion and behavioral modification. The goal was not the empowerment of poor people through acquiring jobs and independence, but rather their total regulation, on the theory that these were basically inferior people incapable of running their own lives."

As we shall see, Charles Murray is popular with the "high brow" Tory press, including "The Sunday Telegraph", which is quite possibly the Sunday newspaper that most prominent Tory MP's read, and some of those prominent Tory MP's were, as we shall also see, supporters of a now defunct fascist magazine called "Right Now!".

Lawrence Mead, who as I will explain later, flew into to Britain to brief David Cameron about W-2, as he has written a book about it, works for the same racist think tank as his friend Charles Murray, and has also been funded by at least one of the racist organisations who has funded Murray.

As I will also explain later, Charles Murray is not the only racist who has been an adviser to W-2, Wisconsin's welfare state dismantling initiative, which has led to sharp increases in child, and especially black child mortality, as we shall see. W-2's other advisers have included the late Chairman of the racist Bradley Foundation, Michael Joyce, as we shall also see. A sharp rise in child, and especially racial minority child mortality, will of course be the result of Cameron's decision to bring W-2 to Britain.

Most employers are Conservatives, and David Cameron's Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, admitted 11 years ago that racism was still a big Conservative problem, as a September1, 2001 "Daily Telegraph" article, "Racism 'endemic in Tory party'" revealed; employers who are not Tories are sometimes UKIP, or BNP supporters; and UKIP are basically a large chunk of the right wing of the Tory Party, so of course employers often discriminate against racial minorities when they are looking for new staff, which means that racial minorities are more likely to be unemployed, and claiming social security benefits which David Cameron wants to get rid of, to feed their children.

As I will explain, the man who was in charge of W-2, Jason Turner, outraged American Jews by using the old Nazi concentration camp slogan, "Work makes you free" ("Arbeit macht frei"), which David Cameron's far right Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan-Smith, who would be in charge of getting rid of the social security system, has also used ("Work really does make you free").

As we shall see, one of the fascists who Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein were influenced by, "Bell Curve" source Richard Lynn, openly advocates the “phasing out” of the world’s roughly 1 billion black people, or "Negroids" to use his term, which means that he definitely wants to get rid of far more people than the Nazis did, and that he possibly openly advocates getting rid of more people than anyone except the late American fascist party (National Alliance) leader William Pierce, whose novel, "The Turner Diaries", which has replaced "Mein Kampf" as the most popular modern fascist book, because it had sold about 500,000 copies worldwide by 2000, according to an April 3 article of that year in "The Guardian", "Gospels of hate that slip through the net", is banned in Germany (where even possessing a copy is a crime), France, and Austria, as it openly advocates killing all of the world's billions of non-white and Jewish people.

So William Pierce and Richard Lynn are even worse than the senior member of the Margaret Thatcher era Tory Party who called for gay men to be gassed, Bill Brownhill, the leader of South Staffordshire Council, who argued in 1987 for the gassing of 90% of "queers", which meant over a hundred million men worldwide, if you accept the roughly 5% of people are lesbian or gay statistic, as there were just over 5 billion people in the world in 1987. Brownhill's comment, which led to a demonstration in his garden, was cited in a February 20, 1987 "Tribune" magazine article, "Twelve in court over gay protest", which you can read online. As an article on the Gay Birmingham Remembered website, "Gas Gays Storm" pointed out, Brownhill was not disciplined by the Thatcher era Tory Party for calling in his widely publicised remark for 90% of "queers" to be gassed, or for also calling for all "queers" to be shot. Brownhill's April 17, 2012 obituary on the website of the Conservative run South Staffordshire Council, calls him "a giant figure", and makes no mention of him advocating the mass murder of over a hundred million people.

The fact that Bill Brownhill was fondly remembered in 2012, proves that far right bigotry in the Tory Party did not end when Margaret Thatcher stood down.

It is not at all surprising that David Cameron should have borrowed his dismantle the welfare state idea from men like Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein, who were influenced by a monster like Richard Lynn, because, as I will show in this article, Britain has a more racist and right wing culture than at least some other Western European countries, and, as a result, the Conservatives are ideologically closer to parties like the French National Front and the Sweden Democrats, than they are to Western European conservative parties.

The fact that David Cameron has borrowed his dismantle the welfare state ideas from the fascism influenced Charles Murray, is why Daniel Finkelstein, who is one of George Osborne's "closest confidants", according to the May 12, 2005 "Evening Standard" article, "The irresistible rise of Boy George", and who was the Director of the Conservative Research Department from 1995 to 1997, an adviser to William Hague from 1997 to 2001, and then a secretary to the Conservative shadow cabinet, wrote in his October 14, 2009 "Times" article, "The coup behind the Tories' clap for poverty", that, "Mr Cameron's rather too sweeping attacks on big government have their roots in the neoconservative critique of welfare policy by American writers such as Charles Murray and Gertrude Himmelfarb. They argued that the perverse incentives of the welfare state undermined responsibility (another favourite Cameron word). And these ideas were in currency during the Major Government. As was the emphasis on marriage [which is why Murray, who condemns payments to single mothers, allegedly inspired John Major's Work and Pensions Secretary, Peter Lilley, who, as I will explain in a moment, admires Murray, to cut their benefit payments]".

As Charles Murray also openly argues for the abolition of every aspect of welfare states, he is of course against a cornerstone of the British welfare state (the NHS), so are David Cameron's extremely destructive, NHS privatisation "reforms" and cuts designed to pave the way for eventually dismantling the NHS, and forcing people to pay for American style private health insurance, or do without healthcare? If the Tories had won the 1945 election, there would have been no NHS at that time of course, and as I have pointed out, Michael Howard, who David Cameron co-wrote the 2005 Tory manifesto with, is so right wing, that he has described the NHS as "Stalinist".

Another man who is a fan of Charles Murray, is Leeds University lecturer, and Enoch Powell fan Frank Ellis, who, as the below "Observer" article, "Campus storm over 'racist' don" shows, describes himself as an "unrepentant Powellite", and regards the BNP as too left wing ("a bit too socialist"), so does David Cameron secretly have Charles Murray/Frank Ellis type views on not just the NHS and the social security system, but also on other issues?


After all, he once went on a 1989 sanctions busting trip to apartheid South Africa, and has cited a racist bully soap opera character who starts a race riot as one of his role models in life, as an April 26, 2009 "Independent" article, "Cameron's freebie to apartheid South Africa", and a July 19, 2010 article in "The Scotsman", "Racist and bully...meet David Cameron's role model - Gripper Stebson" reveal.

Charles Murray works for the racist American Enterprise Institute, and was given a grant by the racist Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, as I will explain later, when I will also discuss the John M. Olin Foundation, another racist organisation which has funded Murray, and the free market fundamentalist guru who inspired the modern Conservative Party's Thatcherite embrace of Charles Murray type ideas, Milton Friedman. John Miller, the National Political Reporter for the American conservative magazine "National Review", who has written a book about Olin, admits that it is a US Central Intelligence Agency funding conduit, as I will also explain later, which, as anyone who is familiar with the CIA's history will know, is no surprise, as that organisation has long used funding fronts and conduits to hide its funding of very controversial people like Murray. For example, the Human Ecology Society, which was originally the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology, and the Geschickter Fund for Medical Research, to fund Project MKULTRA scientists who were researching ways to control human behaviour on an individual, group, and societal level which the CIA could make use of in its covert operations; the Agency for International Development to fund, for example, guerilla army trainers in Laos; the AID's Office of Public Safety to fund torture instructors who were helping the CIA backed dictatorship in El Salvador;the Olin and Bradley Foundations funded Manhattan Institute free market fundamentalist think tank, which was co-founded by former CIA chief William Casey, who was also in the CIA's World War 2 predecessor agency, the Office of Strategic Services, to fund Murray, and so on.

The sources which Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein used to write "The Bell Curve", included not just R. Travis Osborne and Richard Lynn, but also a number of other fascist writers who, like Osborne and Lynn, were funded by the fascist, pro-apartheid Pioneer Fund, who had links to the Third Reich. Some "Bell Curve" sources have also written articles for a fascist magazine, "Mankind Quarterly", whose Honorary Advisory Board used to include human experimenter Dr. Josef Mengele's boss at Auschwitz, Professor Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer. The pro-"phasing out" black people Richard Lynn, is closely associated with both the Pioneer Fund and "Mankind Quarterly", as he sits on their boards. Murray and Herrnstein used the "research" of Lynn, and their other sources, to imply that black and Hispanic people are poorer than white people, because they are less intelligent than them for genetic reasons, and that black and Hispanic immigration, and relatively high black and Hispanic birth rates, are lowering the intelligence level of the American public.

The implication of "The Bell Curve", whose racism and sexism has been discussed by Professor of Equalities Studies at Middlesex University Heidi Safia Mirza, in a speech which was published in part in the below May 15, 2000 "Independent" article, "Why is this crackpot pseudo-science so popular?", is that it is not worth spending money on welfare states to help subhuman black and Hispanic people, who have to be regulated through W-2 type "New Plantation" "chattel slavery", which is no different to the Nazi idea that some types of people were subhumans who had to be enslaved:


So not surprisingly, there is a striking similarity between Charles Murray's and Richard Herrnstein's ideas, and the ideas of the Third Reich's top race "scientist", Hans Guenther, as you can see by examining W-2 more closely. Jason Turner, who then Republican Governor of Wisconsin Tommy Thompson put in charge of dismantling Wisconsin's already weak welfare state, was later hired by New York's Republican Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, to do the same thing in his city. As the June 27, 1998 "New York Times" article, "City Official Is Sorry for Remark Some Thought Was Anti-Semitic" explains, Turner then caused outrage among New York's large Jewish community, by using the old Nazi slogan "Work makes you free", which was the inscription above the gates of concentration camps like Dachau, where the "workshy" were one of the groups who the Nazis punished by working them to death on inadequate food rations. Hans Guenther fretted about poorer people having more children than richer people, as you can see by reading this chapter of an English translation of one of his books, and, as I will explain in a moment, W-2 has ensured that poorer people's babies, and especially black poorer people's babies, die much more often than the they did before W-2, so Murray's ideas echo Guenther's:


Nor is it surprising, given David Cameron's support for Charles Murray's and Richard Herrnstein's ideas, which I will explain in more detail in a moment, that the late Margaret Thatcher minister Alan Clark, openly admitted in his published diary, as I will also explain in a moment, that he was a "Nazi". As we shall see, Clark told then National Front leader John Tyndall at a meeting in a London restaurant, that a number of other prominent Conservative MP's secretly supported the fascist NF. Peter Lilley, who expressed his admiration for Murray in a review of James Bartholomew's pro-dismantling the welfare state book, "The Welfare State We're In", which you can read on the website of that book, which is so free market fundamentalist, that it even condemns Henry VIII for setting up the Poor Laws rudimentary social security system, was not an MP until after Tyndall left the NF, so he was obviously not one of the prominent MP's who Clark was referring to, and Norman Tebbit, who likes to claim that the Nazi (National Socialist) Party was a left wing phenomenon which had nothing to do with the Right, was also obviously not one of the prominent MP's who Clark was referring to, though Tebbit has openly admitted in articles you can read on "The Daily Telegraph" website to being an admirer of Murray, and gave an interview to the now defunct fascist magazine "Right Now!", as the below "Independent" article reveals:


The first issue of "Right Now!" openly stated that it was a "nakedly Fascistic" publication, as the July 1998 "Searchlight" article, ""Right Now!" A Forum for Eugenecists", which you can read online explains. That article also mentions the fact that the pro-"phasing out" black people Richard Lynn was interviewed by "Right Now!"; the fact that fascist "Bell Curve" source J. Philippe Rushton wrote an article for the magazine; and the fact that fascist "Bell Curve" source Hans Eysenck, and Margaret Thatcher's fascist adviser Brian Crozier, were both patrons of the magazine. Finally, the article discusses the magazine's racist reasons for opposing the welfare state, and the role which the former French National Front leader, Jean-Marie Le Pen, played in inspiring racist, anti-welfare state Tory fascists.

"Right Now!" editor Derek Turner, who had been the leader of an Irish fascist group, the Social Action Initiative, has described himself as a "neighbourhood Nazi", as this "Independent" article about the magazine reveals, and its 50th issue featured an interview with Nick Griffin, so given all the evidence I have cited which proves that "Right Now!" was a fascist publication, it is disgraceful that, as this "Independent" article shows, a Conservative MP was a patron of the magazine:


That article also mentions "Right Now!"'s support for a notoriously fascism linked pseudoscience which the Third Reich was enthusiastically devoted to, eugenics, which "Right Now!" discussed in an article titled "The Conservative Case for a New Eugenics". According to "The Independent", "The piece argued that "the Right should endorse measures to improve human traits through genetic selection". It suggested that welfare recipients should be put on the Pill and repeat offenders should "forfeit reproductive rights"".

As this "Daily Telegraph" article reveals, Alan Clark, the "Right Now!" type Tory fascist, who in a 1981 entry in his diary described himself as a "Nazi" who thought that Nazism was "the ideal system", also said in the same diary entry, that he thought, "it was a disaster for the Anglo-Saxon races and for the world that it [Nazism] was extinguished":


The above article reveals that Alan Clark had also said in his diary, that he had considered joining the National Front, and that he had said of 2 NF people who came to see him: "How good they were and how brave [those] who keep alive the tribal essence."

This "Searchlight" HOPE not hate article mentions the fact that Alan Clark had lunch with then NF leader John Tyndall:


Neil Mackay of the Glasgow daily newspaper "The Herald", did an investigation into the secret links between the Conservatives and fascists which was published in the paper's September 2, 2001 edition, under the headline: "Revealed: the dark seam of fascism that runs through the Conservatives - Investigation: The links between neo-Nazis and the Tory party are closer than anyone would have thought". The article is unfortunately not online.

In the article, Neil Mackay mentions: John Tyndall's opinion that: "In general I've a very low opinion of Tories now. They are gutless. Any Tory I've ever met held views far nearer to mine than they would ever let on in public"; Tyndall's statement that: "In private they [Conservatives] speak freely to you about their views on race or at meetings they whisper in your ear that they agree with X, Y and Z"; the fact that far right Conservative MP John Redwood was interviewed by "Right Now!"; the fact that another far right Conservative MP, Ann Widdecombe, spoke to a "Right Now!" public meeting in the House of Commons; the fact that "Right Now!"'s US distributor was Mark Cotterill, the founder of the BNP splinter group the England First Party; the fact that "Right Now!" was linked to the leadership campaign of former Conservative leader Iain Duncan-Smith, who replaced Norman Tebbit as MP for Chingford, and who, according to Tebbit, is even more right wing than him; and what Mackay learned about the Alan Clark-John Tyndall meeting, and subsequent Conservative-fascist contacts: "'My [John Tyndall's] wife and I met him [Alan Clark] in a restaurant in London's west end. I recall him saying something like 'there are a lot of us in the Tory party who agree with you, but are too frightened to say so'. He also claimed there were a number of other prominent Tories who tacitly supported us [the National Front] in parliament.' [Note the word "prominent", which suggests that some of Margaret Thatcher's other ministers were secret supporters of the fascist National Front.] This [Alan Clark-John Tyndall meeting] wasn't some one-off aberration. Investigations by the Sunday Herald have uncovered a long history of covert discussions between the two parties, and other extremist groups, which stretch right up to today."

John Tyndall left the NF in 1980, but did Alan Clark carry on holding meetings with the NF, was he a link man between top Tories and the NF, and do top Tories have any kind of similar link to the BNP today?

It would be a good idea for any journalist who happens to read this, to talk to Neil Mackay about the "long history of covert discussions" between Conservatives and fascists, and about any possible top Conservative and fascist links today, because the public needs to be given a fuller picture of what the leadership of the Conservative Party stands for, as it hides its support for fascist ideas, quite possibly so it can implement policies like its dismantling of the social security system, without the public learning about the fascist sources of such policies. I will discuss far right extremism at the top of the Tory Party under previous leaders like Iain Duncan-Smith and William Hague in a follow up article, which will also discuss far right extremism at the top of the Conservative Party under former Tory Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher and John Major in more detail than this article has.

I will discuss Charles Murray's racism and sexism, the Pioneer Fund's fascism, and Third Reich links in great detail later on, but first it is important to talk in more detail about David Cameron's support for the ideas of Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein, and 2 other fascism influenced people, Alfred Sherman and Michael Kaminski.

As Charles Murray was an influence on Margaret Thatcher's and John Major's governments, it is not surprising that, as I have pointed out, David Cameron was already openly expressing his support for Murray's and Herrnstein's fascism influenced ideas in 2007, when an October 31 "Spectator" article of that year, explained that Cameron was going to copy the W-2, Wisconsin welfare state dismantling initiative.

The April 15, 2002 "New Statesman" article, "Thumbs up for the bright, white folks", mentioned the fact that Charles Murray is, as I have also pointed out, an adviser to W-2.

That article also revealed the predictable results of Wisconsin's initiative, which included cutting benefits to single parents and their children: in the first year, there was a 17.6% rise in child mortality in Milwaukee, the biggest city in Wisconsin, and a 37% rise in black child mortality.

So, as David Cameron is such a cruel man that he has no problem with poor peoples' children being killed by his Thatcherite enthusiasm for W-2, it is not surprising that a Conservative think tank which Cameron, and a Minister of State at his Department for Work and Pensions, Chris Grayling, are closely associated with, the Centre for Policy Studies, invited the co-author of "The Bell Curve", the late Richard Herrnstein, to give a speech to them, as this "Independent" article reveals:


This article from the anti-fascist magazine "Searchlight", reveals that the late Alfred Sherman, the former adviser to Margaret Thatcher who was the co-founder of the Centre for Policy Studies, wrote a 2001 article for the now defunct Tory fascist magazine "Right Now!", and also reveals that he gave an interview to "Right Now!" in 1997:


As you would expect, "Right Now!" contributor Alfred Sherman was also a supporter of the war criminal Slobodan Milosevic's genocidal war in Bosnia, as "Guardian" journalist Francis Wheen has explained:

"During the Bosnian war Sir Alfred served as a consultant to [other war criminals, Radovan] Karadzic and the murderous Ratko Mladic. 'I was advising them but they wouldn't take my advice,' he told me sadly in 1996. 'I wanted them to go on the offensive.' This was also the reason for his falling-out with Thatcher, whom he came to regard as a wishy-washy liberal. Still, it seems that Sherman has at last found a dictator stern enough to win his respect: he flew into Belgrade yesterday to express his 'solidarity' with Slobodan Milosevic."

You can read Francis Wheen's article here:


As this Centre for Policy Studies webpage reveals, David Cameron gave a speech to honour the CPS, 35 years after it was co-founded by the pro-war criminals, pro-"Right Now!" Alfred Sherman:


Another CPS webpage reveals that Chris Grayling has given a speech to that organisation:


Alfred Sherman was possibly Margaret Thatcher's main adviser, according to the late "Sunday Times" and "Guardian" journalist Hugo Young's "One of Us: A Biography of Margaret Thatcher" (Macmillan, London, 1991), which was praised by the Tory "Daily Telegraph", and the Tory "Spectator", and which describes Sherman as: "arguably her chief intellectual provider" (p.22); "far right" (p.87); "prepared to say things about the influx of ethnic minorities which most people, including most Conservatives, were not prepared to countenance" (p.88); and as "irritating" Tory minister James Prior, because he was kept, "waiting outside the leader's office while she pursued one of her countless dialogues with Sherman" (p.113), and because Prior was, "rebuffed, once admitted, with the refrain 'But Alfred says...'" (p.113). So it is of course not surprising that David Cameron, the Thatcherite supporter of a think tank which was co-founded by Alfred Sherman, the fascism influenced supporter of war criminals, secretly plans to scrap all social security benefits, according to Lord Strathclyde, the Conservative leader in the House of Lords, as a "Daily Telegraph" article, "Tory peer's wife tells wife: I'm sorry" (February 7, 2011, p.10), which is not online explains:

"...Miss Cunningham, 48, claimed that [her lover] Lord Strathclyde told her the Government was planning to get rid of "the whole lot" of benefits..."

Nor is it surprising that the fascism influenced Centre for Policy Studies, allegedly had more influence on Margaret Thatcher than the official Tory Party think tank. To cite Hugo Young's book again: "Alfred Sherman, in post as the Director of the Centre for Policy Studies, now became a man of pervasive [my italics] and insinuating influence in high places. The Centre, the outsiders' foundation, effectively eclipsed the official Conservative Research Department as the source of approved intellectual activity. " (p.113)

Nor is it surprising that in "Free Agent: The Unseen War, 1941-91" (HarperCollins, London, 1993), by Margaret Thatcher's fascist adviser Brian Crozier, he alleges that he continued to advise Margaret Thatcher when she was in power, until 1988. See pages 127, 128, 130, 143, 144, 146, 254, and 255 to learn more about his alleged advisory role than his obituary revealed. So it is no wonder that John Major's government was allegedly not happy about that book coming out, as it revealed fascist involvement in the Thatcherite project which they were continuing. See Crozier's book "Franco" (Little, Brown, London, 1967), to learn more about his fascist views than the obituary revealed.

As I have pointed out, David Cameron has taken the Conservatives out of the conservative group in the European Parliament, and into a far right group who, as this "Stop 'respectable fascism' now" "Guardian" article by Conservative MEP Edward McMillan-Scott points out, put up a candidate for Vice President of the European Parliament, Michael Kaminski, who had been a member of a Polish fascist group, and who opposed the President of Poland's national apology for an SS backed World War 2 Polish massacre of Polish Jews:


Furthermore, as this "Daily Mirror" story reveals, David Cameron responded to Edward McMillan-Scott's attempts to stop Michael Kaminski becoming leader of the Conservatives' new "respectable fascism" far right group, by expelling him from the Party:


As I have also pointed out, David Cameron's new far right European Parliament group also includes admirers of less "respectable" fascists, the Waffen SS, as this "Daily Mail" article points out:


Pollsters have found that racism is higher in Britain than it is in at least some other Western European countries (roughly 30%, compared to roughly 15% in France, and roughly 3% in Sweden for example), so it is not at all surprising that David Cameron has moved the Conservatives out of the conservative group in the European Parliament, and into a far right group, as most Conservative voters are clearly the same kind of racists who vote for the roughly 15% support French National Front, and the roughly 5% support Sweden Democrats.

Most of the Tories' voters are also clearly the same kind of racists who vote for UKIP, who are in another far right group in the European Parliament, and for the BNP, who are so extreme by Western European standards, that other far right parties refused to form an alliance with them in Brussels, as they said that doing so would cost them support at home.

In Britain, even anti-fascists often talk as if driving down the BNP vote would end our far right problem, which overlooks the fact that UKIP are also a far right party, and the fact that the Tories are a mostly far right party. As a result, there is no "cordon sanitaire", or sanitary cordon to keep racists out of power, like there is in Belgium, and the Liberal Democrats are happy to form a coalition with a mostly racist party.

Given David Cameron's support for people like Charles Murray, Richard Herrnstein, Michael Kaminski, and admirers of the Waffen SS, it is not surprising that the Pioneer Fund, which financed the "research" that "The Bell Curve"'s racist pseudoscientific conclusions were based on, was described in "The Sunday Telegraph" of March 12, 1989, as a "neo-Nazi organization closely integrated with the far right in American politics", and nor is it surprising that its first President, Harry Laughlin, who was one of the founders of the American Eugenics Society, which was set up in 1922, inspired the Nazis' eugenicist 1933 Law for the Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Offspring, which led to the forcible sterilisation of about 350,000 Germans, as the already cited April 15, 2002 "New Statesman" article, "Thumbs up for the bright, white folks" pointed out.

Among the people who the Nazis forcibly sterilised, for racist reasons, were the mixed race children of white German mothers and African troops who were part of the French garrison which occupied the Rhineland area of Germany after World War One.

Here is the transcript of an ABC Television "World News Tonight" report on the Pioneer Fund's links to the "research" which was cited in "The Bell Curve":


The former President of the Pioneer Fund, Harry Weyher, has this to say about the "World News Tonight" report:

"On 22 November 1994 ABC's World News Tonight with Peter Jennings was replete with somber voices speaking of a small penis being a "sign of superior intelligence", "eradicating inferior people", arresting blacks solely because of skin color, race superiority, and mentally ill Jews. This voice-over was spiced with references to Hitler and scenes of emaciated victims in Nazi death camps."

You can read that quote here:


An Alabama civil rights law firm, the Southern Poverty Law Center, discuss the Pioneer Fund's fascist views, and its funding of racist pseudoscience on this webpage:


Another SPLC article, by Professor Barry Mehler, who runs the Institute for the Study of Academic Racism, reveals that the late American fascist party (National Alliance) leader William Pierce, who openly advocated killing all of the world's billions of non-white and Jewish people, as his novel "The Turner Diaries" reveals, agreed with Charles Murray's pseudoscience opinion that black people are less intelligent than white people for genetic reasons, which illustrates how dangerous "scientific" racism can be:

In his SPLC article, Professor Mehler wrote:

"National Vanguard, the publication of former physics professor William Pierce...and his neo-Nazi National Alliance, runs a similar piece that concludes that "it is the Negro's deficiency...which kept him in a state of savagery in his African environment and is now undermining the civilization of a racially mixed America."

"Ed Fields, a longtime, virulent racist, uses a review of Charles Murray's highly controversial book on IQ, The Bell Curve, to conclude that "over 50% of all Blacks test in the dull to retarded range.""

You can read Professor Mehler's article here:


The next paragraph of Mehler's article, shows why the Pioneer Fund use "academic" pseudoscience to try to make racism respectable:

"But it may be David Duke [a former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, who was also a Republican Party politician in the Louisiana House of Representatives between 1990 and 1992] who sums it up best. "No subject is more controversial than the nature versus nurture debate, and no subject has more direct consequences on society," he writes. "If heredity is shown to [be] the primary influence on intelligence rather than environment, then racial equality will crumble as a viable concept....""

The "academic" racists hope that if they can make people believe that black and Hispanic people are less intelligent than white people for genetic reasons, racism can become a respectable viewpoint, which will also make the fascist ideas of people like the Ku Klux Klan, the Pioneer Fund, the pro-"phasing out" black people Richard Lynn, and the pro-killing billions of people William Pierce more respectable.

This strategy has had some success. After all, Charles Murray's and Richard Herrnstein's book was issued by a major American publisher, and Murray, who was not very well known before he wrote that book, has been allowed to write articles for 3 major American newspapers, "The New York Times", which is the most influential newspaper in the US, "USA Today", and "The Washington Post".

This Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting article, "Racism Resurgent", is a detailed discussion of the interest which the mainstream American media took in "The Bell Curve" when it came out. It also discusses the Pioneer Fund's fascist views, and the fact that it supported the Third Reich, and the partly Third Reich inspired apartheid regime:


Charles Murray claims that the Pioneer Fund is not the same organisation it was in the past, when it was linked to the Third Reich, but that is purely and simply a lie, as the Fund gave money to the late "Mankind Quarterly" contributor Glayde Whitney, who, 4 years after "The Bell Curve" was published, wrote the foreword to the racist and sexist 1998 autobiography of the former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke, who presented a paper at the Iranian Islamist tyranny's 2006 Holocaust denial conference.

Furthermore, Glayde Whitney was associated with the Holocaust denying Institute for Historical Review, who published this obituary of him:


This BBC News story mentions David Duke presenting another paper at the Iranian conference:


Walter Kistler, who has been the main donor to the Pioneer Fund in recent years, set up the Foundation for the Future, a science organisation whose events have attracted David Duke, according to this SPLC article:


Moreover, as this long "Albany Law Review" article about the Pioneer Fund and its Third Reich links points out, one year before "The Bell Curve" came out, the Pioneer funded Foundation for Human Understanding in Athens, Georgia, issued an extremely racist book by Stanley Burnham whose ideas were very similar to "The Bell Curve":


Stanley Burnham's "America's Bimodal Crisis: Black Intelligence in White Society", argues that, "America's racial crisis is intractable and cannot be 'solved'" because it is caused by "genetic, not environmental" factors which cannot be solved by government spending. Burnham argues that black people have smaller brains than Europeans, which is why he argues that Africa's problems are the result of the "ignorance and irresponsibility of the African mind", and that black people's problems in other parts of the world are the result of "genetic deficiencies that they cannot remedy."

As a result, he applauds colonial rule over Africa, and criticises decolonisation.

As the already cited article "Racism Resurgent" explains, one of the Pioneer funded "researchers" who "The Bell Curve" cites, Professor Richard Lynn of the University of Ulster, has similar views to the late William Pierce, the already mentioned fascist party leader, who openly advocated killing billions of non-white and Jewish people:

"Murray and Herrnstein describe Lynn as "a leading scholar of racial and ethnic differences." Here's a sample of Lynn's thinking on such differences: "What is called for here is not genocide, the killing off of the population of incompetent cultures. But we do need to think realistically in terms of the 'phasing out' of such peoples... Evolutionary progress means the extinction of the less competent. To think otherwise is mere sentimentality." (cited in [the Long Island, New York daily newspaper] Newsday, 11/9/94).

"Elsewhere Lynn makes clear which "incompetent cultures" need "phasing out": "Who can doubt that the Caucasoids and the Mongoloids are the only two races that have made any significant contributions to civilization?" (cited in [The] New Republic [magazine], 10/31/94)."

A February 1995, very scathing "Scientific American" review of "The Bell Curve", "Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics", also points out that:

"Herrnstein and Murray rely heavily upon the work of Richard Lynn...from whose advice they have "benefited especially".

"I will not mince words. Lynn's distortions and misrepresentations of the data constitute a truly venomous racism, combined with scandalous disregard for scientific objectivity. But to anybody familiar with Lynn's work and background, this comes as no surprise. Lynn is widely known to be an associate editor of the vulgarly racist journal Mankind Quarterly; his 1991 paper comparing the intelligence of "Negroids" and "Negroid-Caucasoid hybrids" appeared in its pages."

So it is not surprising that Richard Lynn has been interviewed by the fascist, anti-Semitic American magazine "The Occidental Quarterly", as this SPLC profile of the magazine reveals:


As that article points out, the magazine is published by the Occidental Press, which is run by Holocaust denier, and former Ku Klux Klan lawyer Sam Dickson.

If you look up "The Occidental Quarterly"'s back issues online, you will find, for example, that it also published: a book review in its Winter 2002-2003 issue which said nice things about a biography of the late William Pierce, the American fascist party leader who openly advocated killing all of the world's billions of non-white and Jewish people; an obituary which said nice things about the Pioneer Fund President Harry Weyher in its Spring 2002 issue; reviews of books by the fascist Holocaust denier Harold Covington in the Spring 2009 issue; articles by the Pioneer Fund financed Daniel Vining; articles by Richard Lynn; and a positive review of Lynn's book, "The Global Bell Curve: Race, IQ, and Inequality Worldwide", in its Fall 2008 issue. That review was by Donald Templer, who was currently "researching" "skin color as an index of intelligence". "The Occidental Quarterly" also published a review of a Charles Murray book in its Winter 2004-2005 issue, and a pro-"The Bell Curve" article in its Fall 2004 issue.

Another Pioneer Fund financed racist (and sexist) pseudoscience "academic" who has written for "The Occidental Quarterly", and who is cited in "The Bell Curve", Canada's Professor J. Philippe Rushton, who argues that black people are less intelligent than white people for genetic reasons, was, because he is an "academic", and an "expert", allowed on to CNN and the USA's National Public Radio, to discuss his "research" finding that women are on average less intelligent than men, as this SPLC article explains:


As the just cited SPLC article also explains, J. Philippe Rushton has been given more than $1 million of Pioneer Fund money to do such "research", and as "Racism Resurgent" revealed that Rushton is also an admirer of the Third Reich, that may mean that he shares either William Pierce's kill billions of people ideas, or Richard Lynn's phase out black people ideas:

"A 1986 article by Rushton suggested that the Nazi war machine owed its prowess to racial purity."

Furthermore, J. Philippe Rushton is an admirer of Richard Lynn, which is why he wrote this positive review of Lynn's pseudoscience book, "The Global Bell Curve: Race, IQ and Inequality Worldwide", which of course assumes that racism, rather than nutrition, can explain the different average IQ levels around the world:


Like J. Philippe Rushton, Charles Murray has been criticised on sexist pseudoscience grounds, as he admits in an article he wrote:


So as you would expect, Charles Murray is an anti-feminist. He argues that because women no longer rely on men to support them, and can claim single parent social security, the result is family breakdown, and an underclass of primarily women and their children.

His opposition to working women puts him in the company of some of the most right wing people imaginable: Adolf Hitler; Jean-Marie Le Pen, who is a Hitler regime apologist; until recently the Saudi royal family, who backed Hitler in World War 2; and the Taliban, whose ideology is a very fundamentalist version of the Saudi royal family's Wahhabist Islam.

Moreover, as this "New Statesman" article points out, "[in "The Bell Curve"] Murray repeatedly quoted sources such as J Philippe Rushton, an academic from Ontario who has received more than $700,000 from the Pioneer Fund, and who has argued that eugenics could stave off the threat that black fertility poses to "north European" civilisation.":


Furthermore, as the "Intellectual brownshirts - Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray, authors of 'The Bell Curve'" article in the American magazine "The Progressive" points out, in "The Bell Curve", the Third Reich admirer J. Philippe Rushton is described in the following utterly bizarre way:

"Rushton's work is not that of a crackpot or a bigot, as many of his critics are given to charging."

Is Charles Murray, and was Richard Herrnstein an apologist for J. Philippe Rushton's pro-Third Reich views because they are/were themselves "intellectual brownshirts"?

Or because they are/were crackpots like J. Philippe Rushton? After all, "Racism Resurgent" has this to say about Rushton's "research":

"Rushton (who's gotten more than $770,000 from Pioneer) has transformed the Victorian science of cranial measurement into a sexual fetish--measuring not only head and brain size, but also the size of breasts, buttocks and genitals. "It's a trade-off: More brain or more penis. You can't have everything," he told Rolling Stone's Adam Miller (10/20/94), explaining his philosophy of evolution.

"Rushton was reprimanded by his school, the University of Western Ontario, for accosting people in a local shopping mall and asking them how big their penises were and how far they could ejaculate. "A zoologist doesn't need permission to study squirrels in his backyard," he groused (Rolling Stone, 10/20/94)."

A third Pioneer Fund financed racist pseudoscientist who is cited in "The Bell Curve", was the late Arthur Jensen, who, as this Institute for the Study of Academic Racism article points out, "claimed the problem with black children was that they had an average IQ of only 85 and that no amount of social engineering would improve their performance. Jensen urged "eugenic foresight" as the only solution.":


Arthur Jensen's pro-eugenics views were hardly surprising, as he was praised in an article about him in "The Occidental Quarterly", and as this ISAR webpage points out that he gave an interview in 1975 to the German fascist magazine "Nation Europa", which was founded after World War 2 by former Waffen SS officer Arthur Ehrhard, and which favourably reviewed the Holocaust denying pamphlet "Did Six Million Really Die?":


That webpage also points out that another Pioneer Fund financed "Bell Curve" source, the late Hans Eysenck, gave an interview in 1977 to the British fascist magazine "Beacon", which was published by a National Front splinter group, the National Party.

As the below article in the British medical journal "The Lancet" reveals, Hans Eysenck's racist views made him a hero to British fascists:

"In 1970, the Cambridge group from the British Society for Social Responsibility organised a public debate with Jensen, challenging his claim that black people were genetically inferior to white people in IQ...Eysenck, unsurprisingly, supported Jensen and rushed out a provocative short book Race, Intelligence and Education. Penguin, Eysenck's normal publisher, wouldn't touch it, and even at the publisher he finally found, Temple Smith, the staff publicly dissociated themselves from it. Nonetheless, he was quickly hailed as a hero and “new Galileo” by the right and above all by neo-Nazi groups such as the National Front, to whose magazines he gave interviews.":


Arthur Jensen also became a hero to fascists, as another ISAR webpage reveals:

"However, the effect of Jensen's work on fascist groups throughout the world was immediate and electric. The fine details of the various arguments were irrelevant to their purposes: what mattered was the chance to make race-science respectable once again. According to Martin Webster, the National Activities Organiser of the National Front: "The most important factor in the build-up of self-confidence amongst 'racists', and the collapse of morale among multi-racialists was the publication in 1969 by Professor Arthur Jensen in the Harvard Educational Review" (Spearhead, April 1973)."

That paragraph proves of course that "The Bell Curve" is an extremely dangerous book whose stupid ideas have to be demolished, not turned into policy by David Cameron.

The ISAR webpage continues:

"Fascists saw Jensen and Eysenck as vindicating their basic racist assumptions. For instance, the National Party, a break-away group from the National Front, demonstrated the over-riding importance of race-science in its ideology and interpretation of politics:

""Nationalists believe that intelligence is mainly genetically determined, and so the differences in intelligence and other mental abilities between the races are inborn and hereditary. Therefore we believe that the World intellectual leadership shown by the White Race is due to our unique genetic heritage, whose dilution by mixing with alien stock would be an irreversible catastrophe for all mankind . . . If it can be proved that intelligence (and other aspects of human nature) is inherited, then Marxism loses its whole reason for existing while the ideology of Racial Nationalism receives firm scientific support" (Britain First, January 1977)."

"It is no wonder, then, that Eysenck's popular books, like Race, Intelligence and Education and The Inequality of Man, are on the booklists of fascist groups like the National Front. Nor is it any surprise that their propaganda makes constant reference to Jensen and Eysenck's work."

You can read that ISAR webpage here:


Another Pioneer Fund grant recipient who is a "Bell Curve" source, the late William Shockley, "deemed blacks genetically inferior to whites and unable to achieve their intellectual level", to cite this "New York Times" Shockley obituary:


The BNP are clearly supporters of not only J. Philippe Rushton, but also of another Pioneer Fund financed "researcher" who is cited in "The Bell Curve", Roger Pearson, as this HOPE not hate webpage about the BNP proves:

"The BNP's booklist reveal its true politics. It includes titles from the racial eugenicists Roger Pearson (pictured), Henry Garrett, J Philippe Rushton and Jared Taylor, whose books claim that members of the "white race" have a higher IQ than other people. Roger Pearson now runs the Pioneer Fund, which supported eugenics and Nazism in the 1930s, and in the 1960s and 1970s combated integration and civil rights and supported apartheid. BNP publications regularly carry articles promoting racial eugenics."

You can read that webpage here:


This ISAR article about Roger Pearson's fascist politics, explains that he set up the fascist Northern League (which is not to be confused with an Italian far right party), whose members included the leading Third Reich race "scientist" Hans Guenther, and whose goals included leading Northern European people in Europe and the Americas in the "fight against forces which would mongrelize our race and civilization.":


The just cited article also mentions the fact that in the 1960's, Roger Pearson worked closely with Willis Carto, who was the biggest seller of Holocaust denial and anti-Semitic literature in the US, including the infamous Russian Tsarist secret police forgery, "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion", which Hitler used to justify the Holocaust (hence the title of the late Professor Norman Cohn's book about the Protocols: "Warrant for Genocide: The Myth of the Jewish World Conspiracy and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion", Serif Publishing, London, 1996).

This ISAR webpage says of the Northern League:

"These [Northern League] meetings are normally only open to members and specially selected guests. Those present included a motley collection of open Nazis, like Colin Jordan, members of the clandestine Nazi paramilitary organisation Column 88, ex-SS men, and Martin Webster of the National Front.":


As the April 16, 2009 "Times" obituary of Colin Jordan explained, Jordan modelled himself on the pre-World War 2 British fascist leader Arnold Leese, whose Imperial Fascist League had advocated gassing Jews.

Moreover, the below MI5 historical webpage says of Leese:

"He was extreme even by fascist standards, denouncing Mosley for supposedly being under Jewish control and calling for the extermination of Jews, long before Hitler adopted a similar policy.":


Another Pioneer Fund grant recipient who is cited in "The Bell Curve", R. Travis Osborne, was described in the following way by the "Racism Resurgent" article: "Osborne, who has received almost $400,000 from Pioneer, used his "research" into black genetic inferiority to argue for the restoration of school segregation (*Newsday*, 11/9/94)."

This SPLC article reveals that another "Bell Curve" source, the late Raymond Cattell, said in a 1972 book, that when poor countries face famine, genocide, or natural disasters, they should be allowed to "go to the wall":


Given Raymond Cattell's views, it is hardly surprising that, as this ISAR article explains, he "openly supported fascism in the 1930s", and believed that the "vast majority of humans on the planet are 'obsolete'", and should be phased out through eugenics:


So, as you would expect, the same article reveals that Raymond Cattell supported the Nazis' eugenic sterilisation of 3.5 million people.

Charles Murray has not yet been given a Pioneer Fund grant, but as the late President of the Fund, Harry Weyher, revealed in the November 1994 issue of the men's magazine "GQ", "We'd have funded him [Richard Herrnstein] at the drop of a hat, but he never asked".

This Pioneer Fund webpage points out that although the Fund have not financed Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein, those 2 writers have been funded by the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, whose racism will be discussed in a moment:


So, as this "New York Times" article points out that as a young man, Charles Murray copied the Ku Klux Klan by burning a cross, perhaps Murray ought to ask the Pioneer Fund to finance whatever his next racist book is:


After all, although Charles Murray tries to downplay the race theme of "The Bell Curve", "Racism Resurgent" states: "Take the infamous Chapter 13, which Murray has often claimed is the only chapter that deals with race (far from it--there are at least four chapters focused entirely on race, and the whole book is organized around the concept)."

So he fits right into Pioneer's race "science" pigeon hole, which explains Charles Murray's grants from the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, whose financing of Murray is also mentioned in the already cited online summary of "The Feeding Trough, The Bell Curve & the Real Story Behind W-2, Wisconsin's National Model for Welfare Reform", which points out that the late Chairman of the Bradley Foundation, Michael Joyce, described Murray as "one of the foremost social thinkers in the country".

This article in the "Black Commentator" magazine discusses the Bradley Foundation's funding of 3 racist, anti-civil rights groups with Orwellian double talk names: the Center for Individual Rights, the American Civil Rights Institute, and the American Civil Rights Coalition:


The 2009 Bradley Foundation Annual Report, which you can read online, admits that it funds 2 of these groups, the CIR, and the ACRI, whose subsidiary lobbying arm is the ACRC.

Another "Black Commentator" article mentions the fact that the Bradley Foundation funded the Hoover Institution, which employed the late free market fundamentalist supporter of General Pinochet's fascist dictatorship, Milton Friedman, who praised Pinochet at a time when his scrapping of his democratically elected socialist predecessor Salvador Allende's welfare measures, had led to children fainting in school from hunger:

Incidentally, Milton Friedman's, and Ronald Reagan's and Margaret Thatcher's support for General Pinochet, whose originally DINA acronym secret police were run by a fugitive class A Nazi war criminal, SS officer Walther Rauff, proves that free market fundamentalism is a kind of fascism. Rauff's DINA job was mentioned on page 156 of "US Intelligence and the Nazis" (Cambridge University Press, New York, 2005), by Richard Breitman, Norman Goda, Timothy Naftali, and Robert Wolfe. That book was based partly on US Army, CIA, and FBI files which were declassified as a result of the 1998 Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act.

Fascism is a mass murder ideology, and the annual starvation and disease related death toll which would be the result of David Cameron getting rid of the social security system, would of course be substantial, though not as substantial as the annual death toll which Thatcherism has been causing for decades in poor countries, where the result of the IMF and World Bank, which are of course full of Margaret Thatcher type free market fundamentalists, ordering the majority of the world's countries to pay their debts to rich country banks by following Thatcherite economic policies, like ending or cutting food price subsidies which allow their poorer people to eat, cutting health spending which keeps their poorer people alive, and so on, has been the deaths of millions of children every year, according to various anti-IMF and World Bank groups who are cited in Professor Richard Peet's "The Unholy Trinity: The IMF, World Bank and WTO" (Zed Books, London, 2003). Many adults are of course also being killed by starvation and disease as a result of what the IMF and World Bank do to most of the world's countries. The Nazi Party and SS industrial extermination of 10 million Jews, Gypsies, mentally and physically disabled people, and other groups at Auschwitz and other places, looks amateurish by comparison with what the Thatcherites at the IMF and the World Bank do.

Thatcherism also involves at least pretending to work within the democratic system. I said "pretending", as Margaret Thatcher's gerrymandering abolition of the GLC, and other Labour run big city Councils, which absurdly left London as the biggest city in Western Europe with no Council; her Poll Tax, which drove many poor, and thus many non-white and young people, the vast majority of whom don't vote Tory, off the electoral register, as it was well known that Councils were using the electoral register to find non-payers; David Cameron's gerrymandering boundary changes, which will disenfranchise many poor, and thus non-white and young people, because the changes will base 600 new constituencies on who registers to vote, not on who lives in a particular area; and of course former Westminster Council Tory leader Shirley Porter's conviction, and £42 million fine for gerrymandering, prove that Thatcherites do not really believe in democracy. Democrats want to expand the franchise by, for example, introducing the automatic voter registration that some countries have, not to restrict it, but then the Tory Party has been fighting the expansion of the franchise for centuries, so their current opposition to democracy is to be expected.

As the declassified online MI5 file, "5 SEPTEMBER 2005 RELEASES: GERMAN INTELLIGENCE OFFICERS" (file reference number KV 2/1970) shows, Walther Rauff invented the mobile gas chamber trucks which were used to kill Jews before Auschwitz, and other Nazi extermination camps were built, and was believed to be responsible for the deaths of nearly 100,000 people, which are facts that people who doubt my argument that Thatcherism is a kind of fascism need to think about.

This long article by the prominent American liberal campaigning group People for the American Way, discusses Bradley Foundation funding of racist, anti-affirmative action groups (p.15), and Charles Murray (pp.27-28):


This article on the website of the Media Transparency group, who monitor the grants which American right wing foundations give, mentions Bradley's funding of the same groups, and of racist writers, including Charles Murray, and President Reagan's Secretary of Education, William Bennett:


William Bennett has said that aborting all black babies would reduce the American crime rate, as this "New York Times" article points out:


The same Media Transparency article, mentions Bradley's funding of the Free Congress Research and Education Foundation, whose staff member, William Lind, wishes that the pro-slavery US South had won the American Civil War, as an SPLC article about the FCREF, who are also known as the Free Congress Foundation, and similar right wing groups explained:

"Race surfaced in 1999, when Lind wrote that, "The real damage to race relations in the South came not from slavery, but from Reconstruction, which would not have occurred if the South had won." Had that happened, Lind added, "at least part of North America would still stand for Western culture, Christianity and an appreciation of the differences between ladies and gentlemen." Instead, when the South lost, the "official American state ideology" became the federally imposed "cultural Marxism of Political Correctness." In a speech to a Holocaust denial outfit last year, Lind blamed "cultural Marxism" on a tiny group of German Jews."

You can read the SPLC article here:


This article in the American magazine "The Nation", discusses Bradley's funding of racist, anti-welfare states writers, including Charles Murray, and Marvin Olasky, who coined George W. Bush's, and David Cameron's Orwellian double talk slogan, "compassionate conservatism":


This obituary of former Bradley Foundation Chairman Michael Joyce, which is on the website of the American conservative magazine "National Review", discusses Joyce's involvement in W-2, the dismantling of Wisconsin's welfare state, which was "inspired by the work of Murray and others", and which David Cameron says is his role model for his dismantling of Britain's welfare state. The obituary also discusses the fact that when Joyce worked for another right wing group, the John M. Olin Foundation, he ensured that Charles Murray was given a grant:


This second obituary of Michael Joyce on the website of "Philanthropy" magazine, also mentions the fact that Joyce secured Olin Foundation funding for Charles Murray, and the fact that Joyce was an adviser to W-2:


The reason why I wanted to cite 2 sources for those facts, are (a) because they prove that Charles Murray is not the only racist who has been a W-2 adviser, and (b) because the Olin Foundation is a CIA funding conduit, as even John Miller, the National Political Reporter for the American conservative magazine "National Review", who has written a book called, "A Gift of Freedom: How the John M. Olin Foundation Changed America" (Encounter Books, New York, 2005), admitted in the below 2005 interview, which discussed the CIA's covert funding of right wing writers whose ideas changed the American political landscape, by shifting it to the right. Miller also revealed that the late Bradley Foundation Chairman Michael Joyce, had previously been an Executive Director of the Olin Foundation, which links the CIA to Bradley:


As I pointed out earlier, like Olin, Bradley have funded a free market fundamentalist think tank called the Manhattan Institute, which was co-founded by William Casey, who had been in the CIA's World War 2 predecessor agency, the Office of Strategic Services, and who went on to head the CIA under President Reagan. As I also pointed out earlier, Manhattan have also funded Charles Murray.

Anyone who has read "Dirty Work: The CIA in Western Europe" (Zed Books, London, 1977), which was edited by former CIA officer Philip Agee, and Louis Wolf, will know that the CIA has long been doing the same covert shifting of the political landscape to the right in Europe.

Anyone who is familiar with the CIA's long history of researching ways of controlling human behaviour, which partly emerged during 3 1970's US Government enquiries which were led by Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, Senator Frank Church, and Representative Otis Pike, and which was then exposed more fully by writers like former US State Department official John Marks, "Express" newspapers journalist Gordon Thomas, Walter Bowart, Alan Scheflin, and Edward Opton, who all used the US Freedom of Information Act to gain access to CIA documents, will know that the CIA has definitely employed some crackpots, so it is not surprising that it has funded Charles Murray.

After all, CIA behavioural control research has included sending a medium into the public area of the UN building to find "evil" people, and looking into whether black magic and sorcery could be used in CIA covert operations. See pages 273 and 275 of Gordon Thomas's book, "Journey into Madness: The True Story of Secret CIA Mind Control and Medical Abuse" (Bantam, New York, 1989), to read about the CIA's research into evil, black magic, and sorcery, which is just the tip of the iceberg of the craziness that CIA behavioural control research has involved. The medium apparently could not find any evil people at the UN, which no doubt disappointed the CIA, who were presumably hoping to hire them for their black magic and sorcery covert operations.

Maybe the CIA should have gone looking for evil people at 2 Thatcherite UN subsidiaries, the IMF and the World Bank, which have quite possibly killed even more people, and especially children, over the last more than 3 decades, than even the fascists and communists put together have done.

Like Charles Murray, W-2 is of course a product of the CIA craziness which led to evil, black magic, and sorcery research, and the ideas of Milton Friedman, whose free market fundamentalist disciples fill the IMF and the World Bank. In the DVD version of the Canadian documentary film "The Corporation", Friedman openly argues in an interview for a typically crazy idea, legalising hard drugs like heroin on free market fundamentalist grounds, which would lead to needle strewn public areas, and people dropping dead in public, which is what happened in Switzerland when people were temporarily allowed to take heroin in a park.

These 2 articles from the website of Milwaukee's A Job is a Right Campaign, discuss the CIA linked Bradley Foundation's racism, funding of Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein, and involvement in designing the W-2 dismantling of Wisconsin's welfare state:



As I have said, if you want to find out what David Cameron wants to do to Britain's welfare state, A Job is a Right sell "The Feeding Trough, The Bradley Foundation, the Bell Curve & the Real Story Behind W-2, Wisconsin's National Model for Welfare Reform" from their website. The online summary of the report has this to say about the CIA and W-2:

"According to an article in the March 2, 1997 edition of The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a "major architect" of W-2 was the Hudson Institute. The Hudson Institute is a right wing think tank based in Indianapolis...The manager of Hudson's research program, Gary L. Geipel, is a former analyst with the CIA."

It is in the full report that you can read Wisconsin State Representative Johnnie Morris-Tatum's statement that W-2 is a "new government/corporate partnership for reinstituting chattel slavery", and Wisconsin State Senator Gwendolynne Moore's statement that W-2 is "the New Plantation".

I ought to point out that the CIA architects of W-2 have not only employed crackpots, but also have a long history of links to the hard drug trafficking Mafia, whose drugs have been destroying working class communities through addiction, and drug related violence and theft for decades, and who would be in pole position to benefit from any future free market fundamentalist legalisation of hard drugs, as they have been selling them for so long.

The fact that the CIA worked with the Mafia to try to assassinate Fidel Castro in the 1960's, is no secret of course, and John Dickie's "Cosa Nostra: A History of the Sicilian Mafia" (Hodder and Stoughton, London, 2007), reveals that the CIA's Mafia links stretch back even further, to the CIA's World War 2 predecessor agency: "...there were regular contacts between the Office of Strategic Services (the OSS, forerunner of the CIA) and senior mafiosi. Joseph Russo, the Corleone-born head of the OSS's Palermo desk, has recently said of the bosses: 'I got to know all of them. It did not take them long to re-cement their solidarity.'" (p.243)

W--2 is just another chapter in the long, cruel history of the CIA, or their Mafia friends wrecking working class communities. The CIA is full of boarding school graduates, or "preppies" as they are known in the US, and toff Tory politicians from privileged backgrounds, like old Etonian David Cameron, have a centuries long, cruel history of doing similar things to working class communities, as do Republican preppies like Mitt Romney, who advocates further attacks on what is left of the American welfare state.

If you are interested in W-2, you also need to know more about Lawrence Mead, the Republican welfare "expert" who, according to this "Observer" article, flew to Britain in June 2010 to talk to David Cameron about W-2, which Mead has written a book about:


As this "Daily Telegraph" article reveals, Lawrence Mead favours leaving people without an income by throwing them off social security:


So as you would expect, Lawrence Mead is a friend of Charles Murray, as this "Nation's Business" article reveals:


In this transcript of a speech, Lawrence Mead cites Richard Herrnstein approvingly, on page 19, reference 45, and Charles Murray approvingly, on page 2, reference 79:


Moreover, Charles Murray and Lawrence Mead are both "research" "scholars" for an Australian right wing think tank, the Centre for Independent Studies:


As Charles Murray is a snob whose "The Bell Curve" talks about a "cognitive elite", it is not surprising that his CIS "research" paper is called "In praise of elitism".

Lawrence Mead and Charles Murray also both work for the racist American Enterprise Institute. Mead is a Visiting Scholar, and Murray is the W. H. Brady Scholar in Culture.

Despite his openly extremely racist views, the AEI were also happy in the past to employ the Indian born Dinesh D'Souza, whose very well publicised opinions have not made Lawrence Mead (or Charles Murray) want to resign from the AEI, unlike 2 black AEI employees, who "disaffiliated" from the AEI because of D'Souza's views.

To quote from a "Time" magazine article, "THE BIGOT'S HANDBOOK":

"D'Souza also argues that because racism had its origins among intellectually gifted Europeans during the Enlightenment, it can't be all bad; that American slavery was not a racist institution; and that segregation was merely a well-meaning attempt by paternalistic whites to help blacks "perform to the capacity of their arrested development." He urges the repeal of every major civil rights law in the land, including those that allow blacks to sit at lunch counters and use the same water fountains as everyone else. Thenceforward the government would be required to function in a race-blind manner, but private citizens and institutions, from taxicab companies to huge corporations, would be free to discriminate."

You can read that article, which, on its first page, mentions the 2 black AEI employees, Robert Woodson and Glenn Loury, who "disaffiliated" from the AEI over Dinesh D'Souza's views here:


The below "Washington Post" webpage, is chapter one of Dinesh D'Souza's racist book "The End of Racism", in which he wrote:

"Specifically, I question and reject the following widely shared premises that shape the conventional wisdom about racism, as well as America's civil rights laws.

* Racism is simply an irrational prejudice, a product of ignorance and fear.

* Slavery was a racist institution, and the Constitution's compromise with slavery discredits the American founding as racist and morally corrupt.

* Segregation was a system established by white racists for the purpose of oppressing blacks.

...* The civil rights movement represented a triumph of justice and enlightenment over the forces of Southern racism and hate.":


Furthermore, an article in "The Nation", which quotes Dinesh D'Souza's admission that the CIA funding conduit the Olin Foundation funded "The End of Racism", revealed that:

"The AEI had already invested in respectable racism when it funded D'Souza during the writing of his apologia, The End of Racism, in which the author attributed racism, which he believed was vestigial, to a "civilization gap" between blacks and whites rather than to the fact that many powerful and influential white people think black people are inferior."

You can read that article, which also mentions Olin's funding of Margaret Thatcher's and Ronald Reagan's free market fundamentalist economics guru, Milton Friedman here:


So you will not be surprised to learn that anti-fascist writer Alex Constantine, whose book "The Covert War Against Rock" (Feral House, Venice, California, 2000), was listed in "The Observer"'s June 18, 2006 "The 50 greatest music books ever" list, has also written a book called "Virtual Government: CIA Mind Control Operations in America" (Feral House, Venice, California, 1997), which featured more information about the CIA's covert role in the creation of Thatcherism, the ideology that dominates the world's economic thinking, partly through 2 free market fundamentalist UN subsidiaries which the US Treasury has the controlling shareholdings in, the IMF and World Bank, which, as I pointed out earlier, order the majority of the world's countries to pay their debts to rich country banks by following Thatcherite economic policies, like ending or cutting food price subsidies which allow their poorer people to eat, cutting health spending which keeps their poorer people alive, and so on; partly through the WTO, which can order the vast majority of the world's countries to scrap laws which interfere with big business; partly through an international web of free market fundamentalist think tanks, which are quite possibly in many cases CIA fronts, or CIA funded, though investigating that web, its sources of funds, and staff, is beyond the scope of this article; partly through the funding of writers like Charles Murray; and partly through peer pressure, as politicians tend to follow fashions, including the Thatcherite fashion which has taken such a grip on the world in recent decades, thanks to the CIA.

The website Think Tank Watch is one place where you learn about some of the web of Thatcherite think tanks which brought us the racist writers Charles Murray and Dinesh d'Souza. Two articles on that website about firstly Sir Anthony Fisher, and secondly the Institute of Economic Affairs, reveal that Ralph Harris, an economist who was a fellow of the British Eugenics Society, who had helped the Third Reich to draw up its race laws, was, not surprisingly, given type of fascism Thatcherism's contribution to the fascist eugenics goal of exterminating poorer, and especially poorer, non-white people around the world, a co-founder of the IEA, who have played a major role in creating Thatcherite think tanks around the world.

As we have the CIA to thank for Thatcherism, and as former CIA officer Philip Agee's already cited "Dirty Work" book explains how the CIA covertly strengthened the right wing of the Labour Party, you will also not be surprised that in secret history writer Robin Ramsay's book, "The Rise of New Labour" (Pocket Essentials, Harpenden, UK, 2002), you can learn about the CIA's covert role in the creation of New Labour.

So Noam Chomsky was right to say that Europeans do not understand how much the US Government influences their politics. If they did understand the CIA's role in shaping European politics, they would certainly be a lot less willing to vote for politicians who support a mass murder ideology like Thatcherism, which the 1993-2001 Danish Social Democrat Prime Minister, Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, who was also the 2004-2011 leader of the Socialist group in the European Parliament, has rightly compared to 2 other mass murder ideologies, communism and fascism.

Even the Netherlands, which has the highest, or second highest quality daily newspapers in the world (all 5 of the main dailies are "high brow", as 2 are left wing papers which are similar to "The Guardian", 2 are liberal papers which are similar to "The Independent", and 1 is a conservative paper which is similar to "The Times" or "The Daily Telegraph", which is a level of quality that possibly only the French press is above), has ended up with Work First, a directly inspired by W-2 workfare programme, with Thatcherised right wing parties, and with a Blairite Labour Party, so of course it is no wonder that Britain, which has Western Europe's lowest quality, and most right wing press, has fallen so easily for "CIA politics".

As the Bradley Foundation is CIA linked, Lawrence Mead is one example of the US Government influence on European politics, as in this online CV, Mead admits, on page 9, to receiving grants from Bradley:


Not surprisingly, Lawrence Mead's opinions sound like the old colonialist "white man's burden" racist argument for colonialism, as he argued in this lecture that, "Whether the United States should lead the world is much debated, but American primacy in some form is unavoidable. It has roots deep in history, as did the British primacy that preceded it. All the Anglo nations became rich and powerful because of qualities that Britain developed deep in the Middle Ages: good government, a market economy, and an individualist society. They accept a responsibility for the world order that other rich nations avoid. Non-Western countries show nothing like the same development.

"At the end of history, liberal democracy has prevailed, and deeper historical differences dominate world affairs. Sunny visions of globalisation cannot obscure them. Only the Anglo nations possess all the economic, military, and moral ingredients of power. They are fated to lead the world—and to bear heavy burdens for the less fortunate."

You can read that section of Lawrence Mead's lecture here:


It is not clear why Lawrence Mead, who may be unaware that the US Treasury controlled IMF and World Bank impose "heavy burdens" on poorer people in the world's "less fortunate" nations, believes that Mediaeval England, which put animals who caused their owners' deaths on trial, and which was run by a royalist dictatorship, had "good government", though of course that royalist dictatorship did have a lot in common with Mead's pro-a low, or non-existent minimum wage, and pro-a weak, or non existent social security system Republican Party, as it legislated to ensure that the rich could pay low wages to the poor (which is why, for example, after the 14th Century "Black Death" plague epidemic had killed a third of the population, which made labour more scarce, and had driven up the wages of the poor, it passed a law to help the rich, who were furious about having to pay higher wages, by pegging pay at pre-Black Death levels), and as it did not create even the Poor Laws rudimentary social security system that Henry VIII set up at the end of the Middle Ages, which ended in 1500, 9 years before the start of his reign.

Milwaukee's A Job is a Right Campaign argue that W-2, which Lawrence Mead thinks is a great idea, is partly a cheap labour scheme. To cite their website again: "W-2 is essentially a program designed to create a large pool of super-low-wage workers to serve the needs of businesses unwilling to pay a living wage.":


Or, in other words, like England's 14th Century "good government", the Republican Party wanted to drive down the wages of the poor, which, like blaming the unemployed for politicians' incompetent inability to provide at least state funded living wage jobs for all unemployed people who need them, which, in my opinion, is an essential function of government, is of course standard practice for modern right wing governments.

Does Lawrence Mead agree with the views of his friend Charles Murray because he also agrees with the views of the fascist writers whose "research" is cited in "The Bell Curve"?

After all, as you can see below, the booklist of the late NF leader, BNP founder, and BNP leader John Tyndall's magazine, "Spearhead", which he used to promote the NF and then the BNP, sells "The Bell Curve", and books or articles by or about William Pierce, Hans Guenther, Arnold Leese, R. Travis Osborne, David Duke, and the pro-"Bell Curve", "unrepentant Powellite" Leeds University lecturer Frank Ellis:


The common ground between top Conservatives and fascists which John Tyndall's magazine selling "The Bell Curve", Bill Brownhill's gas 90% of "queers" remark, Margaret Thatcher's, John Major's, and David Cameron's governments being influenced by Charles Murray, Alan Clark's Nazism, John Tyndall meeting with Alan Clark, Margaret Thatcher's fascist, or fascism influenced advisers, John Redwood and Norman Tebbit being interviewed by "Right Now!" magazine, and Ann Widdecombe speaking at a "Right Now!" meeting at the House of Commons highlight, was further revealed by this "Contemporary Review" article, which explains that members of Belgium's Flemish Bloc, which was founded by people from Flemish SS families, and which is now known as the Flemish Appeal, were at a "Right Now!" party:


As this "Guardian" article explains, the Flemish Bloc's then Vice President, Roeland Raes, questioned the size and scale of the Holocaust in a Dutch TV interview, and used to distribute a magazine which was edited by former Flemish SS members:


More proof that top Conservatives and fascists share common ground, can be found in "The Sunday Times" of August 30, 2009, in which another right wing Conservative, Michael Portillo, expresses his support for the ideas of Charles Murray.

As you would expect, the Pioneer Fund financed "Mankind Quarterly" is pro-Charles Murray, which is why its Summer 1998 issue featured an article by the Pioneer Fund financed Daniel Vining which was about the depiction of "The Bell Curve", and why, "Mankind Quarterly is also listed in Censored, a far Right bibliography of publications which "are distasteful to the Left - Liberal - equalitarian - Welfare Statist establishment"", to cite this ISAR webpage:


Finally, "Mankind Quarterly" has a sister magazine which it advertises on its website, "The Journal of Social, Political, and Economic Studies", which, as its back issues pages reveal, reviewed Richard Lynn's "The Global Bell Curve" in its Spring 2009 and Winter 2008 issues. It has also published articles by Lynn, and by the Pioneer Fund financed Seymour Itzkoff, and a review of a book about Arthur Jensen.

"Right Now!" advertised for readers in "The Sunday Telegraph", the Sunday edition of quite possibly the main print source of news for Conservative MP's, so perhaps "Mankind Quarterly" and its sister magazine ought to do the same, because Norman Tebbit is not the only "Telegraph" journalist who is pro-Charles Murray. In this anti-welfare state article, the far right "Daily Telegraph" columnist Simon Heffer predictably attacks single parents, and endorses Charles Murray's ideas:


I said "predictably", because inhumane opposition to the welfare state and single parents, and inhumane support for Charles Murray's ideas, suggest that the person with those views is likely to be a Powellite Conservative, and Simon Heffer is, surprise surprise, a supporter of Enoch Powell's views on immigration, as he reveals in this "Daily Telegraph" article, "When will Tories admit that Enoch was right?", which also reveals, predictably, that Enoch Powell was perhaps the first British Thatcherite, because Powell was pro-monetarism in 1958, when it was an idea that was only backed by fringe crackpots like Friedrich von Hayek...and Enoch Powell:


Two other people who highlight the fact that if someone wants to pauperise poorer people, they are likely to be racist, are first of all Margaret Thatcher, who massively increased homelessness by repeatedly making cuts and authoritarian regulation changes to the social security system, and whose daughter Carol revealed in her biography of her father, "Below the Parapet: The Biography of Denis Thatcher" (HarperCollins, London, 1996), that her parents liked to joke that the British Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), stood for "Coons Holidaying on Government Money". The other Thatcherite who highlights the pauperise poorer people-racism link, is the late Ronald Reagan, who weakened the USA's already weak social security system, and set that country on its route to its current state (more than 3 million homeless people, many of them roofless), and who started his 1980 campaign for the Presidency with a speech in an infamous small town in Mississippi, Philadelphia, where 3 civil rights activists had been murdered in 1964, to send a signal to American racist voters that he was on their side, which is why, like Thatcher, Reagan supported apartheid. The November 13, 2007 "New York Times" article, "Righting Reagan's Wrongs?", is about Reagan's racism, support for apartheid, and decision to start his 1980 campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi.

Another reason why "Mankind Quarterly" ought to advertise in "The Sunday Telegraph", is that newspaper's sympathetic interview with Charles Murray, which you can read here:


"Mankind Quarterly" ought to advertise in "The Sunday Times" as well, because they also seem to like Charles Murray, as they paid for him to conduct a "pioneering investigation" into Britain's poor for the November 26, 1989 issue of "The Sunday Times Magazine".

Predictably, "Sunday Times" owner Rupert Murdoch gave a lot of money ($300,000) to a racist, anti-civil rights campaign in California which was also funded by the CIA linked Olin and Bradley Foundations, as the below "Black Commentator" magazine article about an anti-civil rights campaign against Martin Luther King's legacy shows. It is a pity that the Leveson Inquiry has not uncovered that fact, because it could cause a major scandal, and significantly reduce Murdoch's poisonous influence over British politicians and the public, who need to know that the UK's biggest media mogul is a racist barbarian, who has of course also been responsible for the worst standards of journalism in the Western world, as the essential viewing documentary DVD, "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism" proves. If "The Daily Mirror" had continued to dominate the working class newspaper market, like it did before the emergence of "The Sun", Thatcherism would not have been able to sink its claws as deeply into British politics and society as it has done. As Murdoch blames David Cameron for the Leveson Inquiry, he is now backing Boris Johnson instead, perhaps partly as Johnson is a racist who used Enoch Powell's term for black children, "picaninnies", which David Cameron refused to condemn Johnson for using, as "The Daily Mirror" revealed in its December 10, 2007 article, "Boris Johnson race row fury", which also highlighted "Enoch" Johnson's remarks that the problem with Africa was that Europeans were not running it anymore, that post apartheid South Africa was suffering under the " majority tyranny of black rule", and that black people had "water melon smiles":