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Dangers of a Politicized Military

Bruce Ackerman worries that American presidents have grown too powerful. Watergate, Iran-Contra, the War on Terror -- they all reflect a presidency increas

Phony Defense Spending Cuts

Benjamin H. Friedman The National Interest | August 17, 2010 If you decide, in winter, to cut your cable bill by $30 to help defray a $50 increase in your

Astro-Bots Go to War

Excerpt: "Wired for War: the future of military robots," by P. W. Singer, Wired, 28 August 2009 Astro-bots go to war If space is to become a new potentia

Was Clark Rockefeller Controlled?

As I mentioned in a posting on October 16, Clark Rockefeller is said to be a multiple personality, and I suspect mind control. If so, he was programmed to

World Bank Funds China Enforcers

"... There's no conspiracy; there's no coverup ... " SF Examiner, April 4, 1996 July 20, 2007World Bank said to be funding China enforcers - Ex-political p

Journalists Under Seige in Brazil

" ... One has to admit that Western journalism, mainly U.S. journalism, has had better days. How can they define as impartial some of the stories printed i