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SPOOKS at Mt. Holyoke College

http://p216.ezboard.com/frigorousintuitionfrm13. showMessage?topicID=142.topic Teddy K almost died in plane crash in Holyoke, MA in 1970s ... ----------

Brazil TAM Airline Crash (Updated)

" ... Security video released by the air force showed TAM Flight 3054 speeding down the tarmac more than four times as fast as other planes landing around

OPERATION CONDOR, 9/11/1973 & 2001

By Alex ConstantineThe Condor Precursor ..."The 9/11 attack was the parallel to the Pinochet coup ... Operation Condor ... Pinochet also imposed extraordin

The Fate of Patrick Fitzgerald

Obama and the Chicago Slumlord: " ... [Tony] Rezko rehabbed a 31-unit building here eleven years ago with a loan from Chicago taxpayers. They couldn’t fi