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Robert Wadman “Lawsuit” Update: The Franklin Cover-Up Continues

By Alex Constantine

A few weeks ago, I wrote in this spot that former Omaha chief of police Robert Wadman had threatened to sue me for “false information” at my site that has caused him “loss of income.” The financial throes he mentioned are supposedly due to his firing by the Justice Department (he had been employed by the Bush administration to instruct foreign governments in law enforcement, but lost the job, Wadman claims, due in part to my reporting on the Omaha pedophilia allegations).

I’ve looked into Wadman’s “lawsuits” (against me and John DeCamp) and discovered that they were filed in a Utah SMALL CLAIMS COURT.

This prompted a round of uncontrollable laughter from myself. As it happens, superior courts handle libel suits, not small claims:

“In general, disputes involving title to land, slander, libel, bankruptcy, false imprisonment or malicious prosecution must be handled in a superior court and cannot be determined in small claims courts.”

This is pretty well-known, in fact. Wadman, who teaches law enforcement at Weber State University, knows it, too. It’s not a legitimate lawsuit, of course. What else would you expect from a strongly alleged pedophile?

The idea is to file a claim based on “loss of income” and hope that the authors Wadman is “suing” will find it too bothersome to travel to Utah and defend themselves in a small claims court. Then the court will presumably rule in Wadman’s favor, and the authors will be pressured by the court to rescind the “libelous” material.

In this case, this means the “Duncan/Blake ‘Suicides’ Solved” article posted at this site.

Wadman’s “lawsuit” is an act of intimidation and censorship, not a valid legal claim of defamation. He wants the article deleted and me silenced. And he is using a small claims court to do it. Very amusing. Obviously, I’m considering a counter-suit for filing frivolous claims, and DeCamp is interested in joining with me on this one.

At least I wasn’t given the Duncan/Blake treatment. I’m alive to savor the humor in Wadman’s desperate attempt to gag me and silence anyone writing about the CIA/Omaha child prostitution allegations.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Olivia December 13, 2017

    Thank you so much for your courageous and constant interest after all these years. They want us to let time pass and move on and the only thing we can do now is not lay it to rest and keep fighting. I have started a kind of obsessed interest in this case with no personal attachment after reading decamps book the Franklin cover up. Just a 25 year old toronto, Canada working citizen with an interest on justice.

    Olivia đŸ™‚


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