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Prince Bandar’s Forged Terrorism Documents

Alex Constantine - December 19, 2007


DECEMBER 1, 1996: While [William] Perry visited Saudi Arabia to discuss terrorism and protection of US troops, Prince Naef, in order to show resolve to solving the problem of terrorism, resorted to the total FABRICATION of documents indicating a pre-imminent terrorist attack on US troops.

Perry, impressed with Naef's ingenuity, reported to the US media that American-Saudi cooperation have averted another attack on US soldiers in Saudi Arabia. In order for Naef to create his staged attack, he resorted to actually arresting and imprisoning innocent Saudis not at all involved in any political activities nor party and whose lives are unimportant to the Sudeiri seven.

These people languish in Saudi jails and are subjected to Saudi torture. Who gave the idea to Naef to stage this comedy? None other than Bandar bin Sultan. The story above was received as a tip from within Saudi Arabia. Please help us get the message to the media about Sudeiri seven abuses and lies.

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  1. Little brown nosers. How bright do you have to be to know what gets generous rewards from the bush boys? And the beauty part is, being a thug is so easy. It takes no skill at all.

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