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Omaha Resident Confronts Accused Pedophile & Disgraced Former Police Chief Robert Wadman

Alex Constantine - November 24, 2008

" ... this man is pure evil. ... "


I took it upon myself to read the Franklin Cover Up, and found the content and outcome of the book pretty disturbing. As a life long Omaha resident and a courious being, I took the liberty of contacting Robert Wadman through his Weber State email address. He informed me that he thought I was a "coward" and, "If you want the facts, give me a call".

So I did.

After getting off of the phone with Wadman, I was under the impresssion that he truly had no interest in giving me any information I may want to obtain. Instead, he lambasted me even further, stating that I was a coward for calling him. He went on to state that he has several libel suits pending but sounded as if he had no chance of winning. From what I read, he lost one and has no chance of winning the other.

Later on in the conversation, and without my asking, Wadman alleged that he is employed by the Dept of Justice, and your claims have ruined his reputation and his career as a law enforcement official. I feel he deserves everthing he has coming to him and more.

In closing, I have come to the conclusion that whoever has the power to bring this man down, should. I feel that I have a good perception of a person's character and agree that this man is pure evil. He has no cares about the individuals affected by this case and wants nothing more than to hide and let it be forgotten. I honestly don't know how he lives with himself. I did however, email him the questions for which I wanted answers. I will gladly share them along with the questions I asked. If he has the balls to answer them.

All for the cause,


(Published with permission from Mr. XXXXXX)


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