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National Alliance Neo-Nazi Leader “Most White Americans Agree With Our Message”

Alex Constantine - March 14, 2011

safe image1 - National Alliance Neo-Nazi LeaderNational Alliance leader Erich Gliebe

Let's see, many whitish Americans curse liberals and environmentalists, want to seal the (Southern) border, think torture and secret concentration camps are justifiable, pine for a theocracy, drink Coors beer, voted for the far-right Tea Party, believe Newt Gingrich and Patrick Buchanon have something to say, rail against the "Welfare State," support the CIA and its death squads in every Third World country, think Glenn Beck is right, write off the president of the United States as a native African, yawn at reports of American atrocities, honestly believe the media are "liberal," want Julian Assange assassinated, nod when Ann Coulter speaks, despise unions, wrap themselves in the flag and wax jingoistic when faced with fascist reality, bluster stupidly against "socialsim" (any expenditure that benefits the working class), etc., etc. ... yep. The little Nazi puke has a point ... - AC

By Curtis Cartier
Seattle Weekly Blogs | March 10, 2011

nation alliance1 - National Alliance Neo-Nazi Leader​Erich Gliebe is the head of the National Alliance, a white separatist group that alleged would-be Spokane bomber Kevin William Harpham supposedly has ties to. He tells Seattle Weekly three things. First, Harpham is not a member; second, his group had nothing to do with the bombing; and third, "Most white Americans agree with our message."

Gliebe, a perpetually suit-and-tie wearing neo-Nazi who once boxed under the name "The Aryan Barbarian," is the current mouthpiece of the NA, a group said to have once commanded some 1,400 members and brought in $1 million per year through member dues and the group's record and book companies, Resistance Records and National Vanguard Books.

But its glory days were mainly when founder, former Oregon State University physicist William Luther Pierce, ran things. Since he died in 2002, the NA has dwindled to a handful of loosely connected pockets around the country.

Despite the loss in numbers, Gliebe says things are going swimmingly for the advancement of the white race. "If we were a shell of our former selves, then why does the Southern Poverty Law Center--which I characterize as an anti-American terrorist organization--still keep talking about us?" asks Gliebe. "Why won't they stop trying to link us to [Harpham]?"

imagesCANT6B8K - National Alliance Neo-Nazi LeaderThe SPLC's Mark Potok says right-wing extremists pose a much larger threat than Muslims.

​The SPLC is indeed standing by its analysis that Harpham was, until at least 2004, a member of the National Alliance. SPLC Director of the Intelligence Project Mark Potok tells Seattle Weekly that Gliebe "is lying" when he denies that Harpham was a member.

"He absolutely was a member in November of 2004," says Potok. "I don't know when he joined or when he left. Gliebe is lying when he says he wasn't."

Potok goes on to say that the attempted Spokane bombing is one more reason why it's right-wing militias and neo-Nazi groups that should be prompting Congressional hearings, not Islamic extremists.

"Americans need to understand that there is a very vibrant and radical growing right that is completely capable of inflicting great violence," says Potok. "There are three main things going on in the country that lead to this. Number one is that there is a changing racial demography happening in the country in which white people are on their way toward becoming a minority. Number two is the economy--the sub-prime crash, the bank bailouts, have made for a lot of anger in the country. And number three is really the Glenn Becks, the Lou Dobbs, and the Sarah Palins who are bringing ideas from the radical right into the mainstream."

Gliebe agrees that there is indeed a groundswell of support for the NA and like-minded groups, and that it's only intensified in the last two years under President Obama. He says, however, that it's what the majority of white people want, even if they won't admit it.

"In the last two years there's been an awaking of a sleeping giant in our race," Gliebe says. "The vast majority of white Americans agree with our message. They would prefer to live in a white neighborhood and send their kids to a white school and make sure they marry another white person."

Who knew "White America" had its very own spokesman?


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