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Mormons & Boy Scout Pedophilia

Alex Constantine - March 28, 2010

Jul 17, 2009, at 07:58 AM
Scouts Abused, Many Looked The Other Way
Posted By ClearThoughts
logo20boy20scouts20usa11 300x292 - Mormons & Boy Scout PedophiliaThis is from the Idaho Falls Post Register: http://www.postregister.com/scouts_ho....Paid professionals at the Grand Teton Council hired a child molester to work at Camp Little Lemhi even though they, the national Boy Scout office and troop sponsors in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were warned about Brad Stowell.

Court records, which the Boy Scouts' lawyers fought to hide from public view, show the warnings might have been sufficient to disqualify Stowell from Scouting six years before he was finally arrested.

But Stowell might never have had the chance to prey on Scout campers if his mother, who knew he had a problem, had steered him away from youth programs.

Stowell's mother, the family's LDS bishop and at least one Blackfoot police officer knew as early as 1988 that he had molested a child.....

Multiple Warnings: 1998-2005

1988 Brad Stowell, 16, admits to Blackfoot police, his mother and his LDS bishop that he molested a 6-year-old neighbor. He is sent to LDS Social Services counseling.

1988 Stowell is hired to teach first aid at Camp Little Lemhi. He has testified he started preying on campers that summer.

1989 Brad Stowell is hired as a waterfront instructor at Camp Little Lemhi.

1990 Brad Stowell is rehired at Camp Little Lemhi.

1991 Camp director Richard Snow hires Stowell as assistant aquatics director.

1991 Richard J. Scarborough reports to the national Boy Scouts of America that a child molester has been hired to work at Camp Little Lemhi.

1992/93 The LDS church sends Stowell on a mission to Alaska, where, he now admits, he molested at least one child.

1993 Judith Stowell, mother of Brad Stowell, joins Grand Teton Council Executive Board after 14 years as a Cub Scout leader.

January 1994 Richard Scarborough writes to the LDS church president, complaining that local church leaders are ignoring his warning about the pedophile in the LDS Scout troop.

January 1995 Carol Scarborough tells Camp Little Lemhi program director Jim Summers that Brad Stowell molested a neighbor boy.

1995 Camp Little Lemhi director Richard Snow hires Stowell as aquatics director.

1995 Office of Elder Vaughan Featherstone of the LDS church First Quorum of the Seventy forwards a tip about Stowell to the Boy Scouts of America's official church liaison, C. Hart Bullock. Bullock orders the Grand Teton Council to check it out.

June 1995 Grand Teton Council executive Brad Allen calls Stowell's bishop, who confirms Stowell was sent to counseling after the 1988 incident. When asked, Stowell tells Allen there was an "incident" but says he is over it.

1996 Camp Little Lemhi director Robert Fawcett promotes Stowell to camp program director.

June 1996 Fawcett admonishes Stowell to stop breaking Scout rules against being alone with campers and touching them too much.

1997 Little Lemhi director Elias Lopez rehires Stowell as program director.

June 1997 Lopez admonishes Stowell to stop breaking Scout rules against being alone with campers.

July 11, 1997 Stowell is arrested at Camp Little Lemhi for child sex abuse.

Dec. 3, 1997 Stowell is sentenced to five months in jail, plus 15 years probation.

January 2001 A court refuses victim's request to open files in the negligence case against the Boy Scouts.

2001, 2004 Negligence cases are settled.

2005 Court records in one of the negligence cases are opened.

Sources: Sworn testimony and exhibits from Bonneville County civil case CV-99-3416

Tuesday, Aug 4, 2009, at 10:06 AM
The So-Called Cult Using BSA Scouting Program To Indoctrinate Young Men
Posted By SunKid
This is a totally inappropriate use of the BSA scouting program.The article is about the LDS scouting leadership program:


"the opening training session of the recent Priesthood Leadership Conference on Scouting at Philmont Scout Ranch. Stake leaders from across the United States participated in the annual gathering."

Below are a few of the quotes that indicate an inappropriate use of the scouting program.

As young men learn their duties and prepare to become missionaries and faithful Melchizedek Priesthood holders,

Brother Beck reminded the hundreds of stake leaders participating in the Philmont training of the "T's" of effective youth leadership: Testimony, Time, Tenure and Training.

"The ultimate goal is another "T" — the Temple."

Brother Beck said 34 percent of all eligible young men in the Church in the United States and Canada are serving full-time missions. "We can do better. We must do better."

The Church would be dramatically impacted if even 50 percent of the young men in those countries answered the call to full-time missionary service. "One hundred and forty missions could be opened."

Sister Lant cited Elder David A. Bednar's observation that a young man doesn't simply become a missionary with the issuance of a formal call. It takes preparation long before a young elder enters the mission field.

These people (LDS scouting leaders) are preparing young men to be LDS missionaries, not prepare them for life in the real world.

I am shocked that the Boy Scouts of America allows scouting sponsors to use Cult like methods to indoctrinate boys to serve the cult's religious motives.


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  1. The LDS church invests much to ensure it’s youth are prepared for life. The chuch program involves a young mens program of which BSA is a part. The BSA teaches the youth to be decent, service oriented leaders. Boys are taught to be good citizens with many skills and values which include first aid, life saving, and other life skills such as budgeting, etc. They understand the environment and are taught to take care of it. In addition to BSA, the church bestows the priesthood on the boys and gives them responsibilities therein. Together, these programs create exemplary young men. You would be fortunate to have one as your neighbor.

  2. the Mormon church operates scout packs in Mexico, these packs are very much white or lighter skinned boys that speak english, with at least one anglo. parent. The Mormon people that live in these outposts of old time Mormon separatist power, do not regognize the wrong that they are paticipating in. This “blinders on” effect,[“We are all good people”]is why things like, this pedophilia case happen.

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