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Hermann Abs: The Day Pope John Paul II Hired Hitler’s Banker to Oversee the Vatican Bank/Postwar Connections

April 29, 2010 0

From: "The Company They Keep" 


... Abs had arranged the financing of its construction. ...


... History has largely ignored bankers in favor of other subjects. History, and those who write it (and their masters) apparently want us to think politicians and generals are more important to the state. Bankers, of course, feel differently. They tend, and not with out reason, to be as furtive as much as possible. While we are cheering the politicians and saluting the generals, we are not noticing the bankers, who are picking our pockets. This suits the bankers' ends, thus history slants their relative importancE. [From: Martin Bormann, Nazi in Exile, by Paul Manning, Lyle Stuart, 1981]:

Baron Kurt von Schroeder, a well-known banker ... and economic advisor to Bormann's economic committee, commented that Dr. Herman Josef Abs, chairman of Deutsche Bank, was particularly important to the government of the Third Reich.His influence was mainly with the Reichsbank and with the Ministry of Economics. Abs proved very valuable to the party and to the government by using his bank to assist the government in doing business in the occupied countries and other foreign countries. Abs enjoyed excellent relations with Walther Funk, who was both president of the Reichsbank and head of the Ministry of Economics ...

... Branch managers of Deutsche Bank were to a man members of the party ...

This is the same Hermann Abs who was chosen by Pope John Paul II to oversee the reorganization of the Vatican Bank when it was caught red-handed laundering counterfeit securities and heroin profits for the Gambino crime family. It is worth noting that in his youth J.P. II was, according to the official version, once a slave laborer for I.G. Solvay, a Farben subsidiary specializing primarily in pharmaceuticals. He is supposed to have labored in the Solvay quarries near Auschwitz. It's a rare slave indeed who becomes pope at all, let alone then hires his former master to keep track of his money. Wonders truly never cease. ...


In October 1978 the Marshall Foundation was utilized as a platform for Dr. Herman J. Abs, now honorary president of Deutsche Bank A.G. as he addressed a meeting of businessmen and Bankers and members of the Foreign Policy Association in New York City on the 'Problems and Prospects of American-German Economic Co-operation.' This luncheon was chaired by his old friend, John J. McCloy, Wall Street banker and lawyer, who had worked closely with Dr. Abs when McCloy served as U.S. High Commissioner for Germany during those postwar reconstruction years. At that time, Hermann Abs, as chief executive of Deutsche Bank was also directing the spending of America's Marshall Plan money in West Germany as the chairman of the Reconstruction Loan Corporation of the Federal Republic of Germany.

... This is the same McCloy who designed the Pentagon building and served on the Warren Commission. ...



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