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Hate-Talk Radio & the "Conservative" Prole's Craving for Authoritarian Rule

June 2, 2009 1


"Hate-talk radio is all about Manichean dualism: Dividing the world into good and evil, black and white, conservative and liberal. And I’m convinced that it actually services a significant bloc of the American public that craves this kind of explanation of their world, because it has a comforting value to them. These are the people Robert Altemeyer calls “the authoritarians” –- the people who actively seek authoritarian rule." - David Neiwert, author, The Eliminationists: How Hate Talk Radicalized the American Right


Lyle Courtsal July 9, 2012
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More than kind of a little crazy huh. So you cut the budget, ruin a lot of lives putting people on the street, increasing chaos and violence across the board, then flood country with criminalized dope (the laws are the real problem), and then militarize, militarize, militarize, targetting investment in exactly the wrong direction by an irrationally emotionalized mass population suddenly thrust into the void of financial insecurity. See how it is that a people can be “pushed” into accepting fascism; it is a defense against increased insecurity and fear of the unknown void they are falling into, a new unknown “environment”, if you will. So craving a new security, they gravitate to the new fascists who also give them issues and even buzzwords to direct their anger at. Specific rationality is what puts vague unspecified fears to rest. And whaddaya know? the new nazis got them too; lies produced by the best of corporate funded think tanks. Anyone you know working at a think tank? No? Right.

Erica Walker
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