GOP Candidate with Fetish-Related Felony Record Warns Against ‘Homosexual Agenda’ - The Constantine Report    
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GOP Candidate with Fetish-Related Felony Record Warns Against ‘Homosexual Agenda’

November 10, 2014 0

A Michigan Republican with a criminal record for breaking into cars and masturbating is urging residents to move out of state to avoid the “homosexual agenda.” Jordan Haskins briefly suspended his campaign for an open state house seat after his criminal convictions were revealed.

The 24-year-old Republican, who served prison terms in two states and is currently on parole, strongly criticized in a Facebook post proposed protections for LGBT people under Michigan’s civil rights laws, reported Right Wing Watch. ...

Haskins accumulated criminal records in Michigan and North Carolina, where he broke into vehicles at least four times between April 2010 and January 2011, disconnected ignition wires, and started the engine. As the snapped wires threw off sparks, Haskins would pleasure himself in a sexualized ritual he has described as “cranking.”

“I was just a lonely, angry kid at the time,” he previously said. “If anything, I could be put on ‘World’s Dumbest Criminals.’”


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