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Fool’s Gold: Inside the Glenn Beck/Goldline Scheme

September 16, 2010 1

(Newser) – If you thought Glenn Beck's habit of pimping Goldline on his show seemed a bit distasteful before, get a load of this infographic from Wall Stats, created for Barry Ritholtz's The Big Picture. It alleges that Goldline, the gold provider Beck is in bed with, uses the Fox star's name to prod customers into buying coins intended for coin collectors, rather than investors. Goldline pushes "collectible" European coins that, unlike bullion coins, are a lot harder for an amateur to value. It also sells them at a huge markup, charging 47% more than their competitors, according to a congressional investigation.

Lyle Courtsal October 20, 2011
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Beck brings up Zimbabwe? One of the few countries to kick out the exploiters after suffering a huge war with a variety of global rightwing business interests; remember when that US/Israeli/apartheid south african spy network got exposed mid-80’s? Whooo hoooo!! See Third World Quaterly article by Ian Martinez volume 23, # 6 pp. 1159-1179 on the intentional spreading of biologicals by the right white guys in six provinces of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. They also poisoned wells and did false flag attacks on villagers too, ya know, to provoke a conflict. They used the biologicals when they figured out they were losing the country to a little more freedom and justice than was good for their investment. Ya know, those rightwingers hate the jews so much that they are blinded to the reality that it is a certain percentage of every race and creed that decide to act maliciously with such intent and method as to be almost entirely unbelievable to the rest of us who try to be good in our lives.

Erica Walker
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The result is that one of the most protected people on the planet has caught a disease that has cured more than 1 million people worldwide, more than 200,000 of them in the United States.

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