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Fired CIA Officer to Plead Guilty in Sex Drugging Case

Alex Constantine - June 5, 2010

Josh Gerstein | Politico | June 04, 2010

Andrew Warren - Fired CIA Officer to Plead Guilty in Sex Drugging CaseEx-CIA officer Andrew Warren has agreed to plead guilty in a case involving claims that, while serving as CIA station chief in Algeria, he drugged women and had sex with them while they were incapacitated, court records show.

Warren will plead guilty to one count of sexual abuse and one count of possession of a firearm while using illegal drugs, according to federal court filings in Virginia and Washington, D.C.

The sex charge stems from an episode in 2008 in which Warren allegedly gave a woman in Algeria a drink laced with drugs and proceeded to have sex with her as she passed in and out of consciousness. Other court filings describe a similar incident that allegedly took place in 2007 involving another woman, though Warren was never charged in that incident.

The weapons charge relates to another bizarre incident in April in which Warren, while on pretrial release in the sex case, holed up in a Norfolk, Va., motel, allegedly exposed himself to a woman there and got into a confrontation with police who reportedly tasered him and found a crack pipe in his room. Warren has been in custody since.

It was revealed last week that one of Warren's defenses in the sex case involved claiming that he was the target of a so-called honey trap, in which an intelligence service attempts to compromise a hostile agent through the use of a sexually attractive individual. Warren wanted to conduct depositions abroad of witnesses he said could buttress his case, but Judge Ellen Huvelle denied the request.

Prior to the recent string of troubles, Warren had been considered "a rising star at the CIA," according to ABC News. "He was a fluent Arabic speaker who had converted to Islam, making him an ideal officer in the Middle East for the intelligence agency." 

Now, not so much. CIA spokesman George Little said Friday that Warren was let go by the agency.

"This individual is not a CIA employee. He was fired last year," Little said in response to a query from POLITICO.


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