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Ethiopians Outraged by Monument to Notorious Italian War Criminal

Alex Constantine - October 7, 2012

By KAREN JUANITA CARRILLO, Special to the AmNews

New York Amsterdam News, September 21, 2012

Ethiopians are demanding an official denunciation and the destruction of a new statue recently erected in a park in Affile, Italy, a town 50 miles outside of Rome. The sculpture honors Benito Mussolini’s war minister, Rodolfo Graziani, who is viewed as a hometown hero in Affile

Ercole Viri, Affile’s mayor, has defended the $157,000 taxpayer-funded monument and memorial park, even though Graziani was a convicted war criminal, notoriously deemed as the “Butcher of Fezzan” and later the “Butcher of Ethiopia.”


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