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DREAM’S END ON KIT GREEN CIA, Duncan/Blake Mystery, Mind Control, Puthoff and Targ, Scientology, SRI/Changing Images of Man

Alex Constantine - October 14, 2007

From the Dream's End Site
Kit Green: Mulder…or the Smoking Man?
8 October, 2007

It’s quiet around here…too quiet. Most of the websites that have sprung up around the Duncan story have either been pulled or gone inactive. The forum attached to this blog has also tapered off to near inactivity.

Was it all a big hoax? Could all of that activity really have been aimed at me out of maliciousness, opportunism or attempts to derail my other work?

Time will tell on that question. Actually lots of interesting material is surfacing from a deeper look at Duncan’s blog and related websites (which I’m now managing to download in full before they, too, get pulled). But it will be several days before I can get to a fully developed post to lay it all out there.

Meanwhile, I mentioned in my last post how my previous work on Changing Images of Man had become intertwined with this rather murky terrain of online hoaxing, ARGs and disinformation. Specifically, I mentioned that I’d gotten involved with some researchers who invited me into a sort of “private forum” they called “Reality Covered”. This invitation, however, has lately come to feel a lot more like manipulation than cooperation. Lots of material was there about the world of ARGs all laid out and ready for wear when the Duncan mystery came down. Now, the circle of people who are familiar with this online hoaxing and ARG community is fairly small, so synchronicity could certainly be in play. Duncan knew this world to some degree, and the information I found in this forum was helpful and came from the perspective of untangling the mess that genuine ARGs as well as intentional disinfo often make in the community of conspiracy research.

But aside from the falling out I had with the RC folks, something else was bothering me. That something was actually a someone and her name is Shawnna. Now this post isn’t about Shawnna. If you’ve been following this story from the beginning, you’ve seen her at work, alternately threatening and then “making nice” while going on a rampage at Rigorous Intuition, ostensibly supporting my position but really more discrediting than anything else (not that I was considered credible around this Duncan stuff in the first place). This behavior is provocateurish in the extreme, and whether it comes from emotional issues or manipulative agendas, I have no idea. She tends to get banned a lot, anyway, whatever her motivation. Amusingly, I notice I was just recently banned from the wyzwyrld forum after I quoted her back to herself. I’ve never been banned before, much less banned from a forum from which I’ve never posted.

You’ll want to go there yourself, however, because it is Shawnna who sets the stage for our main subject of this post.

Shawnna responds:

Kit Green is professionally trained to play both sides, as well as anyone who gets in the way of his objectives. While he isn’t directing Zep and Ry’s path of research, he sure has kept them busy.

He definitely is one of the puppetmasters. I believe he was absolutely behind Doty’s efforts with Serpo, as well as all of the other UFO myths linked to Doty.

The “why” is much more complicated.

Thanks for the invitation to OM, but I’m quite happy to answer your questions within the context of my own forum home right here.


Now, I agree. We’ll unpack what that’s all about in a moment but that is exactly what I think you will find as you learn about Dr. Green. A puppetmaster who plays both sides. Shawnna, out of naivete…or something…was last I knew planning at least two lunch meetings with the man.

(Correction. Shawnna wrote me to deny this lunch meeting with Green. In reviewing, I see that I was confusing two things here. One was some posts by her in which Green was suggesting they meet in person and the other was her email to me in which she told me she was in regular communication with him and asking if I wanted any information from him for their next scheduled chat. So, I have no direct knowledge of any face to face meetings between Shawnna and Green. I regret the error.)

Given they are separated by many hundreds of miles, this is a pretty big commitment. I don’t know who flies in to see whom but I repeatedly told her I was concerned about her getting involved with him given the track record he and his associates have had in wreaking havoc in the UFO world.

This became even more relevant when I more fully realized the significance of the fact that Kit Green happens to be on the faculty of Wayne State University. Wayne State, of course, is where Theresa Duncan’s mother Mary works, making sure scientists there stay in compliance with standard guidelines for conducting experiments on human subjects.

I have no way of proving whether Kit Green knows Mary Duncan or not. I’d say that given his work in neurophysiology, he certainly must know her by memorandum if nothing else. But Green figures in our saga in other ways. In fact, he’s right at the center of a lot of the areas we’ve explored here at Dream’s End. Let’s first look at this small bio that often accompanies his name:

Christopher C. Green, MD, PhD, FAAFS
Dr Green is in the practice of forensic medicine (American Academy of Forensic Sciences) and neuroimaging (Detroit Medical Center/Harper University Hospital/Wayne School of Medicine). His work clinically relates to his expertise as a neurophysiologist with a specialty in electrophysiology. A special research interest involves the way cognition in “making decisions under stress” are modulated by brain systems and neuromuscular control. He is both a faculty member at the Medical School and Fellow in Diagnostic Radiology, and Executive Director for Emergent Technologies.

Dr Green serves on numerous Department of Defense, Intelligence and National Academy of Sciences Commissions. He Chairs the Science Board for the Undersecretary of the Army for Operations Research and has served as Chair of the Board on Army Science and Technology. He holds the National Intelligence Medal for investigations in forensic intelligence and served as an Officer and continues as a consultant with the Central Intelligence Agency.

MDM Group

Dr. Green knows his way around the military/intelligence/industrial complex, that’s for sure. In fact, have a look at the company above on whose Advisory Board he sits. Here’s what one of the three groups which comprise the MDM complex does for a living:

Harrington Group Ltd.

(HGRLF:OTC or Australian Exchange: HGR) is an Australian publicly listed company. HGR has two separate business divisions: Sun Biomedical Laboratories Inc., a New Jersey based biotechnology company with a portfolio of world leading drug testing products; and ShockRounds, a breakthrough electric bullet technology in development for the law enforcement, corrections, military and Homeland Security industries. Harrington owns 40% of Sun Biomedical Laboratories Inc and has an option to acquire the remaining 60%. The total value of the agreement to acquire Sun Biomedical is US$2.5 million.

more here.

What’s even more interesting is that another member of that advisory board is someone who often hangs with Dr. G.

Colonel John B. Alexander, Ph.D. (US Army Ret) - Chairman
Colonel Alexander is recognized and acknowledged as one of the world’s leading authorities on non-lethal weapons and is credited with developing the modern concept of non-lethal defense. He currently serves as a consultant to the US Joint Special Operations University and is a member of the National Research Council Committee for Assessment of Non-Lethal Weapons Science and Technology in the US.

Colonel Alexander continues to consult to the US government and provide guidance in military situations globally in which role he recently served as a mentor to the senior leadership of the Afghan MOD in Kabul. He previously headed the Los Alamos Laboratory program on non-lethal weapons. He has served as the US representative on four international studies conducted by NATO and has chaired most of the major conferences on non-lethal weapons over the past decade.

His books include “Future War” (foreword by Tom Clancy) which is “the bible for those seeking answers to the role of non-lethal weapons in modern warfare” according to General E.C. Meyers, former Chief of Staff, US Army. Numerous articles by Colonel Alexander have been published and he has also appeared on many television programs including: Dateline, Fox News, Larry King, CNN in the US as well as programs in Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, the UK, and Japan.

As a member of the Council on Foreign Relations non-lethal warfare study, he was instrumental in the report that is credited with causing the Department of Defense to create a formal Non-Lethal Weapons Policy in July 1996. He has also conducted numerous non-lethal warfare briefings to the highest levels of government including the White House Staff, National Security Council, Members of Congress, Director of Central Intelligence, and senior Defense officials.


What these little blurbs leave out is that both these fellas have another interesting affiliation in that they are both members of the so-called “Aviary.” Now there’s now way we can get into that whole mess in one post, but from my perspective the Aviary is a club where the members get to spread all kinds of disinformation about UFO’s AND they get a bird-related codename! Our Dr. Green, for example, is the chromatically inappropriate “Bluejay”, while Alexander is the Penguin.

Now I don’t know how formal this group is, or whether this group really existed or came to exist in a Foucault’s Pendulum kinda way. But they are all hooked into the defense establishment, that’s for sure, and they all seem to be right in the middle of really bizarre disinformation campaigns.

One of the more famous of these campaigns had to do with the gaslighting of Paul Bennewitz. Whether they were feeding him information or just playing along with his own delusions, Green’s friend and (depending on who you talk to) fellow Aviarian along with a UFO researcher named William Moore were helping to push the man into the psychiatric hospital.

Doty had begun a campaign to destroy Bennewitz, however unintentional Moore’s role in this enterprise may have been. In August 1988, Bennewitz would finally crack and would no longer be able to function normally. His family had him admitted to a mental facility. After a one month stay, assisted by his family, he recuperated. His family wisely decided to forever shield him from both UFOs and UFO researchers.

You can read a fuller account of all that here.

We don’t want to get too far afield here, but suffice it to say that segments of the UFO research community continue to fail to learn from this experience…Doty continues to resurface, peddling his garbage in new guises, the most recent of which was about “SERPO”, an alleged alien/human exchange program, to which Shawnna was primarily referring in her comment above.

Green is not only a member of the Aviary but is, from what I can see, on good terms with Doty, so disinfo games, we can safely assume, do not bother him too much. However, Green seems also to be the noncommittal and “open-minded” guy. Just inquisitive, ya know?

Well, not JUST inquisitive, as it was Green’s role for quite some time to be the liaison between the CIA and all kinds of paranormal investigations, hence my question about where he lies on the “Mulder/Smoking Man Meter”. Perhaps most well known is his involvement with the remote viewing program at SRI. In the book, Remote Viewing: The Secret History of America’s Psychic Spies Green is given the pseudonym “Kennett” but it turns out he was the CIA liaison to the project. In fact, Hal Puthoff, one of the Scientology adepts who was running the program along with fellow Scientology adept Russell Targ, also happens to be involved with the Aviary. Quite an incestuous little paranormal community.

And Green was ALSO involved when CIA scientist Andrija Puharich brought Israeli super psi-guy Uri Geller to be tested at SRI. Puharich, you recall, is the man who lay at the center of the introduction to the world of “The Nine”, an alleged group of discarnate entities helpfully pointing us into the New Age. And without going too far afield yet again, I would say that it is not too speculative to call Puharich Ira Einhorn’s “handler.” Einhorn, of course, is near legendary for his networking abilities in service of (pick one) world transformation/the Bell Corporation.

I happen to think that much of the Remote Viewing program was less about psychic spying than it was about meme propagation, if not outright MKULTRA brain zapping of patriotic military volunteers. I think there’s no better illustration of that than this odd tale of some spooky events supposedly experienced by the scientists involved in testing Uri Geller. What you want to remember is that the most compelling and dramatic facts of the case (the code words, the one-armed man) come to us via the testimony of Dr. Green (given the pseudonym “Kennett” in this excerpt from Remote Viewers.) Also keep in mind that Targ and Puthoff had a background in cutting edge laser technology. Lasers, as you probably know, are what you use to make holograms.

One day in the lab, several members of the Livermore [LLNL] group were monitoring [Uri] Geller during a metal-bending session. They recorded him with audiotape, filmed him with videotape, and photographed him with a variety of still cameras, including one that was sensitive to thermal infrared radiation.

After the experiment they developed all the film and saw something very strange. The infrared camera had caught what seemed to be two diffuse patches of radiation on the upper part of one of the laboratory walls. It was as if someone had briefly shone two large heat sources, either from inside the lab or outside pointing in. The patches grew in intensity for a few frames, then over the next few frames diminished to nothing.

The Livermore Group were understandably puzzled over this, but it was only the beginning of the strangeness that would soon consume them. When they checked the audiotape they had made during the experiment, they found amid everything else a distinctive, metallic- sounding voice, unheard during the actual experiment but now clearly audible, if mostly unintelligible. All they could make out were a few apparently random words strung together.

If Geller could be believed, things like this had happened before. According to one story, on several occasions when his friend Andrija Puharich had put him under hypnosis, audiotapes of the sessions had recorded similar strange voices. Another time, at a meeting with some Mossad officers, someone’s tape recorder had suddenly seemed to start playing by itself, in full view of everyone.

In any case, Peter Crane and some of the others in the Livermore group quickly found themselves involved in more strangeness than they could handle. In the days and weeks that followed, they began to feel that they were collectively possessed by some kind of tormenting, teasing, hallucination-inducing spirit. They all would be in a laboratory together, setting up some experiment, or one of the fellows and his wife and children would be at home, just sitting around, when suddenly there in the middle of the room would be a weird, hovering, almost comically stereotypical image of a flying saucer. It was always about eight inches across, in a gray, fuzzy monochrome, as if it were some kind of hologram (my emphasis -DE). The thematic connection with Geller was obvious, when one remembered that Geller claimed to be controlled by a giant computerized flying saucer named Spectra.

On the other hand, the flying saucer wasn’t the only form the Livermore visions took. There were sometimes animals — fantastic animals from the ecstatic lore of shamans — such as the large raven-like birds that were seen traipsing through the yards of several members of the group. One of them appeared briefly to a physicist named Mike Russo and his terrified wife. The two were lying around one morning when suddenly there was this giant bird staring at them from the foot of their bed.

After a few weeks of this, Russo and some of the others began seriously to wonder if they were losing their sanity. Peter Crane decided to call for help. He picked up the phone and called Richard Kennett (Kit Green).

Kennett had visited Livermore previously, in his capacity as a CIA analyst, to ask Crane and the others about their results with Geller. He had remained close-mouthed about the CIA’s own psi research, but that had been expected. As far as Crane was concerned, Kennett was their best hope for a private, quiet solution to the problem. He had parapsychological experience, biomedical training, and high-level security access-an extremely rare set of qualifications.

On a Saturday morning not long thereafter, at the end of an otherwise unrelated trip to the San Francisco Bay Area, Kennett drove over and met with Crane in a coffee shop in the town of Livermore. Crane set out the situation for him, and soon Kennett was having long meetings with Russo and the others. They perspired, trembled, and even wept openly as they related some of the things that had happened to them. It was as if their world had collapsed around them. Nothing made sense anymore.

Kennett knew that if he took any of these stories to a regular psychiatrist, the diagnosis would be some kind of dissociative, hallucinatory, or otherwise delusional experience. Even when two or three people claimed to have shared a vision, it would almost certainly be dismissed as folie a deux, or folie a trois. Such terms were used to refer to rare group hallucinations, when one hallucinating or delusional individual had such a dominant personality that others came to believe they had seen or experienced the same thing.

Kennett didn’t rule out such explanations, but he seemed fairly convinced that something else less pat and conventional was going on. For one thing, Crane, Russo, and the others had no history of involvement in the occult, and as far as Kennett could tell, their emotional situations immediately prior to these visionary experiences hadn’t been particularly stressful or otherwise hallucinogenic. Moreover, they all had top-secret security clearances, which had required among other things that they be screened for psychological disorders.

Then there was the very strange business of the metallic voice on the audiotape. Among the few intelligible words it pronounced were two or three together which Kennett recognized as the code name of a very closely held government project. The project had nothing to do with psychic research, and neither it nor its code name was known to Crane or Russo or the others at Livermore. It was as if whoever or whatever had produced the code name on the tape had known that Kennett would soon arrive on the scene and had saved this special shiver down the spine just for him.

Kennett, going by the book, reported the code name incident to the security people at the CIA, muting the outlandish details only slightly. The security people filed it away, and wondered if Dr. Kennett might be getting a little too close to his subject matter.

The situation at Livermore eventually resolved itself, after Russo complained about a telephone call from the strange metallic voice. The voice demanded that the Livermore group cease its research activities with Geller. The group did, and within a month, the bizarre apparitions faded away.

One of the last such apparitions sprang itself upon a Livermore physicist named Don Curtis and his wife. They were sitting in their living room one evening, soberly, uneventfully, not talking about Geller or the paranormal, when suddenly there was this…arm …hovering holographically in the middle of the room.

The arm was clothed as if it belonged to a man wearing a plain gray suit. There was no bloody stump where it should have connected with a shoulder. It merely faded into clear space. But at the end of the arm where a hand should have been, there was no hand, only a hook. The hooked arm twisted around for a few seconds in front of Curtis and his wife, and then disappeared.

Curtis related the story to Kennett, and for some reason, it seemed to push the CIA officer over the edge. He telephoned Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ and demanded that they meet with him on their next trip to Washington. He didn’t quite believe that they could have cooked all of this up, using their SRI lasers to make haunted-house holograms. But he suspected that with their own ample experiences of Geller and his associated phenomena, they would be able to shed some light on what was happening.

Within a few days, Puthoff and Targ arrived in Washington for a scheduled fund-raising tour of government offices. Kennett met them shortly after they had arrived at their hotel, and though it was close to midnight, he sat them down and told them the whole story, including the story of the floating arm.

“And so the goddamn arm –” said Kennett, winding up his story. “The thing was rotating, with this gray suit on, and it had a hook on it. It was a false arm. What do you think of that?”

And as Kennett pronounced the word that, there was a sharp, heavy pounding on the door to the hotel room, as if someone were intending to knock it down. Kennett had a mischievous streak. Was he playing some kind of practical joke here? Puthoff and Targ didn’t think so. The pounding was so loud, it was frightening. After a moment, Targ went over to the window and hid behind the curtains. Puthoff stood inside the bathroom. Kennett went over to the door and opened it.

Standing in the doorway was a man who at first glance was remarkable only by his unremarkableness. He was nondescript and unthreatening, somewhere in middle age. He walked past Kennett very slowly, with a stiff gait, to the middle of the room, between the two beds. He turned around, and said in an oddly stilted voice, “Oh! I guess…I must…be…in…the wrong…room.”

And with that he walked out, slowly, stiffly, giving all of them time to see that one sleeve of his gray suit, pinned to his side, was empty.

So what the heck am I getting at with all this? Well, Duncan thought she was being stalked by Scientologists. Green was part of the program dominated by Scientologists and which, I would suggest, was just as much about spreading a mythology and belief system as it was about psychic spying. Scientology now loudly proclaims Targ and Puthoff and other prominent figures in the R.V. program as their own. Their only beef is that L. Ron Hubbard doesn’t get enough credit for creating the “tech” that was used for remote viewing in the first place.

Mary Duncan is at Wayne State. Kit Green is at Wayne State.

Theresa Duncan and her mother both evidently had an interest in COINTELPRO style disinformation campaigns against political groups like the Black Panthers. Green ENGAGES in COINTELPRO style disinformation campaigns involving UFO researchers.

Theresa Duncan was worried about mind control operations…Kit Green is involved in….umm…well, you get the idea.

The overlap between the two narratives in which I’ve become interested, the Duncan mystery and New Age psyops, may ultimately turn out purely to be synchronicity after all. But the odd manipulations and provocateur behavior I experienced at the end of my brief time as part of the “Reality Covered” forum suggests to me that something more is going on.

(As the eerie music returns, the camera fades to black…. )


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