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CIA-Pentagon Claims of Ignorance about Havana Syndrome and UFOs are Implausible Denials (Lies)

Alex Constantine - February 14, 2023

By Alex Constantine

There was a time, not so long ago, when bio-electronic warfare and secret advanced flight technology were funny. Complaints of pulsed electronic assault were schizophrenic tin-foil delusions. Anyone who reported a UFO sighting was nuttier than a jar of Nutella.

But all that changed in 2022. For decades, there had been "tin-foil" nuts, and nutty UFO spotter nuts. The media had no doubt about it. Nutty stuff. The mention of tin-foilers or UFOs was inevitably followed by laughter from unerringly sensible, highly-educated journalists with official reality credentials. Anti-personnel radiation and flying medical laboratories existed only in psychotic episodes. The government said so. It was true.

But when the government suddenly reversed course, acknowledged the existence of the "Havana Syndrome" and "UAPs,"  journalists made a 180-degree turn. They immediately adopted beliefs that were heretofore laughably irrational.

National Public Radio doesn't snicker about electro-magnetic assault on unwilling subjects these days. NPR parrots government handouts, so the network is now passing on the official "Havana Syndrome" cover story, as in this report on January 25th: "Approximately two dozen American diplomats posted in Havana first heard piercing, metallic hissing in 2016. They began experiencing nausea, vertigo, headaches, and other cognitive ailments. But doctors haven't figured out what could have made them sick. Theories include the use of sonic weapons launched by foreign actors like Russia. But the CIA has dismissed that idea, saying most cases of 'Havana Syndrome' actually stem from other pre-existing medical conditions. Still, the CIA says some cases are unexplainable."

"The CIA says ..." Who is this naive?

The Havana Syndrome and UAPs have both left the government listing on a sea of bewilderment, according to trusted news sources. The government throws up its hands and claims, "we don't know." So all a sensible NPR reporter needs to do is stop asking the CIA for answers. Any well-educated, objective reporter would find a decent library and start looking things up.

Electronic weapons are not inexplicable, despite the stammering of CIA officials. Technology that important can't remain hidden in a black vault. The weaponry has a history of development -- by the CIA, in fact.

Electronic experiments on the brain, some of them terminal, were conducted by CIA in the MKULTRA period (late 1940s-1965) Electrical instruments were slipped into the brains of subjects without their consent or knowledge. The experiments reeked of Nazi excesses.

The idea was the creation of a killer who forgets killing, very useful in assassinations. This mission gave rise to Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control (RHIC), and Electronic Dissolution of Memory (EDOM).Robotic control and electronically-induced memory loss. They weren't movie props, although they did find their way into cinema.

RHIC and EDOM were  perfected by the CIA in 1961. As it happens, the first recorded UFO abduction, the famous Barney and Betty Hill incident,  occurred in 1961. The Hills were an inter-racial couple. After they were snatched, both of them had unreliable memories. At first, they claimed that they were abducted by Nazi doctors and flown around in an aeronautical laboratory. But the story was revised over time. In subsequent interviews, the Hills said that they were picked up by "aliens."

You'd think they would have a clear recollection of something like that.

It was as if their memories were wiped, maybe electronically, and intracerebral hypnotic commands replaced recollection of those "Nazis."

It was a period when the CIA experimented extensively with implants. And as it happens, so did "aliens." Abductees complained about them all the time. You'd think cosmic entities from distant planets would have engineered brain technology far superior to the CIA's in the 1960s. But the ET Federation and and CIA have so much in common.

The Pentagon and the CIA "can't explain" any of this, of course. The early use of brain implants was dropped after the Agency found that pulsed brain-wave frequencies have covert applications for torturing and controlling human subjects. And they don't leave a trace. Perfect crime. The "aliens" also tapered off on the use of implants. You'd almost think the CIA was hiding illicit bio-medical experimentation behind a stupid cover story, one the cable talk shows aught us to deny and ridicule.

Since the CIA's limited hang-out on 60 Minutes, the "Havana Syndrome" has become a household word, and no one laughs it away. It's a serious subject. Sensible, objective, intelligent journalists know that Havana-style attacks are real, and so are UFO sightings. They aren't schizophrenic symptoms, after all. Smearing victims of "Havana Syndrome" is a thing of the past. No one giggles and disparages the "nuts."

Who was right, and who was wrong all these decades -- the sensible, brilliant news professionals, or the "tin-foil whackos?" And whose sanity is an open question: a victim of intelligence community abuses, or a news reporter who naively asks the CIA for answers about highly-classified medical atrocities?

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