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Nazi War Criminals in Canada

The Struggle for Justice: Nazi War Criminals in Canada By David Matas From: Immigration To Integration The Canadian Jewish Experiece: A Millennium Editio

America’s War Criminals

By JONATHAN POWER www.gulf-daily-news.com November 24, 2009 Someone, somewhere, has to say it and thus confirm what the Pentagon always feared would happe

Max Boot Apologist for War Crimes

Boot's commentary amounts to vulgar apologetics for egregious war crimes. By Max Kantarwww.palestinechronicle.comThe recent publication of the UNHRC's repo

US Bids to Erase its Lao Past

Edited by Alex Constantine General Vang Pao (Opium? CIA? Air America? - fringe "conspiracy theories," bottomless lunacy -- besides, prosecution could affe

Elisabeth Waldheim’s Papal Award

VIENNA, Austria (AP) August 22, 1994 -- Another papal honor has been accorded the Waldheims, despite criticism over the papal knighthood granted to the for