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Alex Constantine - July 15, 2008




aspartame1 - ASPARTAME IS NEUROTOXIC, GENOTOXIC MOLECULAR FOOD & VACCINE PHARMACO-GENOCIDEAspartame was approved by the FDA for food and medicine in the 1980s after the intervention of Donald Rumsfeld, recently Secretary of Defense to Geo Bush Jr. Terms 1 and 2. The poison of Aspartame dipeptide is a deadly neurotoxin and genotoxin. This paper will analyze results of extensive animal studies, human case reviews, cellular pathology and a logical analysis of biochemical and cellular toxicology. It is not a matter of incompetence but of malicious pharmaco-genocide that this toxin is present in from 6,000 and over 90 countries. It is even registered with MSG, Ethyl Salicylate Mercury Thiomerosal, and other adjuvant immunologic and neurotoxic substances that are now approved by FDA for vaccine antigenic amplification as an adjuvants.

picture 1 - ASPARTAME IS NEUROTOXIC, GENOTOXIC MOLECULAR FOOD & VACCINE PHARMACO-GENOCIDEAspartame is manufactured in North America in Aiken, South Carolina with a genetic engineered GMO bacterial factory. The sludge of bacterial proteins is centrifuged to separate out differing molecular weights, and the dipeptide is spun out for transfer to tankers to transport for packing and marketing at other facilities. During my work at the Humana - Augusta Regional Trauma Center in Family Practice and as a near full time at the Emergency Department, we had the emergency occupational contract with this facility. Our director of the Emergency and the ARTC director told us not to talk to media at any time about reactions to the airborne particulates in the facility, neurological emergencies such as seizures, neuropathy, disabilities or any other illness including other acute or chronic serious and unusual medical conditions. During this time, I observed a disproportionate high rate of polyneuropathy, organic brain dysfunction, ALS amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, MS multiple sclerosis, seizures, aggressive brain tumors of multicentric gliomas and astrocytomas, to name of few, and high incidence of diabetes, obesity, and optic neuropathy and autoimmune disorders. It was evident from the warnings, that any physician whistleblower would be dismissed and defrocked via the hospital administration.

Dr Olney personally advised me in 1978 of his preliminary Aspartame research that identified chromatin clumping of the DNA similar to the DNA changes of gliomas of the most aggressive type of multicentric astrocytomas. Dr Roberts found diabetic control induction and endocrine disorders of Hashimoto?s throiditis, cancer and neurological disorders such as transverse myelitis, ALS amyotrophic lateral sclerosis etc. Dr Blaylock has written extensively on the Glutamate toxicity of Aspartame and Hydroperoxyl Radical damage to glial cells, brain cell damage and neuron death, and biochemical toxicology of methanol and the genotoxic effects of the Aspartame metabolites. Reduced Glutathione depletion is serious with oral or injected Aspartame and co-toxicity with Mercury, MSG, GMO organic acids, and other polytoxins in air, food and water and ubiquitous Xenoestrogenic Antifolate toxins such as Halides of Chlorine, Chloramines, Bromides and Bromamines and Fluorides and Fluoramines. Cancers of brain, and many organs and significant lymphomas and leukemic induction is proven with animal studies induced by Aspartame. Cellular replication is reduced and micronuclei result similar to radiation exposure. Aspartame is a ELF electromagnetic wave sensitizer, and induces phasic brain and peripheral nerve entrainment to fire neurons to external pulsed magnetic field effects. WiFi networks, AC power fields, and other electromagnetic fields from cell phones, computers, appliances effects on cells are amplified by Aspartame Glutamate neural network amplification and lowering of threshold to activation potential.

Searle Pharmaceuticals identified for the C.I.A. Dr Delgado MD at Yale and his mind influencing technologies as a ?mind tenderizer? for entraining brains of animals for externally pulse training electromagnetic field IS Induced Stimulus for paradigms of control of brain function. ELF pollution 1,000,000 fold more than in 1998 in Western Nations is a major cotoxin with Aspartame and other lesser NMDA receptor toxins in food and medicines.

AAAAAhbSmikAAAAAACs3aQ - ASPARTAME IS NEUROTOXIC, GENOTOXIC MOLECULAR FOOD & VACCINE PHARMACO-GENOCIDEAspartame directly affects the NMDA N-Methyl D-Aspartate subtype Glutamate receptors, injuring neurons and directly and indirectly interfer with AChE Acetylcholinesterase receptors, functionally interfering with the ability to learn new tasks and causing a functional frontal lobotomy of those suffering toxicity. Cytochrome P450 Phase I enzyme induction depletes the brain of Glutathione Peroxidase Phase II enzymatic ability to clear hydroperoxynitate free radical. This is cotoxic with MSG, DU and organic acids in new GMO foods that induce NMDA receptor Glutamate pathways.

Loss of executive inhibitory influences may explain more violent or spontaneous out of control behavior, autism of all forms, and onset and progression of many neurological disorders from cortical to midbrain motor interneuron Parkinson?s to ALS amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and peripheral motor and sensory neuropathic disorders. Increased mental illness, behavioral and learning disorders, autism, dementia and violent behaviors can be now explained by population neurotoxicity. Autism rates have gone up 2800% in three decades, organic dementia in the over 60 age group 1000% in 20 years, and Aspartame is a major player in this toxic soup that has pushed the canary in the mineshaft, the neuron to sing its swan song.

1876694509 2f0a58edaa o - ASPARTAME IS NEUROTOXIC, GENOTOXIC MOLECULAR FOOD & VACCINE PHARMACO-GENOCIDEAspartame is directly toxic to Beta Islet cells and induces diabetes as does MSG to a lesser extent in animal models. This would explain MODY Mature Onset Diabetes of the Young and the exploding diabetes and obesity with Glutamate toxins that destroy insulin production and amplify tissue insulin resistance. It is a major factor destroying appestat control of appetite control with blood sugar, and endorphin related hypothalamic pituitary axis. I conclude that along with DU NotSo Depleted Uranium, MSG and other toxins that have similar or lesser toxicities of these types, are contributors to the diabetes and obesity global pandemic.

Testing of Aspartame enzymatic induction which can cause accumulative effects can be evaluated with Genova Labs organic acids, amino acids, and Gene panels for Phase I and II pathway polymorphisms. Those people with GSMT1 pathway deletions or abnormal polymorphisms, will be more toxically damaged by Aspartame and other NMDA toxins. Mitochondrial damage results from enzymatic induction and peroxynitrate radicals, results in tissue targeted long-standing mitochondrial pathology. Mitochondriopathy is a final pathway for much of the chronic effects of Aspartame. Also, iNOS, Induce Nitric Oxide Synthase enzymatic induction and production of Hydroperoxyl Free Radical is the step resulting in mitochondrial gene damage, and loss of cellular energetic metabolism. This explains the vaccine suit evidence in the Poling Federal Vaccine Damage Suit, where mitochondrial defects from adjuvants resulted in neurological deficits and autism. Aspartame is the worst of NMDA toxins in our food and vaccines, but MSG and many others are cotoxins.

Protocols for evaluation may include quantitive EEG or QEEG demonstrates coherent frequency anomalies, voltage pattern from frontal to occipital and temporal cortex, and P300 index abnormalities, that can monitor dynamic higher cortical function and neural net plasticity and learning capacities for holographic learning paradigms. SPECT scans indentify blood flow abnormalities consistent with microvascular defects consistent with loss of glial cell energetic metabolic support of neurotransmitters, myelinated neuron action potentials and proper neural network cortical to cortical learning and motor, sensory and abstract concept processing functions. fMRI Functional MRI can demonstrate abnormal myelination and neural pathway functioning with changes in neural traffic and dysmyelination patterns that can be verified on T2 Weighted MRI. PET Positron Emission Tomography is most sensitive at identification of abnormal AChE Acetylcholinesterase metabolism and Positron-Fluoro-Glucose metabolism deficits in neural tissues. Frontal lobe hypofunction, loss of temporal and transcortical metabolic patterns should correlate with full tracking neuropsychological testing and QEEG voltage patterns and coherence pattern analysis of intercortical frequencies. Enzymatic induction of Phase I CYP450 and Reduced Glutathione levels with high levels of Peroxynitrate should show in urine and blood analysis. Platelet bioamines in blood, urine or saliva for NE norepinephrine, Dopamine and Serotonin, Melatonin, Acetylcholine, GABA should reflect NMDA induction and depletion of presynaptic inhibitory neurotransmitters.

Core Asparatame acute or chronic exposure testing should include QEEG available from PhD psychologists certified on QEEG testing in America, Canada and overseas; Genova Labs or similar functional medicine lab - organic acids and amino acids and oxymarkers with Gene polymorphisms for Phase I and II Detox pathways; PET Scan for brain hypometabolism AND / OR SPECT Scan for abnormal microcirculation; fMRI scans for neural pathway traffic abnormalities and neuropsychological evaluation of higher cortical functions to identify deficits correlated with above imaging and neurological studies.

Essential testing should be QEEG and organic acids and Gene Phase I & II Detox polymorphisms. The cotoxic effects of MSG, GMO Frankenfoods with organic acids that induce NMDA receptors, and 7,700 ppm water drug, heavy metals, chemical toxins in our water.

Aspartame cell toxic effects are the tip of the spear against human biology, made worse by Agribusiness, Big Pharma, Big GMO, and world trade with reintroduced previously banned pesticides forced on nations acception the WTO Codex Alimentarius Food Rules. Aspartame has already received a nod across the board approval by WTO UN FAO bureaucrats, to the danger of the world?s peoples. When you review the extensive analysis by Dr HJ Roberts MD, Dr Russell Blaylock MD and Dr Olney MD and the Ramazzini Foundation cancer research, there is no excuse for continued toxic contamination of food of vaccines. Aspartame must be banned from all foods, medicines, and vaccines. It is the first step for mankind, of many to steps needed to restore healthy functional support for future generations of the peoples of Earth.


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