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Are Neo-Nazis Infiltrating America’s Most Trivial Political Offices?

Alex Constantine - October 17, 2010

jeff2 - Are Neo-Nazis Infiltrating America’s Most Trivial Political Offices?Jeff Hall in National Socialist Movement garb from a 2009 Riverside, California demo

You all remember Dan Schruender, the admitted neo-Nazi running for school board in Southern California. Now we learn of another SoCal neo-Nazi running for another minor league political position. Meet Riverside Water Board candidate Jeff Hall.

According to the Riverside Press-Enterprise, a mysterious Jeff Hall has been running a stealth campaign for a seat on the all-powerful water board. (i.e. he's not campaigning at all and hoping voters just randomly elect him.)

In addition to being an aspiring water boardmember, Hall is also a prominent neo-Nazi and the leader of the California chapter of the National Socialist Movement. Some of his hobbies include organizing rallies to protest illegal immigration and waving Nazi flags outside of synagogues. Water Board members say they "have no idea what his platform on water issues is." Just a guess here, but it probably has something to do with the genetic superiority of white people?

It's sort of surprising that neo-Nazis have such modest political goals, given the whole "world domination and genocide" thing they used to have going. (via 51dollars50cents.)

[Jeff Hall, image via the Riverside Press-Enterprise]


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