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WW II Nazi Training Camps for Norwegians Discovered in Poland

Alex Constantine - October 5, 2010

TheNews.pl | September 20, 2010

Norwegian public TV NRK has made a documentary revealing WW II era Nazi training camps for young Norwegians in Poland.

Quisling - WW II Nazi Training Camps for Norwegians Discovered in PolandVidkun Quisling

In 1940, Nazis evicted hundreds of Polish farmers from the western regions of Wielkopolska and Kujawy where leader of the SS Heirich Himmler wanted to organize Nazi training camps for young Norwegians.

According to the plan, after training, young Norwegians would join the SS and supervise forced labour camps on conquered lands such as Poland.

Nazi Germans installed a puppet regime headed by Vidkun Quisling in Norway after occupying the Scandinavian country during WW II. Quisling encouraged around 45,000 Norwegians to join the pro-Nazi Nasjonal Samling party, which took part in the murder of Jews and Norwegain patriots who fought against Nazi occupation.

Jostein Berge was one of two hundred Norwegians who went to Poland in 1943 to participate in the Nazi camp. They arrived at the western city of Poznan and were accommodated in the farms seized from Poles.

“Officially, young Norwegians came to Poland to learn how to farm but, in fact, they helped evict Polish residents. They wore Nazi uniforms and carried guns. After the training they were supposed to become true SS-men and fight at the eastern front,” Terje Emberland, historian from Holocaust Senteret in Oslo, told the Gazeta Wyborcza daily. (mg/pg)


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