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US Plan Sabotaging Pakistan Political Process

Alex Constantine - September 9, 2008

Kashmir Watch, September 9
By Zaheerul Hassan

Mr. Asif Ali Zardari took Oath as 12th President of Pakistan and determined to make the history. Afghan President Kerazai also attended the oath ceremony. President Zardari was overwhelmingly elected on September 6, 2008 in a secret ballot just after the nine months of his wife Benazir Bhutto' assassination. Pakistan is the only nuclear-armed Islamic nation that is passing through its worst type of crises like; deteriorated economy , political instability, war on terror, judiciary problem, price hike and Kashmir Issue. September 6 is already known as Defence Day of Pakistan lets pray for his success to defend and bring the country out from the said crises.

The current wave of terrorism just at the time of presidential election seem to be an effort of sabotaging ongoing political process, creating anarchy , pressurizing and neutralizing newly elected government so that authorities should be unable to move in resolving issues. Former Pakistan government have taken all possible steps like negotiation with the local Taliban, sharing intelligence , handing over Al-Qaeda culprits to US and asking Afghan government for fencing of the border . Islamabad also providing logistic support to US led Nato Forces being front line US alley. But some how US intentionally failed to comprehend the Pakistan problems. Continue violations of our frontiers have been made by the Nato Forces despite having clear understanding between two allies that Pakistani will operate in her territory to tackle the militants. There are some indications that anti state elements are being supported by India and US to convert Pakistan into a failed state. For example Washington started interference in the internal politics. In this regard. prior to the elections US officials met top level political leaders and discussed the various internal issues with them. The series of violations of US led forces; degrading Pakistan political top brass through electronic media, favouring India in making her member of nuclear club and silence over Indian brutality in Kashmir depicts that American never like to see Pakistan as stable country.

During last quarter of 2007, American interference in Pakistan affairs was alarmingly visible from commencement of elections to its successful culmination. At the same time bomb blast and targets killing in Pakistan was remained on its climax. The assassination of Benazir Bhutto was one of the horrible incidents of during that period. After the conduct of election again US tried to interfere indulge they also tried their best to save Mushraff from the impeachment. In July 2oo8 during Prime Minster Gillani visit to Washington they presented the CIA reports that ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) had links with some groups of the Taliban due to which the US could not fully rely on the military operations being carried out by the Pakistani forces against the Taliban. The same issues were raised by US Secretary Defence Robert Gates and Speaker US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi during their meeting with the prime minister. However prime minister briefed the US leadership regarding the role of ISI and made it clear that the military forces and intelligence agencies of the country consider the war against terrorism their own war. In fact it was a CIA try to pitch the political and leadership against each other and degrading the ISI, Any how Prime Minster of Pakistan behaved very maturely by rejecting US point of view.

Again Pakistan tried to defuse the situation by announcing that in respect of Ramadan Pakistan Government unilaterally carryout cease fire in Swat and surrounding area against militants. The interior minister of Pakistan categorically mentioned that forceful action will be taken against the militants incase of any violation or attack carried out by them against government installations and security forces. But unfortunately militants kept on carrying out sabotage activities against security forces and innocent people of the area. The government option of cease firing has not been taken been seriously by them. To establish the writ of the government the recent ongoing swat operation is still continue since two months. As a result of operation heavy losses have been caused to lives and material. The militant’s organizations are being supported from across the border and equipped with latest weapons and equipment. Terrorists are being funded and getting trained under the supervision of Indian instructors in the camp established in Afghanistan. On August 23, 2008 militants hit one Armed Personal Carries with Rocket launchers that was busy in operation clean up in Swat and surrounding area. As result of said strike a very brave, professionally competent, religiously motivated and upright team member of The Volunteers Major Muhammad Ehsan along with Lieutenant Saleem and 10 other ranks embraced Shahadat.

Earlier on August 21, 2008 twin suicidal attacks occurred in front of the gates of Pakistan Ordinance Factory Wah located 30 Kilo meters away from Islamabad, in which more than 90 persons killed and 100 individuals sustained serious injuries. On August 19 in Dera Ismail Khan suicidal blasted himself when a large number of locals have gathered near hospital to launch a protest against the assassination of Shia leader Basit Ali earlier part of the same day. In this attack 32 individuals killed and more than 55 injured. It is worth mentioning here that violence in Bajure and suicidal incidents in Pakistan increased conspicuously in last few days, since Taliban activities have been intensified against Nato forces inside Afghanistan. In August 18 Nato soldiers have been killed and many injured inside the Afghanistan. Afghan government time again blamed involvement of ISI in abduction of Japanese and Kabul Blast. Afghan Foreign Minster blamed that training camps of Taliban are based in Pakistani area. Actually all this blaming by Afghan government is being carried out on the instruction of CIA, Raw and Khad, to cover their state terrorism and concealing their failure from other Nato allies.

Again, on September 6, 2008 Peshawar terrorist blasted Zangi Check Post through explosive loaded car resulted into killing of more than 38 people and many injured. On August 29, 2008 terrorist destroyed bridges leading to Kohat Road and also tried to hit the tunnel with the explosive laden vehicle. In last week of January 2008 local Taliban threatened to destroy the tunnel but did not succeed however serious damage has been caused to its interior portion. The selection of target and timing dictates that our traditional enemy in collaboration with its allies launching such type of actions to obliterate economy and de-stable Pakistan. Political leadership should display maturity to deal with the arising problems of security, instability and economy.

US launched two military incursions on September 5 and 8. In these incursions 37 people killed including women and children. Pakistan Prime Minster Yousaf Raza Gilliani, General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, Chief of Army Staff, Chairman joint Chief Staff Committee, Major General Athar Abbas, Chief Spoke’s man of Pakistan Army and whole political top brass strongly fated these cowardly acts. American envoy Anne W Paterson summoned and a strong protest was lodged by Pakistan Foreign Office. The launching of attacks on the occasions of presidential elections and Prime Minister Visit to US seem to be conspiracy against the political process. Moreover in this way, Washington gave message to our top most political authorities that they are leashed pushed about the stability of Pakistan. If current indulgence continues in this manner US direct intervention of a ground assault is not far away. President Zardari is soon visiting China and UNO. He must discuss the issue of terrorism with China and ask her to support Pakistan in resolving the economic and security problems instead looking towards US.

To push the US out from the region Russia must play her role. The government should take firm stand against incursion of US led NATO Forces. The supply line to NATO Forces be terminated incase of any future violation because any weaker stand over US interference will definitely prove to be a set back to the present political set up. US must feel responsibility and respect the sovereignty of Pakistan failing which will force Islamabad to take stern actions of shot down drowns. At the same time Pakistan Security Forces with the help of locals be given full liberty to eliminate the militants from FATA and other parts of the country. PPP and other parties should show political maturity to resolve the economical and other issues facing to nation. In short President Zardari and his government needs to move sensibly and all political Forces be taken with them to face the real enemy under this adverse security environment. and serves his country with honour and integrity.


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