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The Colorado Gunman and the OTO – YMAM, “Path to 9/11” Cult, Targeted

YOUR Columbine” – Gunman wrote of rejection as reason for revenge
By Jeremy P. Meyer, David Migoya and Christopher N. Osher
The Denver Post

Asked to leave group

Steve Mariner, the president of Denver’s occult group Ad Astra Oasis, says Murray attended group meetings for about a year before being asked to leave in September.

Ad Astra Oasis is an officially chartered body of the ORDO TEMPLI ORIENTIS, a ceremonial magic order based on the teachings of English poet and mystic Aleister Crowley.

“He was a mostly quiet, geeky young man,” Mariner said of Murray. “He was a skinny little kid. He was your typical I-like-college-over-cars type. He was a voracious reader, as far as I could tell. I never heard him raise his voice.”

Mariner said the group of about 15 people realized over time that Murray was not fitting in.

“It seemed like he needed some time to back off and evaluate himself,” he said. “We could summarize it as saying the personalities were not a good mix.”

Mariner said he was shocked when he learned Murray was the shooter.

“You are sitting there having a conversation with someone ,” Mariner said.

“We all have our little personality quirks, but you don’t appraise them of being someone who would go off and do something this atrocious.”

That Murray shot several people horrified Richard Werner, a missionary who bunked with him in Arvada in 2002, but it didn’t surprise him.

“It was something you can’t ever imagine, but it was so obvious after it happened,” said Werner, 34, who now lives in Brazil. “It’s just because of the way he used to behave.”

” … My interest was piqued when I searched “Path to 9-11″ director David Cunningham’s name and discovered that he is the son of Loren Cunningham, founder of the worldwide, evangelical missonary group Youth With a Mission (YWAM).
“A gunman and four people were killed and four others wounded yesterday in two apparently unprovoked shootings that unfolded about 12 hours and 70 miles apart at a missionary training center and a church in Colorado, law-enforcement authorities reported. … That shooting occurred about 12:30 a.m. in Arvada, 15 miles west of Denver, at a dormitory of Youth With a Mission, an interdenominational Christian organization with hundreds of centers around the country that train young people for short-term missionary service around the world. … One police official said there was reason to believe the shootings were related, but did not elaborate. … “

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