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Senior Auschwitz Nazi Fugitive Discovered

Alex Constantine - March 30, 2012

Another senior Nazi involved in the deportation of Jews to Auschwitz, and who is still alive, has been discovered, says Efraim Zuroff.

By Chana Ya'ar

Arutz Shiva 7, 3/18/2012

auschgate - Senior Auschwitz Nazi Fugitive DiscoveredAnother senior Nazi involved in the deportation of Jews to Auschwitz, and who is still alive, has been discovered. According to Nazi hunter Dr. Efraim Zuroff, head of the Jerusalem-based Wiesenthal Center, the fugitive is likely to be exposed very soon.

Zuroff told Israel's Channel 2 in an interview on Sunday, “In two or three weeks, we will reveal this Nazi that we recently uncovered, who played an important role in the deportation of Jews to Auschwitz. His name has not yet been published, for fear that he will flee.”

Zuroff has carried out more than 1,300 investigations of Nazi war criminals in Poland, Germany, the U.S., Canada and Italy.

"Our people are busy and the investigations are continuing,” Zuroff emphasized, noting that the conviction of Nazi war criminal John Demjanjuk, “Ivan the Terrible,” played an important part in their work.

The Simon Wiesenthal Institute in 2008 published a list of those worldwide Wanted Nazi Criminals who are still among the living. Some have died since the publication of their names, among them Demjanjuk, who died last week as he awaited appeal of his conviction in a German rest home.

At the top of the list is Dr. Aribert Heim, an Austrian national who served as a doctor in the Mauthausen concentration camp. Heim was known for the appalling experiments he performed on the bodies of prisoners in the camp, many of which resulted in their deaths. The Wiesenthal Center, together with the governments of Austria and Germany, have offered a reward of $485,000 for information leading to his capture.

Second on the list is Sandor Kapiro, a Hungarian national accused of involvement in the killing of 1,000 civilians in Serbia during the war.

Other suspects include Milivi Asner, who was a commander of police during the war in Croatia, and a suspect because he was responsible for the deportation of hundreds of Serbians, Jews and Roma, whom he sent to their deaths; and Soren Kahm, a former member of the S.S., Schutzstaffel, elite Nazi forces, who is wanted for the assassination of a journalist in Denmark in 1943.

Expulsion from Germany was prevented last year by the Bavarian district court, which ruled there was insufficient evidence to convict Kahm on several murders.


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    How have mass death programs been modified? By targetting peoples, groups, grassroots cultures, and “mad people” who think like “comminists”. Found out Rios-Montt and friends cleared 400 villages and killed off around 200,000 people who were in the way of “progress”. One example of a paradigm of corporate funded brutality.

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