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Roland Carnaby Update: On-Scene Police Supervisor has a Record of Prior Disciplinary Actions

Also see: “Roland Carnaby Update: The Officers who Shot him have Criminal Records,” and “Houston Chronicle: FBI Agent Confirmed in 2003 that Roland Carnaby Worked for Bureau – New Video of the Shooting Released”

From: “HPD disciplines officers involved in shooting of phony ‘CIA agent'”
November 18, 2008

… When Carnaby exited the SUV, one of officers opened fire. He later claimed he saw something shiny in the vehicle that he believed was a gun.

In a sworn deposition, that officer blamed the City of Houston for poor training in high-risk vehicle approaches. The on-scene supervisor also criticized HPD’s training process.

The disciplined supervisor has had previous actions taken against him by the department, including a suspension from duty for the violent striking of a prisoner, failure to abide by laws, insubordination and speeding.


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