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Houston Mystery Surrounding ‘CIA Operative’ Deepens as Details Emerge

Alex Constantine - May 8, 2008

May 6, 2008
By Allison Triarsi
11 News

Video: Allison Triarsi's 11 News report

HOUSTON -- A week after his death, friends of Roland Carnaby are still convinced that he was --at one time or another -- some sort of CIA informant.

But piecing together the life of the mysterious man who inexplicably led police on a high-speed chase on what would be the last day of his life is no small task.

We do know that Carnaby dined five days a week at Capital Grille and had regular shooting practice at a local gun range.

A source in France confirmed that he was with the self-proclaimed agent at the Capital Grille just hours before he was shot by HPD.

Management at the restaurant also confirms Carnaby was there, and said he was well-known by the staff.

According to staff, Carnaby always paid in cash and frequently told stories about his undercover work.

Acquaintances at the Top Gunn shooting range also knew him as some sort of intelligence officer.

Even the staff at the UPS location where Carnaby had two different mailboxes thought he was a covert lawman.

Mysteriously, that’s all they would say at UPS, because Carnaby’s widow and lawyer asked them not to say anything more.

Longtime friend Alan Helfman helped Carnaby start the local chapter of the Association for Intelligence Officers. He, too, is convinced his buddy was an operative.

“I do believe he was an intelligence officer in some form or fashion at some point in his life. I still believe that, and I will go to my grave believing that. He was an intelligence officer of some sort or fashion at some point in his life,” Helfman said.

Carnaby went by several aliases. He called himself “Tony” around town, and court records show he had documented aliases as well.

But despite all the pieces to the puzzle, it’s still tough to make them fit.


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