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Rigorous Intuition’s Review of My Duncan/Blake “Suicide” Investigation

Alex Constantine - April 28, 2008

After the research was posted, I didn't hear so much as a small sucking sound from the blogospheroids. Here is the first considered opinion I've found on the Duncan/Blake compilation - from someone who has followed it in the details, where God is, and has the research background to connect the roachlike dots. BTW, the third "suicide" that mentioned is Hannah Wit - note the weird coincidence in the name. It's not the first. Revelation that I haven't explained yet: the killers of Dunan and Blake were involved in many other murders, inlcluding the Lexington Comair crash of two years ago and (I believe) the death of Heath Ledger, stories I've been following closely at this blog lately. (Two years ago, they tried to kill me, as well, and this is one reason I'm on this story like superglue.) Names have an important role in these operations, because there is a homicidal "game" afoot, and it involves "playing" with names. Some day, I will explain this in detail.

The latest update on the misguided, hopeless "libel" suit that the RI reviewer, mentions is here.

From Jeff Wells' Rigorous Intuition website:

The Wit of the Staircase: Revisited

And I wanted to pass on a major thing: Alex Constantine seems to have done everyone a favor by linking pretty well the Duncan and Blake "suicidings" to murder motives since they were getting damn close to the Franklin Cover-up federal and Omaha level pedophilia, MKULTRA making, drug-muling elite once more.

It's where that story was leading before they were assuredly killed.

Constantine turns up a THIRD suspicious death as those who were tying up the loose ends wanted to remove all the witnesses.

The Cownie person that the "Wit of the Staircase" was investigating before said Wit turned up dead was actually PART of the federal investigation of the Franklin Cover-up in the first place, 20 years ago.

Other things at the link. It took about six hours for me to read it all.

And Constantine got an A+ on his research, because he was immediately sued to remove the Duncan/Blake information from the web. Strange world when research cross-checking and verification comes with a lawyer's email to threaten cease and desist. Come on, Jeff, document to your heart's content or it's sick or whatever! Don't you want to be sued for investigative reporting as a reward? Legal suits to censor are the Pulitzer Prize of the criminal state.

See who just sued him and who he was as well.

So download the page and save it, even though the legal case has no standing at all as Constantine explains. He's certainly a cousin of Eddie Constantine, a relative who patrolled a modern day Alphaville via a cyberworld of links and came up with the goods on our current pedo-technocratic dictatorship. (The opening thread deals with him exploring the 'data mining' theme among the Mockingbird press that spun the story of the "suicides" so well, and that soon gets into the pedophilia linked areas itself.)

It's a rather predictable theme: "round up the usual suspects" though rarely do you see so many in play all at once. Something novel to me was some background on some international legal firms that I wasn't aware of before as typical suspects for generations. Just watch these bagmen move around and you will see the fish below the ice sometimes. So, sorry Duncan and Blake this is all we got for you, another story of

priests and cannibals, prehistoric animals
everbody happy as the dead come home
big black nemesis
popular biogenesis
no one moves a muscle as the Wit of the Staircase comes home.

What was special for me was the background into the main lawfirms organizing it all. If you want to connect the dots to the 'white shoe firms' and their families just follow more about the Whitneys and the Allens (which he doesn't--though Whitney and Allen--both biggie Bones families by the way and likely lots worse...).

Learn the players, collect the cards, predict the next house of cards to be erected.

The usual suspects will be behind it.

Like a bad movie sequel it feels like recycled, older, and increasingly less believable acting. Though these movie sequels and their aging stars keep rolling in more money than ever each time they do it. It starts to look like self-satire when they commit the same crimes over and over and keep getting away with it.

Perhaps Jeff is tired of writing the 50th movie sequel so to speak of a story that always ends the same: where he already knows the final scene in any of his blog posts is required by contract to be "though the criminals escape yet again, stay tuned" ad nauseum. I can't blame him for that nausea at the topic over the past several years.


As IC is likely to chime in and say, though do we require any more sequels once you understand the main theme that we have to change everything.

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CORRECTION - I've been informed that the author of the review was not Jeff Wells, as stated in a previous draft of this post.

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