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"Right Side News" Believes Climate Change Education is Tantamount to the Hitler Youth Program

October 22, 2009 0

This may be the most ludicrous outburst of corporate-sponsored, "conservative" hysteria - and famtasy rhetoric - since Sen. Jim DeMint claimed in a book that Nazi Germany was a "socialist democracy" that has resurfaced to destroy our "freedoms." America's wingnut spokesmen need to turn off Sean Hannity and watch the History Channel instead, because they know gobs about manipulating America's nationalistic, Bible-thumping, donut-headed programmed idiots, but nothing about life under the Hitler regime, apparently:

'Not Evil-Just Wrong' Film Premier Reveals Climate Alarmists Stoop to Abusing Children

Right Side News, 19 October 2009

Not since Nazi, Germany, and the now infamous 'Hitler-Jugend', aka Hitlers Youth brigade, has such an evil been perpetrated upon children. However this time it is not just the children of Nazi, Germany, but indeed, the children of the world. The new cultish religion of Climate Change (the 'new' term for Global Warming, since there has been no 'warming' for the last 10 years or so) has dropped all pretense of intellectual advocacy and scientific based reason (although there was little of either previously) and have lowered the bar and turned the fight for Climate Dollars and Power ugly. They are going after the children. ...


Belittling Nazi indoctrination in this manner is a form of denial - but Republicans do it all day long and we don't hear a peep from the ADL.

- AC


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