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Re Abstract The Murder of Theresa Duncan

Alex Constantine - December 7, 2007



The Entire MEDIA MAFIA Series, Corruption in the Cable Industry, Parts 1-11
Successful game designer and blogger Theresa Duncan was about to expose the connection between the founder of AT&T Cable to a child prostitution network in Omaha, Nebraska. It was at this moment, according the press reports, that Theresa chose to commit "suicide." The reason? "She'd been stalked by Scientologists." Is there a precedent for this? Has anyone ever committed suicide because Scientlology was stalking them? Is this plausible? (On the other hand, the press completely ignored her allegations concerning cable pioneer Jim Cownie, who had CIA sponsorship early on in his career in the founding of Heritage Communications in Iowa.) After checking on the backgrounds of the reporters making this assertion, I found that they can be traced to News Corp. and Rupert Murdoch, who happens to have left behind a long trail of "suicides" in his CIA/Mafia/heroin-tainted career. The same can be said of the Omaha-based child prostitution network that Theresa Duncan wrote about. Her "artistic partner," Jeremy Blake, also committed "suicide." One anonymous person reportedly observed him walking into the ocean. This is taken by the press as certainty of his "suicide." If so, why is the press - led by Kate Coe, an associate of Ann Coulter - spinning the story away from Cownie and Duncan's intent to expose him? Why the smear job? Theresa's mother and brother were stalked at the same time Theresa committed "suicide."

Programmed proles - habituated to CIA Mockingbird propaganda, rendered "Good Germans" - had no problem swallowing the implausible cover story and ensuing media smears, but a close look at the "suicides" of Duncan and Blake lead in another direction - to political murder. By the very same fascists who program American minds via MKCable TV, an industry controlled by the intelligence sector, run by organized criminals, to herd the populace to open fascist rule.

Now they are murdering bloggers. The usual response to fascist conspiracies is a public that looks the other way, buys the ridiculous cover stories ("Kennedy's head appears to snap backwards, but that's an optical illusion ... "). Did Scientology drive Duncan and Blake to self-immolation, or is this another cup of hogwash to feed a fat, lazy, self-involved, scapegoating, anti-intellectual populace living in wage-slave cages, preoccupied with anything but reality? Seems to be the case ...

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  1. How is Coe a Murdoch shill? You keep saying that but she doesn’t work for Fox. A Current Affair was cancelled a few years back, and her current imdb lsiting has her working for Larry Charles(who directed Borat, for those who don’t nkow). She’s never worked for any tv news outlet, as far as I can tell.
    Yuo wouldn’t want to get the reputation for not being very accurate, would you?

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