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Plum Island: Where Operation Paperclip Meets the Taliban (Video)

Re: Discovery’s “America’s Most Secret: Structures. “ See video clip below.

Per a spokesman:

The segment on Plum Island examines how the lab there, once under the Dept. of Agriculture, now falls under the authority of The Dept. of Homeland Security. It also examines how tightly controlled access is to the island, its history and connections to Nazi Germany, Dr. Erich Traub and Operation Paperclip, and how the U.S. brought him to the island to exploit the scientific knowledge he gained as the head of the Nazi bio lab and his previous experiments with diseased ticks. It examines the possibilities of bio containment breaches, the foot and mouth disease outbreaks on the island, and theories that some have about the island’s connection to the 1977 outbreak of Lyme disease in Lyme, CT. It also takes a look at its connections to the Taliban through Sultan Bashiruddin Mahmood.



  1. rebellb January 6, 2017

    This video mentioned connections between Plum Island, the Nazis, and the Taliban. The Taliban were the extremely authoritarian rulers of Afghanistan and the Nazis had promoted a murderous brand of authoritarianism. The Taliban provided harbor to the head of Al-Qaeda, Osama Binladin. There were many Nazis in the US government, some of whom came over on Paperclip. Many of them likely colluded with Binladen so that the federal government would have an “excuse” to pass the unconstitutional “Patriot” Act and perpetrate other forms of state repression. Also, I saw on NBC News shortly after the Anthrax Attacks of October 2001 that some of the Anthrax was found to be a variety from Fort Detrick in Maryland. Please look at https://911truth.org.


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