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Op-Ed Occupied Iraq and the US are the Most Dangerous Countries in the World, not Pakistan

Alex Constantine - May 18, 2008

By Kaleem Omar

... Millions of civilians have been killed by US troops in these countries, including 3.5 million in Vietnam. An estimated 600,000 people were killed in Indonesia in a CIA-sponsored military coup in the mid-1960s. And hundreds of thousands of people were killed in Cambodia in the early 1970s as the result of a ferocious US bombing campaign.

Coming to the case of Iraq, a survey carried out by the respected British medical journal The Lancet in 2006 and published in the journal’s October 2006 issue suggested that about 655,000 Iraqis had died by July 2006 in the US attack and occupation of Iraq. A survey published by the UK-based polling agency Opinion Research Business in September 2007 suggested that up to 1.2 million Iraqis might have died because of the conflict.

Compared to these figures, the three or four thousand Pakistanis killed in acts of terrorism over the last three years – though tragic and condemnable – is a miniscule figure that hardly qualifies Pakistan as “the most dangerous country in the world.” In fact, Iraq is the most dangerous country in the world by far when it comes to the dangers posed to its own citizens as a result of the US invasion and occupation, and the US is the world’s most dangerous country when it comes to the dangers posed to other countries. ...


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