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New Allegations Concerning the John Kennedy Assassination

Alex Constantine - July 8, 2008

Also see: Who Claims that Mac Wallace Killed JFK for LBJ?

By Alex Constantine

JFK colorized copy 2 - New Allegations Concerning the John Kennedy AssassinationI have a galley proof entitled The Men that Don't Fit In, by Rod Mac Kenzie, handed to me by a friend in Olympia, Washington, that purports to provide first-hand testimony on the hit team that shot John Kennedy on November 22, 1963.

Rod Mac Kenzie: "The actual assassins I either knew or knew of within a few days after the fact. I spent a day a week later drinking with Malcolm 'Mac' Wallace, the man who had directed the killing teams for Lyndon B. Johnson and his Texas Mafia with the help of the other Mafia. We spent a day doing the setup bars and strip joints in both Ft. Worth and Dallas. Mac was quite talkative in a conspirator way. He and I had known each other in the past from dealings with gamblers at the Adolphis Hotel and the Egyptian Lounge and my having to do with the safe house I ran for them and the Mob. Several of the people he mentioned I knew from my dealings over the past years in the Cuban fiascos and fun and games. The Permindex bunch run out of New Orleans paid the bills and Mac had often been the delivery guy. ... "

Mac Kenzie's account of the assassination appears to be a patchwork of misinformaion disseminated since the JFK murder, particularly linking to Barr McClellan's cover stories, which place the onus on Lyndon Johnson, and contribute to a traceable lineage of Kennedy assassination decoys and dead ends. Some of the information in the book is valid enough, some not. The story that emerges omits GHW Bush, CIA fronts like Mullen & Associates, Douglas Caddy and Charles Willoughby, founders of Young Americans for Freedom, and THAT is the book's reason to be, I believe.

This is the same psyop school that gave us self-described JFK Killer James E. Files, "Bum" Chauncey Holt, Billie Sol Estes and now Mac Kenzie, trailing away from suspects GHW Bush, CIA, Liberty Lobby/YAF's Charles Willoughby-Weidenbach - and that is why Estes, a predecessor of Mac Kenzie and one of Barr "LBJ Did It" McClellan's primary "sources" - a well-known pathological liar - was represented legally by Douglas Caddy of YAF.

Actually, the cover-up proves the crime.

tramps - New Allegations Concerning the John Kennedy Assassination300407tramps2 - New Allegations Concerning the John Kennedy AssassinationMac Kenzie describes his association with Chauncey Holt, and states as fact that the latter (photo right) was one of the tramps in the famed photo. Holt, of course, himself claimed to be one of the three tramps in the 1963 photo.

Rod Mac Kenzie writes, "a lot of people think Chauncy [sic] was bullshit but I know different" (The Men That Don't Fit, page 90).

Holt died over ten years ago, but Mac Kenzie writes that he "was and probably still is CIA." .... Even after death ... Mr. Holt was "in the R.R. yard with the hit team made up of Rogers and Harrelson and another guy ... " This doesn't hold up so well under examination. Some of the background on Holt and his tramp claim -

Holt's bio:

Chauncey Holt was born in Kentucky on 23rd October, 1921. When he was 19 he joined the United States Army Airforce (USAAF). The following year he was court-martialed and sent to the U.S. penitentiary barracks at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, for attacking another soldier with a Springfield rifle.

Holt was released in June 1940 but deserted from the USAF after the attack on Pearl Harbor. He eventually returned to duty but in 1942 he travelled in a car from Fort Knox to Louisville. He was arrested and charged with taking the car without permission and was sentenced to 18 months in the Industrial Reformatory at Chillicott, Ohio. On his release he found work with the Bethelem-Fairfield Shipyard Company.

After the war Holt met Peter Licavoli, a leading figure in the Mafia in Detroit. Holt was sent to Florida where he worked for Meyer Lansky as an accountant and pilot. This included several trips to Cuba where Lansky had extensive business interests. Lansky also sent Holt to worked for the International Rescue Committee (IRC). This was a Central Intelligence Agency controlled organization that had been set up to distribute funds to organizations attempting to overthrow left-wing governments. During the time Holt was also involved in producing forged documents for the CIA and the Mafia. ...

In 1963 Holt received instructions from Twombly to provide false ID documents for Lee Harvey Oswald. These documents (in the names of Lee Harvey Oswald and Alek Hiddell) were delivered by a man called George Reynolds. In August, 1963, Twombly asked Holt to travel to New Orleans, where he met Oswald and Carlos Bringuier.

Holt later claimed he was went to Dallas in November, 1963, with Charlie Nicoletti, James Canty and Leo Moceri. In Dallas he passed on forged documents and guns (with silencers) to Charles Harrelson and Charles Rogers (Richard Montoya). Holt was told that "an incident was going to be created which could be laid at the door of pro-Castro Cubans. The word attempted assassination was never used. We assumed that from all this light loaded ammunition that maybe somebody was going to try to take a shot from somewhere, probably the Dal-Tex building, or one of the buildings around there. But at no time was it ever intimidated to us that an assassination or attempted assassination on Kennedy."

When the Kennedy motorcade reached the Dealey Plaza Holt was in the parking lot behind the Grassy Knoll. After the shooting took place Holt went to hide in a railroad car. He was joined by Charles Harrelson and Charles Rogers. However, soon afterwards, Dallas police officers entered the railroad car and arrested all three men. The three men along with Jim Brading were interviewed by Gordon Shanklin of the FBI and then released.

In October, 1991, Holt confessed to John Craig, Phillip Rogers and Gary Shaw about his role in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Holt's story was undermined in 1992 when the Dallas Police Department revealed that the three tramps were Gus Abrams, John F. Gedney and Harold Doyle. Ray and Mary LaFontaine carried out their own research into this claim. They traced Doyle and Gedley who confirmed they were two of the tramps in the photograph.

Gus Abrams was dead but his sister identified him as the third tramp in the photograph. Chauncey Holt died on 28th June, 1997.


From: An Apology - Of Sorts

... John Craig and Phillip Rogers appeared during the above mentioned ASK Symposium. Their topic was "A presentation of identification of the infamous 'tramp' in Dealey Plaza." And at least unexpectedly to me some of the discussion DID revolve around Chauncey Holt's self-professed claims. The audience was shown
the three tramp photographs along with some taken of Holt in 1991 for "comparison" purposes. During the question and answer period one of the many skeptical members of the audience asked the following question:

"Why does Holt have a fat nose in 1963 and a thin one in 1991?"

The answer: "It was because he bumped his nose in the railroad car, developed a nosebleed and stuffed his nose with cotton."

Now where would a tramp suddenly acquire pieces of cotton, I wondered?

The April 1992 edition of Film Threat magazine covered ASK - 1991. The reviewer, Dave Parker, indicated that "nearly everyone in the crowd [had] a problem buying the I.D.s. [and] everyone [left] the symposium, complaining bitterly."

By the time ASK was over, Holt had gone public and was identifying himself as the old man tramp in the three tramp photographs. Furthermore, Craig and Rogers published a book in 1992 called The Man on the Grassy Knoll. They made Holt a major player in the assassination.

They also revealed Holt told them he could be seen with Oswald in August 16, 1963 WDSU-TV news film showing Oswald passing out leaflets on a New Orleans street.

The story does not end there.

Filmmakers and investigators Ray and Mary LaFontaine dealt Holt's story a severe blow in late January of 1992 when researching Dallas Police Department records available from the city since 1989. Mary LaFontaine noticed the original arrest records of the three tramps. The documents identified the trio as Harold Doyle, John F. Gedney, and Gus Abrams. The LaFontaines contacted Doyle. Media representatives such as David Real of The Dallas Morning News and Billy Cox of Florida Today were in touch with Gedney. Both Doyle and Gedney* were able to confirm and prove they were two of the tramps in the photographs.

Social Security records show Gus Abrams, the old man tramp who Holt claimed he was, filed for disability payments due to a "lung condition" on July 27, 1970.

Abrams died on August 14, 1987 at age 75. Abrams' sister, Emma McCabe who lived in Ohio, was able to easily identify her brother as the person assassination researchers identified as the old man tramp in the photographs.

There is not one shred of physical evidence that Holt, who died on June 28, 1997, did what he claims to have done. We only have the debatable word of Holt, a former circus performer, who was described by one of his friends as "an old-fashioned raconteur, a sort of Renaissance man" and James Files as proof.

* Gedney also authored a book - The Making of a Bum: From Notoriety to Sobriety, (Gami Publishing, 2002)



CRIroselli1 - New Allegations Concerning the John Kennedy AssassinationJohnny Roselli, of course, was found chopped into pieces and floating in a drum near Donald Aronow's speedboat factory in Key Biscayne, Florida in 1976, not long after he questioned by the Church Committee. Aronow was murdered mob-style himself, and spent a week on the phone with then-president GHW Bush before he was gunned down on the drive of the speedboat shop.

Mac Kenzie writes: "The night before Nov. 22, was a very, very busy night at the Cabana Hotel and the Egyptian Lounge. I had been told to be at a meeting by Jake in the lower cafeteria at ... 11:00 am ... John Roselli was going to be there. ... " (p. 59)

In The Man Who Knew Too Much, by Dick Russell, there is a section entitled, "The Mob/CIA/FBI and Jim Garrison." It opens with a Jack Anderson column on a supposed plot by Fidel Castro to kill John Kennedy.

The Anderson story was based on leaks by "insiders." The "insiders" collectively were actually one John Roselli - "as part of what now appears to have been a CONSCIOUS DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN begun by the mobster in 1966, right after Garrison took Ferrie in for questioning ... " (Russell, p.641).

Roselli blew smoke around the assassination at the behest of CIA officials who'd been thrown into a state of panic by Garrison's investigation of David Ferrie.

Re Mac Kenzie's allegation that he went to the Cabana Hotel to meet with Roselli the night before the Kennedy assassination:

Where was Roselli that morning?

" ... According to Tosh Plumlee, a pilot working for the CIA, he picked up Roselli from Tampa, Florida, early on the 22nd November."

Roselli was in Tampa early in the morning of the 22nd, flew to New Orleans:

" ... Plumlee then took Roselli to New Orleans. After picking up three more men (of Cuban appearance), Plumlee took Roselli and his friends to Redbird Airport in Dallas. . ... "


Not exactly.

It wasn't a straight shot from New Orleans to Redbird Airport, after all.:

Plumlee: " ... In 1963 I flew into Red Bird airport from Garland airport on the day Kennedy was assassinated. ... "

Roselli disembarked at Garland in one account:

Testimony of Bob Vernon
Dallas, Texas -- November 18, 1994 Hearing

" ... Mr. Plumlee stated that Mr. Roselli departed the plane at Dallas GARLAND Airport shortly after 6:30 a.m. on the morning of November 22nd, 1963. Mr. Plumlee testified that he was informed that the flight was an abort mission, and that their assignment was to stop the assassination attempt on Kennedy's life. ...

"Mr. Plumlee testified that he was told this by his superior officers, and he has identified those officers. Mr. Plumlee testified that he was present in Dealey Plaza on the South Knoll at the time of the assassination. ...


Plumlee again. This time, Roselli continues on to Redbird airport during a storm, only arriving "as late as 11:00 am" - too late to meet with Ruby in Fort Worth early the same morning, as self-proclaimed JFK shooter James E. Files alleges (see below), and also probably too late to meet with Rod Mac Kenzie. Plumlee:

" ... The next morning, November 22,1963, about 4:30-5 a.m., our weather briefing was not favorable for a VFR flight into Dallas's Red Bird airport. We selected Garland as an alternate in case the weather had not improved by the time we arrived near Dallas air space. We did not file a flight plan nor intended to file IFR. This would have left a record of our flight with air traffic control. We continued to Garland,in northeast Dallas instead of Redbird Airport in Oak Cliff, a suburb of Dallas. We made this decision because of possible bad weather southwest of Dallas that had not cleared as yet.

"We arrived in Garland near daybreak. There had been so many threats against the President's life that we didn't have a great sense of urgency about this particular one. While waiting out the bad weather in Garland, and about thirty minutes after landing three of the passengers were picked up by car, including Roselli. (There are three documented corroborations of my presence at Garland airport that morning). After the weather had cleared sufficiently for the plane to continue via VFR flight rules to Redbird Airport in Dallas, we left Garland for the ten minute flight to Red Bird. We landed at Redbird around 9:30 or 10:30 a.m., perhaps as late as 11 a.m. where everybody got off and went their own way. ... "

BUT: "There is no way anyone can prove Roselli was in Dallas.... not even me. ... " - T. Plumlee

Plumlee was an operative of Bob Bennett from Mullen and Associates - a notorious front for CIA assassinations and coup plots. Was Roselli even in Dallas on November 22?

Or was he a cover story to account for the Plumlee/Bennett/Mullens connection in Dallas?

Robert Bennett of Mullen & Co.,** the public relations firm, was a CIA operative. Mae Brussell writes that he worked with YAF co-founder and "attorney Douglas Caddy," and "shared the same offices" with E. Howard Hunt. "Caddy was co-founder of Young Americans for Freedom. Robert Mullen alleged to be CIA, as well as Caddy."

Nixon's milieu.

Caddy was also the attorney for Billie Sol Estes.* Estes was also a key component of the LBJ focus of Barr McClellan's book on the Kennedy assassination.

Rod Mac Kenzie's story appears to be tailored to support the account of self-professed JFK assassin James E. Files, who, as mentioned, tells another story altogether - one that leads away from Robert Bennett of Utah and Plumlee, etc.

Plumlee was photographed at the south end of the grassy knoll when Kennedy was shot, trying, he claimed, to "prevent" the murder:

From: HudsonTom@aol.com
To: Multiple recipients of <jfkshare@exo.com>
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 1996 10:47:39 -0400

" ... On November 22, the morning of the assassination, Files picked up John Roselli at the Dallas Cabana Hotel shortly after 7 AM then drove to a Fort Worth pancake house restaurant where he watched and guarded a meeting between Roselli and Jack Ruby. ... "

A flight from Tampa to New Orleans takes about 1 hr. 20 min. The flight time from New Orleans to Dallas is about the same. But there was a storm, waiting it out in garland, time passing by. So on the morning of November 22, Roselli spent several hours in the air, and more time scuttling about by car, waiting for rainfall to subside, for takeoff, collecting passengers, etc.

Yet he was picked up at the Cabana in Dallas at 7:00 am for a drive to Fort Worth for a meeting with Ruby - who was already at the Cabana, per the Warren Commission? None of these accounts are consistent or even possible.

* Caddy and YAF, per Mae Brussell:

September, 1960, two months before the elections, William F. Buckley Jr. launched his YAF, Young Americans for Freedom, from the grounds on his Connecticut estate.

Prior to that date, Buckley's career was one of the most conservative in the U.S. Following his graduation at Yale, mentor Frank Chodorov grabbed him for purposes related to his job with McCormick's Chicago Tribune.

Buckley served the CIA in Japan from 1950 to 1954.

He also did a stint with CIA in Mexico with E. Howard Hunt.

Co-founder of YAF was Douglas Caddy, whose offices were used by the CIA and Howard Hughes organization, at the time of Watergate illegal entries and other dirty tricks.

After the CIA in Japan, Buckley was ready to publish his own magazine, The National Review. This was an unusual opportunity to bring together the world's most conservative writers for publication and much propaganda accompanied by Buckley's glib innuendos.

Once the publication was going, Buckley decided to bring Young Americans for Freedom to the campus; old ideas, old money, and young minds to mold. Behind the project were always the well-funded military masters, such as the YAF's Tom Charles Huston and the Cointel-Program Nixon cooked up.

The selected advisory board for YAF was a Who's Who of oldies even then: Senator Strom Thurmond, Senator John Tower, Mr. Ronald Reagan, Professor Lev Dobriansky, General Charles Willoughby, and Mr. Robert Morris are a sample.

Robert Morris may not be a household name. But William Buckley knew him well, and Morris, Nixon, and Senator Joe McCarthy were team players. Senator Joe McCarthy's two strongest supporters for him to represent Wisconsin were Frank Seusenbrenner and Walter Harnisfeger.

Both admired Adolf Hitler and made continuous trips to Germany.

Senator McCarthy obliged fast enough. Before he went after the Commies in the State Department, he had to release a few of Hitler's elite nazis lingering in the Dachau prison camp. McCarthy beat John McCloy by about three years.

In 1949, during congressional hearings on the Malmedy Massacre, the bloody Battle of the Bulge, McCarthy invited himself to take over the entire testimony. He wasn't satisfied until the prison doors flew open. The most detestable and ugly battle of World War II, an assault upon Americans and civilians in Belgium, was ignored. Hitler's precious Generals Fritz Kraemer and Sepp Dietrick, along with Hermann Priess and many others, were free.

With that business finished, McCarthy took on Robert Morris as Chief Counsel for the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee. Morris' earlier training in Navy Intelligence in charge of USSR counter-intelligence and psychological warfare could be utilized well by Senator Joe. Particularly the psychological warfare part.

After McCarthy died, Morris moved to Dallas, Texas. He was a judge, and became president of Dallas University.

In 1961, a year after Buckley founded YAF, another conservative organization was formed in Munich, Germany, calling itself CUSA, Conservatism USA. These were not students, but members of the U.S. army, soon to be mustered out, then to appear in Dallas, Texas, by November 1963. The host would be Robert Morris.


Caddy "Blows the Whistle":

" ... On 9th August, 1984, Estes' lawyer, Douglas Caddy, wrote to Stephen S. Trott at the U.S. Department of Justice. In the letter Caddy claimed that Wallace, Billie Sol Estes, Lyndon B. Johnson and Cliff Carter had been involved in the murders of Henry Marshall, George Krutilek, Harold Orr, Ike Rogers, Coleman Wade, Josefa Johnson, John Kinser and John F. Kennedy. Caddy added: "Mr. Estes is willing to testify that LBJ ordered these killings, and that he transmitted his orders through Cliff Carter to Mac Wallace, who executed the murders. ... "

About the Cabana:

"Overlooking Stemmons Freeway, and less than two minutes from Dealey Plaza, stood the Cabana Motel. For mobsters in town to kill the President, the Cabana would have been a likely roost. . . . Just before midnight on November 21, Ruby arrived at the Cabana to meet a Chicago businessman named Lawrence Meyers, . . . Meyer's traveling companion was a woman he claimed was a "party girl" he had picked up at a hotel and lounge in Chicago. This was Jean West, aka Jean Aase, a shadowy figure who has not been heard from since. What makes Ms. West intriguing is the fact that, according to telephone records, David Ferrie--of New Orleans fame--placed an unexplained fifteen-minute phone call on September 24, 1963, to the Chicago hotel where Meyers says he met her.

Meyers and Ms West had arrived in Dallas on November 20 and checked into a Ramada Inn. On November 21, they checked out and moved to the Cabana Motel. Why? Perhaps to be nearer other people who were staying there.

Two of these people were Eugene Hale Brading, aka Jim Braden, high-flying West Coast con man with longstanding ties to the Chicago Mafia, an
d Morgan Brown, another con artist who had been involved in at least one shootout with Los Angeles police. . . .

Brading, traveling as "Braden," had checked into the Cabana with Brown on November 21, telling the clerk they would stay until November 24. Moments after the assassination, "Braden" was one of about a dozen people picked up by the Dallas cops and briefly questioned. When arrested he was in the Dal-Tex building across the street from the Book Depository. He claimed to have ducked into the building to use the phone. There an elevator operator thought he was suspicious and reported him to the police. While Brading was being questioned, his companion Brown checked out of the Cabana--without explaining why he was leaving two days ahead of schedule--and left his friend behind.

During the HSCA investigation, Chief Counsel Blakey reported the following:

A call made on September 24, 1963 by an investigator for New Orleans Mafia leader Carlos Marcello to a woman in Chicago, who was present with Ruby on the night before the assassination. The committee found that David W. Ferrie had called the number of Jean Aase West and had spoken for at least 15 minutes. On November 21, 1963, Miss West visited Ruby in Dallas, accompanied a mutual friend, Lawrence Meyers. Miss West and Meyers had drinks with Ruby shortly before midnight on November 212 at the Cabana Motel. (4 HSCA 499)
Prior Attempts to Kill Kennedy?

Mac Kenzie: " ... I was told by John Roselli that they had set Kennedy up first at the baseball field in New York ... "

That would be an interesting trick, because Kennedy, if he even attended a New York Yankees game while president, would have thrown the first pitch - but Kennedy only threw three first pitches in his abbreviated term, none of them at "a baseball field in New York":

1961 John F. Kennedy
Washington Senators Griffith Stadium
Loss, 3-4

1962 John F. Kennedy Washington Senators
D.C. Stadium
Win, 4-1 First pitch in new stadium

1963 John F. Kennedy
Washington Senators D.C. Stadium Loss, 1-3


Mac Kenzie: Kennedy was set up " ... then again in Chicago ... "

Roselli isn't needed for this information. Mac Kenzie must know of the story in November 2007, widely reported by ABC, on the group of armed Cubans routed in Chicago by the Secret Service early in November 1963, and this is very likely the source of the "Roselli revelation":

New Revelations in Kennedy Assassination: Information over holiday weekend turns an old story in new directions

Florida Insider

November 24, 2007 — A new report from a Chicago ABC affiliate and several other developments has shifted theories concerning the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy in new directions. ...

Kennedy was to travel by motorcade to a college football game at Chicago’s Soldier Field. The president’s trip was cancelled at the last minute, apparently for security reasons, although the public was told he had a cold.The man arrested, Thomas Vallee, like Lee Harvey Oswald, was an ex-Marine with expertise as a marksman. Pictures of the two men even looked somewhat alike. What made this report more interesting was the former agent’s revelation that the FBI received a tip from a hotel manager at roughly the same time that a group of Cuban nationals, staying at the Chicago hotel, had high powered rifles with telescopic lenses and a publicly published copy of the route the Kennedy motorcade was to take, in their room. The report implies that the route would have passed the hotel where the Cubans were staying.

The evidence, according to Bolden, was seized; the Cuban nationals fled and were never found. The hotel room, according to the former agent, was never dusted for fingerprints and the case file was lost. Bolden said that none of the information about Vallee or the Cubans was forwarded to federal officials in Dallas prior to Kennedy’s visit there just twenty days later.

More disturbing was the fact that Bolden, a black man who had been hand picked by Kennedy to serve in a prestigious and virtually all-white profession, apparently attempted to give the information to members of the Warren Commission formed to investigate the Kennedy assassination. Not only, according to Bolden, did they refuse to take the information, he was at about the same time accused of soliciting a bribe from a counterfeiter and sent to jail for six years. According to the interview, conducted by the ABC affiliate in Chicago, Bolden contends that this was a set-up to silence him. ...


Re Mullen & Associates

" ... Robert R. Mullen and Company, a firm that had long provided cover for active CIA agents throughout the world and had actively been involved in Bay of Pigs operations. The owner of the firm, Robert Bennett, in addition to his CIA ties, was the Washington representative of Howard Hughes having
taken over that job from Larry O'Brien, the Democratic National Chairman, the target of the Watergate break-in. ... " (From: "Hollywoodstein: Coverup That Worked," May 13, 1976, EAST SIDE EXPRESS, by John C. Klotz)

** The Hughes Connection

" ... Tosh just recalls his CIA instructor of 42 years ago as one Bob Bennett. ... upon some further digging I saw he was running 'the Mullen Company', a CIA front for Howard Hughes. We should also know that Robert Maheu, who worked for Howard Hughes, introduced the CIA to Johnny Roselli to enlist the help of the mafia in the now declassified CIA/Mafia plots to kill Fidel Castro. ... "

Mae Brussell: " ... Co-founder of YAF was Douglas Caddy, whose offices were used by the CIA and Howard Hughes organization ... "

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