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Nanotechnology R&D Chief at Nano Labs Turns Tequila into Diamonds

Alex Constantine - November 23, 2012

From: American Signal

tequila - NanotechnologyNo one in the nanotechnology field in our opinion is more knowledgeable than Nano Labs (CTLE) R&D chief, Professor Victor Castaño. He has risen over 30 years to become a top expert in the field, and celebrated globally. It’s no wonder why. After all, who else has the wisdom and wherewithal to turn organic solutions – such as acetone and ethanol (and, yes, tequila) - into diamonds?Strange but true, as so many things are in a world where molecules are shaped and manipulated by nanotechnology. Dr. Castano helped lead a team of scientists and alchemists who performed alchemical magic after discovering that 80-proof tequila (40% alcohol) had the ideal proportion of ethanol to water to create diamond films.


In order to make the diamonds, the team evaporated the tequila into a vapor,and then heated the vapor above 1400 degrees fahrenheit before depositing it on silicon or stainless steel trays. The resulting diamond  films were between 100 to 400 nm in diameter and free of impurities.

Hard and heat resistant, the diamond films may have several commercial applications, possibly serving as cutting tools and optical electronic devices.It’s just one sparkling example of the brains behind Nano Labs Corp.


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