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Monsanto is the Real Food Terror Threat

Alex Constantine - December 31, 2010

By Chris Hinyub
Intependent Voter Network | December 24, 2010

monsanto2 - Monsanto is the Real Food Terror ThreatActing on information from a “key intelligence source,” CBS News claimed that terrorists are trying to poison our food supply on Monday. This may come as a shock, but some researchers have already identified several thriving “food-terror cells” who've been operating from within our borders for years. One is based in St. Louis, Missouri under the cover of a trans-national chemical manufacturer turned bio tech firm. It turns out that Monsanto has been poisoning Americans with the FDA's approval for at least 12 years.

Mary Nash Stoddard of the Aspartame Consumer Safety Network informs us:

“In 1998, Monsanto applied for FDA approval for a monster molecule, 'based on the aspartame formula,' with one critical addition: 3-dimethylbutyl [listed on EPA's most hazardous chemical list]. Neotame is touted as being 13,000 times sweeter than sugar.

On July 5 2002, Monsanto’s Neotame molecule was approved by the US FDA over formally registered objections of the Aspartame Consumer Safety Network and others. Long term effects on humans are unknown. Read the full release at the Aspartame Consumer Safety Network. The food labeling requirements for aspartame have now been dropped for Neotame, and no one is clear why this was allowed to happen. Neotame has been ruled acceptable, without being included on the list of ingredients, for USDA Certified Organic food items and Certified Kosher products with the official letter k inside the circle on labels.

Ever ready to give the public what it craves – guilt-free, low calorie treats that taste as good as sugar, is the multi-billion dollar sweetener industry. The sugar industry pales by comparison in the profit-generating arena. Fake sugars, in the form of Aspartame and now the Aspartame super clone, Neotame, give ‘foodies’ and fitness fanatics false hope and the empty promise that all can ‘have our cake and eat it, too.’ "Not necessarily so.” Don't think that by avoiding sweet things you won't get a 3-dimethylbutyl dose. Neotame is quickly displacing molasses as a feed amendment at industrial cattle lots, helping to make those cows' GMO grain-based diet “more palatable.”

monsanto - Monsanto is the Real Food Terror ThreatWith an even more questing spirit than the alleged al Qaeda plotters, who supposedly planned to put cyanide in our restaurant salad buffets, Monsanto has already managed to put their genetically modified crops into 70 percent of the processed food products on grocery store shelves. The FDA does not require labeling of these  disease-causing ingredients. Monsanto's continued expansion and its infiltration of rural America has been funded by a massive subsidy program authorized by the USDA. Many have written about the revolving door leadership policy between federal food agencies and the corporate behemoth, but few seem to grasp the grave dangers such a good-ol'-boy network entails. The fact is, Monsanto has not produced a “food” product that independent, non-corporate sponsored studies have found to be safe for prolonged human consumption.

Case and point: recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (aka rBGH or rBST). This refers to a genetically modified hormone injected into dairy cows to boost their milk production. Together with being more plentiful (and more puss-filled), milk from rBGH treated cows (despite what the milk-jug label wants you to believe) is detrimental to human health. Sold to factory dairy farmers under the brand name Posilac, rBGH has successfully evaded crucial labeling laws in the U.S. and abroad since it was approved by the FDA in 1994. Posilac was perhaps the most prevalent Weapon of Mass Disease in Monsanto's well-stocked arsenal until the first wave of unbiased scientific scrutiny forced them to pawn their cancer-causing product off on pharmaceutical giant Eli Lily.

I think it's about time for Americans to be a little more proactive in fighting food-terrorism. Though most of use don't have the luxury of producing our own food, we can at least use our powers as consumers to opt-out of supporting terrorist organizations. Just say no to Monsanto products and to a genetically altered, chemically perverted food supply. Let's stop funding organizations that wreak economic, ecological and biological terror on the civilized world.


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