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Joseph Cannon

Alex Constantine - March 25, 2009

Alex: I read Joseph Cannon's column on the SLA, and it repeats some of the work done by Mae Brussell years ago. What do you think of Cannon? - Gina

1 1 1 bullshit2 - Joseph CannonNot much. Less that that. The column you mention only confirms a few points raised by Mae, and he insults her memory in the process by assuming that he is capable of judging her, and he isn't. Cannon's comments weren't peer review - he is not her peer.

Anyone who claims that 9/11 forensic research detracts from understanding the CIA & drugs is out to lunch and will never return. Cannon, Hopsicker's tag team partner, is engaging in opinion formation and can't possibly believe his own argument. It's intended to manipulate, reinforce Hopsicker's spin, reinforce the emphasis on bin Laden.

What do drugs have to do with 9/11?

Didn't he write the column claiming that Barbara Bush is the illegitimate daughter of Aleister Crowley?

And he calls Mae Brussell "loopy." ...

And Mr. Cannon's absolute certainty that the World Trade Center was not taken down by controlled demolition is also positively hopsickerian. Cannon presents himself as an informed columnist, fancies himself a gatekeeper, but what he doesn't know hurts him.

- AC

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  1. I found an interesting witness that supports Mae Braussell’s theory on SLA being MK ULTRA by CIA PHOENIX PROJECT .

    This lady said she was targeted by the SLA and was kidnapped and raped.

    She also states that her mother was an owner of PLAYGIRL MAGAZINE, who initially published some of the GEMSTONE DIARY INFO and/or MAE’S articles on JFK and HUGHES still alive on a Greek island owned by Onassis (married Jacky Kennedy ?).

    This lady seemed PTSD ed.

    She came out of the blue to help me with a mysterious flat tire problem.

    I’M UNDER SURVEILLANCE for signing my 47 page US DOJ OIG–FBI OPR COMPLAINT and SD MED BD COMPLAINT….so…I have seen alot of snitches and provocateurs….so…don’t know who to believe anymore

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