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Hearing for Man in Obama `Plot' Postponed

September 14, 2008 0

DENVER (AP) — A man who sparked fears of an assassination plot against Barack Obama missed a federal court hearing on a drug charge Friday because he's in the Denver jail on another case.

Tharin Gartrell was to be arraigned on Friday. The hearing has been rescheduled for Sept. 19.

Details of the Denver case against him weren't immediately available.

Gartrell was stopped for a traffic violation in suburban Aurora the day before the Democratic Party convention in Denver. That led police to a witness who said Gartrell and two others talked about killing Obama because he's black.

Prosecutors didn't charge them with threatening Obama, saying they were high on methamphetamine at the time and posed no credible threat.

Gartrell faces up to two years in prison if convicted on the drug charge.



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