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GEICO Voice Actor Fired For Reminding Fox News About Tea Party’s Origin

Alex Constantine - April 26, 2010

By TruthExcavator | April 26, 2010

inside geico - GEICO Voice Actor Fired For Reminding Fox News About Tea Party's OriginThe voice actor of the famous Geico commercials, Lance Baxter, was recently fired by Geico after he made a scathing message about the Tea Party and FreedomWorks, an organization that was created by former House majority leader Dick Armey, and is considered a main player behind the movement. Many people criticize FreedomWorks for watering down the Tea Party movement and pushing it towards a Republican-corporatist line.

The Huffington Post:

The voice actor who was fired by Geico after leaving a disparaging voicemail for the tea party PAC FreedomWorks, spoke to Fox News’ about Geico’s decision to let him go.

Lance Baxter, also known as D.C. Douglas, told Geraldo Rivera that he regretted calling the group mentally retarded, but that he did not regret comments asking Freedomworks how they plan on reacting when a member of their group turns violent.

Baxter urged those who support him not to direct their anger at Geico, but at FreedomWorks.


In an appearance with Geraldo Rivera on Fox News, Baxter made the point that Ron Paul activists were the first to jump-start the Tea Party movement in its present day form. Back in December 16, 2007, Paul supporters used the Tea Party anniversary date to help raise money for Dr. Paul’s presidential campaign. As a result of their actions, the Paul campaign raised 6 million dollars in one day, which set a new record for political fundraising. This site advertised the event.

Baxter also said that FreedomWorks is not a transparent organization, and should not be trusted.

Watch Baxter’s interview with Rivera here.


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