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Discredited Tourette Therapist Leslie Packer is a Temple of Set “Bodyguard”

Alex Constantine - October 16, 2007

The attached was penned by Diana Napolis, a highly-competent child abuse investigator for the San Diego court system who was, via classified electronic mind control technology, CONVERTED INTO A POTENTIALLY-LETHAL CELEBRITY STALKER, similar to the manner in which Mark David Chapman was made to stalk John Lennon.

That was mind control, too. (Any "skeptic" ((misinformed dupe)) who wishes to debate this point from an inevitable position of ignorance - the sort that gives a free pass to fascist conspiracies - will lose, so don't even try. I've been arguing with brainwashed zombies for years. Fascism breeds conspiracies. Get used to it because public denial makes it possible.)

In fact, Ms. Napolis attempted to free herself from invasive electronic harassment perpetrated by satainists with ties to military intelligence. I witnessed the assaults on Diana first-hand - and was unable to do much about it.

The instigators are scum and appear to be related to Michael Aquino's Temple of Set.

New York Tourette Syndrome therapist Leslie Packer - who resigned from the APA rather than respond to complaints filed against her - is in league with Aquino and a satanic pedophile ring with links to the Temple of Set. (A brief search of the web and Usenet by any objective researcher will cofirm this statement.)

Packer is the ringleader among Aquino's "bodyguards." This clutch - including discredited (by no less than Washington prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald under questioning on the stand in the Scooter Libby trial) "false memory" theorist Elizabeth Loftus - filed bogus cyber-stalking charges against Napolis, who publicized the criminal connections in Usenet posts repeatedly, and was subsequently convicted of "stalking" Aquino, Packer, Loftus, et al.

CIA plants in the San Diego Cox (Mockingbird) press have given credence to the fabricated accusations made against Diana Napolis.

How it happened: Napolis was morally offended by allegations of pedophilia and child abuse related to the Temple of Set - not to mention protection of Aquino and the others by federal and local law enforcement and the DoD - and was herself wrongly convicted. She was subjected to electronic harassment and imprisoned for acting out her programming, a brainwashing regimen that sent Diana packing after Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Need I point out that this is a moral travesty? Packer and her fellow satanists are evading justice. The intelligence and legal communities have facilitated the acts of organized satanists and pedophiles against a courageous activist.

Monsters are breathing down her back. This is Diana's reward for attempting to protect victims of organized pedophilia - as the former court-appointed child abuse investigator was trained to do. The perpetrators are free to harass anyone they please, rape children and lie about it, employ hardcore tactics. The media and blogosphere support them with planted "Satanic Panic" cover stories promoting the "false memory" bromide for the ritual abuse of children, and furthering the careers of the perps.

Such is the degradation of the legal system and press that the intelligence underground - which, in the past, quietly recruited Nazis Reinhard Gehlen, Martin Bormann and Klaus Barbie - has promulgated.

One day I will write a book about all of this, and it will not be believed by dumbed-down, self-indulgent Americans, who cherry-pick their beliefs defensively, given the freedom to dissociate. I'm not so entitled. As an eight-year victim of CIA torture, I am more inclined to look at reality squarely. It doesn't appeal to me - and has never been pleasant - but it's everyone's responsibility to prevent future Holocausts. This is a very serious case, deserving of much wider scrutiny. But we domestic CIA-DoD torture victims seem to have been abandoned to fend for ourselves via our own devices. Most observers ridicule victims of CIA-DoD mind control experimentation and harsssment. We are in extreme pain. No one seems to care. I am one of them. My life has been destroyed for reporting honestly on fascism, just as Diana's was destroyed for reporting honestly on satanism and organized pedophilia. We whistle-blowers on the intelligence underground have been universally censored and abused by the media and a brainwashed public.

The TI's see it very clearly - and know mind control is YOUR problem. We are in pain, but we have no delusions. Good luck, America, with your mind control problem. I've tried to warn you, but am moving on to other topics of research and have no use for "kooks."

Theresa Duncan was murdered for writing on satanism and the intelligence community. I was tortured for years, and nearly been murdered many times ... but who cares, eh? It's well-known that the feds have a remote, portable crowd-control device that heats the body.

I was the guinea-pig in those burn experiments. Someone had to be.

The eight-year torture of Alex Constantine, which no one cared about, taught the bad guys how to torture YOU "kooky" people. ALL BACKS WERE TURNED ON ME ... and the truth about John Lennon's murder ... and the vicious assaults on Napolis ... and the killings of Robert Kennedy, et al. .... Duncan and Blake ... HOW MANY OTHERS?

CIA torture? A revelation? NO. I reported it 2O YEARS AGO - when it was starting up on ME. Who cared, eh? Most Americans had and has better things to think about: Sex. Religion. TV. Nothing.


- Alex Constantine

Dr. Leslie Packer, Usenet & Internet Child Pedophile Rings (Repost)

From: Oopsie Doodle
Subject: Dr. Leslie Packer, Usenet & Internet Child Pedophile Rings (Repost)
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005
On Sat, 09 Jul 2005 13:16:44 +0200, Charles D. Bohne™

>On Sat, 09 Jul 2005 17:47:54 +1200, Sir Gilligan Horry
>>Leslie Packer
>is a Satanist
>Tourette Syndrome "Plus" © Copyright 1998 - 2005 Leslie E. Packer

Here's everything anyone needs to know about Leslie Packer and cohorts who
hail from spp, excluded is Aquino's cult memebers, David Green also from San

If you think criminal atrocities can't be covered up in high places, see
this article about pedophile cover up.

Diana Napolis
(Address omitted)
Superior Court of California
County of San Diego
Central Court


Defendant. Case No. 171331


Date: February 19, 2003
Time: 9:00 a.m.
Dept: 15
Judge: Hon. Howard H. Shore

Diana Napolis declares as follows:

I am the defendant in these proceedings. I make this declaration in response
proceedings and presented to the court at the hearing of February 19, 2003,
9:00 a.m. My attorney did not file a response to the Board’s
recommendations. The Court did not follow the Board’s recommendations.
Regardless of the fact that the hearing was held six months ago, it is
important for my case to make a written record of why the Board’s
recommendations are ill-founded and should not be followed by the Court.
This is a complex case that can only be understood within the following

I have a Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology and I worked as a Court
Investigative Social Worker for the County of San Diego from the years
1990-96 and as a visitation supervisor for Family Court cases from the years
1995-2000 with one year overlapping due to moonlighting during the last year
of work at Child Protective Serves [CPS]. In the year 2000, I obtained my
Marriage and Family Therapy License [MFT].

I was following the controversy surrounding the subject of ritual abuse for
10 years within CPS, and in the academic community in general, and had
handled several cases involving ritual abuse claims. There was an attempt to
cover-up and down- play ritual abuse within the County of San Diego by a
Grand Jury in the early 1990’s, led by a woman by the name of Carol Hopkins
who insisted this type of abuse did not occur. [F1] Due to her activity,
during my tenure at CPS and afterwards, I concentrated on gathering evidence
and cases from around the world which proved the existence of ritual abuse.
I then went on the Internet under a pseudonym attempting to bring attention
to these crimes and to the irresponsible actions in San Diego County. See my
archive of satanic ritual crime cases at:

I then became interested in tracking the various harassment techniques used
by cults and the False Memory Syndrome Foundation [FMSF] – a political
organization defending those accused of ritual abuse, sexual molestation,
and mind control atrocities. The targets are usually therapists,
investigators and victims who speak out. The silencing and intimidation
techniques used in the 1990's included harassing lawsuits, threats, and

In rare cases, unusual assaults classified under the misnomer of
“non-lethal” weaponry, electronic harassment, or psychotronic warfare, were
also used. Psychotronic warfare utilizes directed energy to negatively
affect the mind. It is discussed in various military journals. In 2001, Rep.
Dennis Kucinich introduced a bill in the House of Representatives banning
“non-lethal” weaponry, including psychotronic weaponry.

There have been several lawsuits filed in the past 10 years in an attempt to
bring this technology to the public’s attention and to name the perpetrators
in an attempt to seek justice. For example, see John St. Clair Akwei vs. NSA
– (Attachment A).

It came to the attention of myself and others that not only governments in
third world countries use these technologies against enemies of the state,
but countries like the United States and Russia do as well. Such weaponry is
a convenient way to dispose of political enemies from a distance, causing
irreparable injury without being caught. These weapons also permit
experimentation on an unwitting public without needing to adhere to any
standards of ethical conduct or legal requirements to obtain informed
consent from subjects, requirements of democratic countries like the United
States, especially when field-testing very assaultive, unusual technology.
Occasionally a target might be chosen for a specific type of unusual torture
outside the parameters of what the perpetrators of these assaults define as
acceptable. In these case, the perpetrators may attempt to travel outside
their own country to find a rogue, clandestine operator to complete the

There is a famous couple from Russia who not only kill via this technology,
but lead the people they kill through their own version of the death and
dying process, with the exact opposite intention of Dr. Elizabeth
Kubler-Ross, who was a leader in the study of transitioning others through a
conscious “death process” towards the light. The ultimate goal of these
groups is to silence the political opposition against them and, of course,
to escape criminal prosecution when they eventually kill their targets, who
usually die in silence and unbelieved because the crime is unseen.

There were several individuals I was following on the Internet during the
years 1995-2000 because of their stated politics and clear agendas to
undermine victims. Eventually it appeared that several proponents of the
False Memory Syndrome Foundation [FMSF] and North American Man-Boy Love
Association (NAMBLA) had established networks staged in several internet
newsgroups, clearly operating to censor information and to intimidate others
from publicly questioning theirs agendas. They were promoting ideas about
child molestation not being very harmful and were in opposition to any
claims to the contrary. They also mocked victims or advocates who publicized
information about ritual abuse and mind control. Eventually these people
staged themselves in newsgroups such as sci.psychology.psychotherapy,
alt.mind control, alt.true-crime, etc., and became unusually malicious, and
appeared to function as an organized group. A few individuals attempted to
discover my real life identity, which they finally did in the year 2000
after stalking me in San Diego County.

My identity was disclosed in the local newspaper, the San Diego
Union-Tribune, on Sept. 24, 2000. This article was authored by Mark Sauer, a
friend of Carol Hopkins, whose story will be told in full later in this
document. Mark Sauer quoted: a Lt. Col. Michael Aquino who had been pursuing
me; Carol Hopkins, an ex-San Diego Grand Jury member; Dr. Elizabeth Loftus,
a memory researcher from the FMSF, and Michelle Devereaux, a satanic cult
member who oftentimes poses as a private investigator.

Because I had been tracking the propaganda techniques of others, as well as
these particular individuals, I was not surprised to see that they did not
tell the truth, but instead provided misinformation to my local newspaper. I
publicly rebutted their claims [F2] and expected to receive a legal summons
as R. Christopher Barden, attorney for the FMSF, promised me in 1998 [F3],
or I expected to be killed due to the fact that Michelle Devereaux told me
that a group of people pursuing my identity wished to injure me, or worse.
Instead, I found myself the target of psychotronic technology and I have
suffered tremendously from the unique usage of it.

It is clear that the main motive of these people was to retaliate against me
for exposing their network on my web pages, but I also believe they had
discovered that several therapists and I had planned to report their network
to the FBI to investigate for possible criminal conduct. However, the pain
and suffering I have experienced during the past two years has been of
sufficient intensity and duration to divert attention from this goal – until
recently. Fortunately this particular network left a paper trail in their
pursuit of me.

Some of the people I was following over the past several years are:

Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, cult leader of a satanic organization called the
Temple of Set. He was a High Priest while simultaneously serving in the
armed forces as a military intelligence operative and
psychological/propaganda warfare expert. Lt. Col. Aquino was processed out
of the Army Active Reserves in 1990 after a ritual child molestation
Peter and Pamela Freyd, founders of the False memory Syndrome Foundation

John M. Price, Ph.D., co-moderator of the newsgroup
Sci.psychology.psychotherapy.moderated - affiliated with University of
California (UC)- Davis.

Ralph Underwager, Ex-advisory Board Member of the FMSF, who claimed
pedophilia was “God’s will” in the journal Paidika. See:

Phil Shaver, Ph.D., from UC Davis, co-wrote a research study, which I was
questioning, entitled “Characteristics of Ritual Abuse Allegations”.

Leslie E. Packer, Ph.D., a self-described “child advocate and Tourettes
Syndrome Specialist” from the New York area.

John Singleton, aka “Raven”, wrote in the newsgroup,

Nancy Alvarado, Ph.D., affiliated with UC San Diego.

John Clark, affiliated with UC San Diego.

R. Christopher Barden, JD, Ph.D., lawyer and psychologist who works with the
FMSF and threatened to sue me in 1998 when we were both covering a Federal
Trial from opposite perspectives.

Roby Roberson, alleged perpetrator, Wenatchee Sex Ring Case.

Carol Hopkins and Mark Sauer, from San Diego. Ms. Hopkins was Deputy
Foreperson for, and co-authored, the 1991-1992 San Diego Grand Jury Report
No. 8, "Child Sexual Abuse, Assault, and Molest Issues". She defended
alleged perpetrators in the Wenatchee Sex Ring Case and in Cuernevaca,
Mexico. Mark Sauer is a reporter for the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Elizabeth Loftus; Ph.D., memory researcher and FMSF Advisory Board member.
She defended alleged perpetrators in the Wenatchee Sex Ring Case.

Lorne D. Gilsig, ex-LAPD officer and colleague of Lt. Col. Michael Aquino.

David Pierce, computer expert from Austin, Texas, possibly working with SETI

Gary Schons, Attorney General Representative, San Diego, and legal counsel
for the 1991-1992 San Diego Grand Jury Report No. 8, "Child Sexual Abuse,
Assault, and Molest Issues". David G. Hall, reportedly a physicist intern
affiliated with UC Irvine.

Ron Locklin, a computer programmer, reportedly working with SETI programs,
is an ex-employee of Livermore Lab.

Scott Locklin, aka Lupo Le Boucher, satanist, physics major, computer
expert, possibly working with SETI programs, reported ex-employee of the
National Security Agency [NSA], and affiliated with UC Davis after
graduating from University of Pennsylvania.

Jeanette Runyan, from the Order of Astarte.

Tanya Lysenko, aka Tani Jantsang, satanist who publicly stated I should be
dismembered after my identity was discovered, and reportedly has an uncle in
the KGB in Russia.

Kevin Filan is from the Church of Satan.

Zeena LaVey, lives and works with Michael Aquino.

Michelle Devereaux, satanist, computer expert, and co- moderator of the

More Details About Some Individuals Involved in This Network
My interaction with R. Christopher Barden, JD, PHD, began in 1998 after he
played the role of legal analyst on the FMSF’s web site
http://www.fmsfonline.org during the Federal Trial against Judith Peterson
and several other therapists in Houston, Texas in 1998. I constructed a web
page dedicated to providing a defense for them because the indictment read,
in part, that diagnosing Dissociate Identity Disorder [DID] and sending the
insurance claim through the mail constituted “mail fraud” and that
acknowledging that clients were self-disclosed victims of Satanic Ritual
Abuse [SRA] constituted unprofessional conduct since SRA “did not exist”.
I responded by collecting and publicizing my archive of 65 SRA cases from
around the world and I became active, promoting my web site, attempting to
offer a balance to the FMSF’s skewed coverage. This Federal case ultimately
resulted in a mistrial and the prosecutor refused to refile the charges.

While covering this case, Dr. Christopher Barden threatened to sue me if I
did not retract claims that he “promoted pseudoscience and provided legal
defenses for the FMSF”. I responded to this frivolous threat by constructing
a web page highlighting the absurdity of his complaint.

After examining Dr. Barden’s malpractice claims against therapists, it
became clear that all of the allegations were remarkably similar and it
began to look like a concerted effort to target therapists frivolously, but
devastatingly, destroying their reputations and careers by making cookie
cutter legal and licensing board complaints. It also became clear that Dr.
Elizabeth Loftus and the other Advisory Board members of the FMSF were not
addressing a conspiracy of inept therapists attending the same
“unprofessional” conferences, from whom the public needed protection.
Instead, the FMSF appeared to actively canvas for recanting victims of SRA,
who, in turn, accused their therapists of implanting “false memories,”
resulting in astronomical insurance settlements divided by all. So-called
“recantors” have their own newsletter and, they too, are quite organized.

As of 1998, Dr. Christopher Barden described participating in “22 or 23
similar cases” in a news article discussing a recent and unusual court loss.
[F4] Dr. Elizabeth Loftus described reviewing another 50 or 80 cases that
were to be filed. The FMSF newsletter published online regularly reports on
the outcome of these cases as well as the outcome of licensing board
complaints in their “Legal Corner” section.

The sad reality is that the FMSF, and the cults they appear to support,
staged a war and the therapeutic community did not know what hit them until
it was too late. Due to these events, several therapists and I decided to
report what we suspected was a criminal network encompassing cult groups,
child abuse, insurance fraud and the cover-up which included investigating
agencies, and Grand Juries. Before I could report my particular concerns to
the FBI, I was stalked in San Diego by a cult member by the name of Michelle
Devereaux, terrorized by her friend, William Scherk, and then later,
targeted with the technology which will be described at the end of this
paper. The trail of stalking was both initiated and substantiated for law
enforcement by Michelle Devereaux, who attempted to flush out my identity by
phoning law enforcement, claiming I was in danger from a network of
individuals. Apparently she was hoping I would give my real name to law
enforcement and then the cult would retrieve my real name from them after
she changed tactics and began making false claims about me. This ruse
actually did work for them in my case. [F5]

As a side note, in another example of a cult technique from California, an
alleged cult member (CM) was attempting to give testimony to law enforcement
about the Jon Benet Ramsey case. CM’s relatives reported her as missing to
the local police department, then that Dept., in turn, traced her to the
Boulder Police for her relatives, apparently not understanding that CM was
in the process of disclosing information about the criminal network that her
family was involved in and therefore wanted her location kept private. These
are two examples of sophisticated cult tactics, proving that naive
law-enforcement can be easily manipulated by them.

Other tactics include breaking into therapists’ homes or offices and moving
objects around, commonly referred to as “gaslighting” or an attempt to make
one’s victim feel “crazy.” Another technique is for the perpetrator to
immediately stage an aggressive offense and accuse all investigating
officials of incompetence or malfeasance, after which an expensive lawsuit
might cause an agency to hesitate about investigating similar claims. These
tactics are used nationwide and case law around the country reflect them as
well as other techniques which are used. Another way for perpetrators to
deflect others from their own agenda is to accuse others of what they
themselves are doing. For instance, accusing therapists of implanting “false
memories” can be a reversal of intentional mind control that perpetrators
implement to cover up their crimes, commonly referred to as screen memories.
If one evaluates the FMSF online web site from this perspective, it makes
quite an interesting read. In my opinion, the Wenatchee Sex Ring defendants
used some of the above tactics. I constructed a web-page on this case
highlighting several red-flag issues that raised serious questions about
their innocence.

The other area of concern is that the FMSF, in many court cases involving
claims of repressed memory, files Amicus Briefs to the Appellate courts in
an effort to have the court remand the case back to the local court level.
The authors of these Briefs state that “repressed memory” is not accepted by
the “majority of the scientific community.” This is a blatantly false
statement, nevertheless it indicates that a small minority of “scientists”
can get away with speaking for the majority by the usage of both
sophisticated and simple propaganda techniques.

An example of a sophisticated technique would be the rigging of an
experimental study and the manipulation of the experimental subjects. An
example of a simple technique would be an FMSF Advisory Board member lying
about the number of research studies proving Traumatic Amnesia and Repressed
memory. There are several examples available proving the above statements
[F6]. The media outlets describing these issues report the particular bias
of the editorial staff, or newspapers, in particular, copy other news
outlets. If a piece of misinformation is reported in one article, that same
misinformation will be repeated in all articles. This state of affairs is a
well known phenomenon among propaganda specialists or those purposely
attempting to cover up their activities. [F7] At the point in time when the
perpetrators are misinforming the public, staging publicity stunts or
demonstrations in attempts to correct the travesty of justice might be

Carol Hopkins and Mark Sauer
During 1998, I constructed several web sites, one of which was devoted to
publicizing the cover-up of ritual abuse in San Diego County, which I held
Carol Hopkins and reporter Mark Sauer responsible for.
In 1991-1992, Ms. Hopkins co-authored a Grand Jury Report and critiqued
several cases from the District Attorney office and Child Protection
Services. She quoted the opinions of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation in
this report four months after its inception and argued for the dismantling
of the standing ritual abuse protocol at CPS. It became clear that several
years afterwards that the FMSF was actually a political group devoted to
denying the existence of these crimes using confabulation and intimidation
as their principle modus operandi.

In 1992-1993, another Grand Jury was convened and they discovered that Ms.
Hopkins’ rendition of cases was incorrect. The 1992-1993 Report, entitled,
“Protect the Child, Preserve the Family Report", provided accurate case
information and concluded that the previous report had caused needless harm
to many involved in the offices of the District Attorney and CPS. It was
also discovered that Ms. Hopkins had an affair with Attorney General
Representative Gary Schons after it was decided that the District Attorney
could not represent the 1991-1992 Grand Jury due to a conflict of interest.
Schons and Hopkins maintain their affair began after their Grand Jury’s work
was concluded; however I find that claim highly doubtful. [F8] Over the
years, Mr. Schons has continued to be quoted in the San Diego Union-Tribune
repeating FMSF propaganda.

Carol Hopkins then formed a group called the Justice Committee and she
testified in Sacramento, California, in hearings discussing the merit of the
social work immunity laws. These would make individual CPS social workers
liable in case any irate parent chose to sue instead of holding the
Department of Social Services accountable, which had previously been the
case. This law did pass and it created even more of a climate of
intimidation when investigating volatile and politically- incorrect forms of
child abuse, such as ritual abuse or multi- offender cases involving sex

In approximately 1993, after Carol Hopkins’ Grand Jury report and subsequent
negative publicity in the local newspapers, the San Diego Union-Tribune,
(courtesy of her friend, Mark Sauer), social workers, and supervisors, were
told ritual abuse cases were virtually non-existent and statistics on sexual
molestation were grossly inflated. I continued to handle one or two more
cases with cult allegations after this time when concerned supervisors
specifically gave me these cases to investigate after they attended one of
these mandated meetings when required to by Director of CPS, Ivory Johnson.
At that time, Carol Hopkins was considered instrumental in the election of
the then-new District Attorney, Paul Pfingst. Afterwards, I was told she was
then on a special committee reviewing criminal cases for a short time.

As of September, 2002, Paul Pfingst was still claiming there was no evidence
to prove ritual abuse existed. He was publically quoted by reporter Mark
Sauer as stating two workshops regarding ritual abuse, hosted by an annual
international conference on family violence, should not be offered to the
public. Pfingst said; "This theory [ritual abuse] was completely debunked in
the early '90s". Sauer wrote; "District Attorney Paul Pfingst expressed
grave concerns that a widely attended and influential conference would
feature workshops on ritual abuse, since he has seen no evidence that such
cases exists". And Pfingst threatened; "If someone wants to go back to
teaching that satanic ritual abuse claptrap, we're going to have a serious
discussion about whether law enforcement in San Diego should respond and
expose it for what it is." Ms. Hopkins also wrote a formal complaint to the
San Diego Grand Jury in an attempt to intimidate the organizations
sponsoring the conference. Members of the San Diego Grand Jury attended
these workshops to investigate.

Further research revealed that in 1996 Carol Hopkins had a teenage witness
in her custody during the high-profile child molestation case evidencing
multiple offenders in Wenatchee, Washington. It was disclosed in a news
article written by Mark Sauer, that CPS director Ivory Johnson personally
supervised this placement, which Carol Hopkins again confirmed on the
WITCHHUNT E-groups list in the year 2000. Many of the Wenatchee child
witnesses and confessed perpetrators eventually recanted and all of them
were ultimately released after the successful appeal of their case. Having
the Director of Social Services, Ivory Johnson, personally supervise this
placement was highly unusual, if not unethical, as there were rumors that
Hopkins and Johnson were friends. In addition, favorable articles for Ms.
Hopkins, against the reality of ritual abuse, were authored by Mark Sauer
over several years time.

In 1998 I was contacted by a local citizen in Cuernevaca, Mexico, who had
read my web pages about Carol Hopkins. She was concerned because of Ms.
Hopkins’ position defending a child molestation case in that town. Several
people were threatened and they decided to write an article disclosing Ms.
Hopkin’s background which would be written using information gathered from
my web page, including the web site address for reference purposes.

All of my web pages were eventually taken down because Michelle Devereaux
made complaints to the owners of the web sites I was using. She then began
following me in San Diego County and later made false claims to campus
police at the school site I was visiting when accessing the internet in
order to formally identify me. Ms. Devereaux can be found on the internet
under various pseudonyms, such as “Lurker” and “cyberforensics”. She created
a web page and took all of the documentation I had on my web site about cult
crime, making it appear as if this work were her own.

In the year 1999 I had contacted Gail Goodman Ph.D. from UC Davis. She, Phil
Shaver Ph.D. and Bette Bottoms authored a research study entitled
“Characteristics of Ritual Abuse Allegations”. I requested the underlying
data as well as the surveys which were used to form the conclusions their
report was based on. I along with another researcher wanted to challenge
this study because based on my years at CPS and with the legal community
attempting to argue for the collection of statistics on ritual abuse cases,
I found the statistical analysis within the body of their report to be
highly suspect.

John M. Price Ph.D., attended school at UC Davis, majoring in psychology and
also claimed at one time to be a faculty member there. He was a co-moderator
of the internet newsgoup sci.psychology.psychotherapy in 1996 when I
discovered him. He came to my attention because of his unusual views about
child molestation. It eventually became clear in my opinion that a small
group of people including Nancy Alvarado, Ph.D., Leslie Packer, Ph.D., Bill
Goodrich, MFT, John Clark, and John Singleton, using the pseudonym of
“Raven” were all staged there attempting to skew public opinion about child
molestation without using any of the usual, subtle social persuasion
techniques commonly used by social science interest groups as described by
Margaret Singer in her book, “Cults in Our Midst”.
After a few months of reading this newsgroup, a man by the name of Lorne D.
Gilsig, an LAPD officer, began interacting with everyone. He mocked victims,
compared ritual abuse claims to stories about “Albino alligators and organ
stealing”, then began sending me harassing e-mail for 6 months. Shortly
afterward, Lt. Co. Michael Aquino acknowledged knowing Lorne Gilsig. I sent
several of Mr. Gilsig’s outrageous claims to the LAPD along with a copy of
Aquino’s public court papers and suggested that they might want to watch Mr.
Gilsig’s activity.

In retrospect, it became clear that this particular “science group” was
awaiting publication of a research study titled “A meta-analytic examination
of assumed properties of child sexual abuse using college samples”, (Rind,
B., Tromovitch, P., & Bauserman, R. (1998)., Psychological Bulletin, 124,
22-53). One of the authors of this paper was traced to the political writing
of NAMBLA- North American Man-Boy Love Association. Some members of NAMBLA
are extremely dangerous. (See Curleys vs. NAMBLA- a lawsuit filed by two
parents who sued NAMBLA after the sexual molestation and murder of their
son). It is my opinion that this group to varying degrees was clearly
attempting to normalize pedophilia via the Rind study along with the authors
who succeeded in having their work published in the APA’s mainstream

I was viciously verbally attacked by members of this newsgroup
sci.psychology.psychotherapy, after questioning their agenda, then I
discovered Dr. Leslie E. Packer and John Price were working with Lt. Co.
Michael Aquino and others in an attempt to track my identity, which they
finally did.

Dr. Laura Schlesinger, a radio talk show host in Los Angeles, began
publicizing the Rind study along with a series of damning critiques. Dr.
Nancy Alvarado and John Price then began writing in Dr. Laura’s news group,
along with an aggressive group of unknown others, who began calling for
protests after viciously attacking her.

Reportedly, John Price was asked to leave UC Davis after controversial
material was found on his computer.

Scott Locklin
Scott Locklin is a Satanist, physics student, computer expert/hacker and
reported ex-NSA employee. I had a long-standing e-mail relationship with him
a few years ago at which time he gave me advice about anonymity. He e-mailed
me once from a National Security Agency office [NSA], telling me it was a
secure e-mail system and they would be the only people reading my e- mail.
Scott Locklin led me to believe he was working undercover while posting
information to the newsgroup alt.satanism and writing under the pseudonym of
Lupo Le Boucher. He ultimately betrayed my confidence and I consider Mr.
Locklin to be quite dangerous and I hold him personally accountable for the
way in which I was targeted.
It appears Scott Locklin claimed that he graduated from the University of
Pennsylvania- home base of the FMSF- then transferred to UC-Davis where he
was working on a project involving Experimental Atomic Particle Physics, and
later, Fifth Dimensional and Plasma Physics, with a group of others in the
UC system and elsewhere. He was also reportedly interning at Lawrence
Livermore Laboratory. I’m told Scott Locklin sold his software and hardware
to a very wealthy Jewish couple from Los Angeles, California, that includes
the latest in virtual reality, NSA tracking software, and more. This
particular Jewish couple are known for their interest in Sci-Fi-like
technology and their company specializes in unique special effects software.
This couple also has a reputation for being humanitarians, having funded a
project that documented the testimony of Holocaust survivors many years ago.
But unfortunately in their zeal to play God and destroy what they did not
understand, they, along with a few of their friends, are guilty of a number
of travesties. When confronted, they responded with an aggressive
counter-play, consisting of misinformation and absurd claims to the court
system and to the media which other media outlets repeated.

Kevin Filan was a member of the Church of Satan in 1997. During that time,
he challenged the validity of Lt. Col. Aquino’s lawsuit against my internet
company and hosted volatile documents on his web page, which was a public
service, but a dangerous action to take. I publicly thanked Mr. Filan, but I
now know that thank-you was premature due to later events in which he

Lt. Col. Michael Aquino
In 1996 I accessed internal documents from Lt. Col. Michael Aquino’s legal
case Aquino vs. Stone 957 F.2d 139 in which he was Titled as a suspect in a
ritual child molestation case. Unfortunately the Criminal Investigative
Division [CID] of the Army released their report several months after the
statute of limitation ran. Lt. Col. Aquino contested the Titling Action, but
the Appellate court ruled in the Army’s favor which resulted in his process
out of the Army in 1990. It appears that Lt. Col. Aquino was forced from the
Active to the Inactive Reserves, but according to documents Aquino attached
to the case Aquino vs. Electriciti, Case #984751, located in San Francisco,
CA, he served several days out of the year at US SPACE COMMAND until 1993,
after which he reportedly “voluntarily retired.”
The Army case against Lt. Col. Aquino involved multiple children in several
jurisdictions: The Presidio Army Base itself, Sonoma and Mendocino Counties,
and the town of Ukiah, all communities which are located in Northern
California. Apparently a child was questioned in Washington, D.C. as well.
Many of these children reported electroshock, submersion in water,
kidnapping, being bled, and victimization within satanic sexual ritual
rites. There were questions raised as to if Lt. Col. Aquino was guilty,
whether he was simply following the dictates of his own religious system
(Satan worship), or whether he was conducting a clandestine mind control
experiment involving these particular children.

There are dozens of individuals who have come forward over the years
claiming victimization by him and several who have reported his unusual
interests. It is possible now to project Virtual Reality Scenarios to a
victim from a distant location via computer tracking and nanotechnology, as
documented in the lawsuit Akwei vs. NSA and elsewhere. Some of this
technology appears Orwellian, at the very least.

Approximately 25 years ago Lt. Col. Michael Aquino initiated a ritual in an
SS castle in Wellwersburg, Germany, where he claimed to have brought in the
“forces of darkness” at that specific site. The location was known to be a
seat of much suffering where the SS hierarchy of the Nazi Party was rumored
to have participated in Satanic rites. Curiously, Aquino has alternately
claimed and denied at various times to be the son of a Nazi officer from
Hitler’s Regime; [F9] in Newsweek Magazine he has claimed to be the
Anti-Christ and the Second Beast of Revelation. [F10] This may explain his
interest in Armageddon scenarios and points to activity that is much more
devastating than anyone had previously thought.

After exposing the documentation detailing the demise of Lt. Col. Aquino’s
formal military career, he traced me to my internet company, Electriciti,
and sued them in an effort to discover my identity. In 1997 the Court
dismissed his lawsuit and the owners of Electriciti reportedly refused to
search for my real name for him, as I signed up with a pseudonym.
Christopher Alan, President of Electriciti, gave several newspaper
interviews, stating he would never disclose my real name to Lt. Col. Aquino,
even if he did know it, because he would never be able to live with the
consequences of his actions afterwards if any harm came to me, given Lt.
Col. Aquino’s satanic cult leadership status. However my identity was
publicly disclosed in the San Diego Union-Tribune in the year 2000 by Mark
Sauer and afterwards I believe Aquino and others came after me with a
vengeance, using the latest high tech equipment available to him.

For further information about Lt. Col. Aquino, I refer the reader to the
books: “Why Johnny Can’t Come Home”, by Noreen Gosch (2000); “The New
Satanists”, by Linda Blood (1994); and “The Franklin Cover-up”, by John
DeCamp (1992).

Psychotronics, Electronic Harassment, Mind Control and Mental Illness
>From John St. Clair Akwei vs. NSA [National Security Agency], Ft. Meade, MD,
p. 4:
“A subject's bioelectric field can be remotely detected, so subjects can be
monitored anywhere they are. With special EMF equipment NSA cryptologists
can remotely read evoked potentials (from EEGs). These can be decoded into a
person's brain-states and thoughts. The subject is then perfectly monitored
from a distance.

NSA personnel can dial up any individual in the country on the Signals
lntelligence EMF scanning network and the NSA's computers will then pinpoint
and track that person 24 hours-a-day. The NSA can pick out and track anyone
in the U.S.

Later on p. 4

For electronic surveillance purposes electrical activity in the speech
center of the brain can be translated into the subject's verbal thoughts.
RNM can send encoded signals to the brain's auditory cortex thus allowing
audio communication direct to the brain (bypassing the ears). NSA operatives
can use this to covertly debilitate subjects by simulating auditory
hallucinations characteristic of paranoid schizophrenia.

Without any contact with the subject, Remote Neural Monitoring can map out
electrical activity from the visual cortex of a subject's brain and show
images from the subject's brain on a video monitor. NSA operatives see what
the surveillance subject's eyes are seeing. Visual memory can also be seen.
RNM can send images direct to the visual cortex. bypassing the eyes and
optic nerves. NSA operatives can use this to surreptitiously put images in a
surveillance subject's brain while they are in R.E.M. sleep for brain-
programming purposes.” [emphasis added].

Page 3.

“NSA personnel can control the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals
in the U.S. by using the NSA's domestic intelligence network and cover
businesses. The operations independently run by them can sometimes go beyond
the bounds of law. Long-term control and sabotage of tens of thousands of
unwitting citizens by NSA operatives is likely to happen. NSA Domint has the
ability to covertly assassinate U.S. citizens or run covert psychological
control operations to cause subjects to be diagnosed with ill mental

As clearly stated, the technology just described has not only the ability to
mimic the symptoms of mental illness, but the degree of dysfunction can be
directly attributed to the malice of the individual user accessing the
computer and the relative coping skills of the target. Until this
information is acknowledged and understood, people will continue to be mis-
diagnosed according to the current criteria used in the American Psychiatric
Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM). In addition, a
bonafide brief or prolonged mental illness can occur after exposure to this
technology. The ongoing trauma itself could lead to a psychological
The sources of funding for some illicit mind control experiments have been
traced to the CIA, proven by the public exposure of Canada’s Dr. Ewen
Cameron, by Dr. Harvey Weinstein and Dr. Colin Ross. [F11] These funds are
then diverted to major research institutions which design illegal
experimentation on sub-populations, which was documented in Ross’ work. The
research committees that implement changes in the DSM are faculty members of
these institutions and if one reads the signs and symptoms of mental illness
in the 1970s, one can see they mimic symptoms of mind control research.

Reportedly others were involved field-testing their private research
projects from various institutions rumored to be funded by the military or
CIA such as Carnegie Mellon, John Hopkins University, and select schools
from the California UC system.

Another group reportedly involved in these research projects is a UFO
research group called the Aviary. The Aviary includes several military
personnel among their membership. Allegedly, one gentleman involved is a
Col. John Alexander who is interested in studies involving the process of
Death and Dying. [F12]

As of today, it is possible to remotely assault a person, by the usage of
technology developed by the NSA. That means it is possible to design mind
control programs and implement them from a distance, and torture someone
from a distance, depending on the creativity and agenda of the perpetrator.
However, there may or may not be any medical documentation to prove the
existence of any of this activity for some time.

The new sophisticated mind control programs are implemented in the inner
eyelid so that when the victim closes his or her eyes, one sees a computer
screen on which any image can be projected. I’m told that these developments
are a product of Nanotechnology.

In addition, according to an article in the Daily Telegraph, dated July 18,
1996, titled, “Scientists offer the ‘end of death’; ‘Soul Catcher’ computer
chip implanted behind the eye”; “... A computer chip implanted behind the
eye that could record a person’s every lifetime thought and sensation is to
be developed by British scientists...he predicted that within three decades,
it would be possible to relive other people’s lives by playing back their
experiences on a computer. By combining this information with a record of
the person’s genes, we could recreate a person, physically, emotionally, and
spiritually...” BTs’ Martlesham Health Laboratories near Ipswich, England,
is the private company quoted in this article.

They cite the ability and intent to implant computer chips into people as of
1996 in the optic nerve. In lawsuit Akwei vs. NSA, filed in the early
1990's, there is reference to the NSA’s ability to “see what the
surveillance eyes are seeing” after they are monitored from a distance.
Oftentimes, private companies are sold the clandestine research of
government organizations and this is what appears to have occurred.

If members of the public are being used to field test the research of
private companies against their will, they would be in great jeopardy, not
only physically, but psychologically, because they would not readily be
believed when trying to disclose their distress. Obviously, psychotropic
medication is not going to be helpful in these instances.

The combination of this technology along with the long-term agendas of
research facilities such as Ames Lab, Los Alamos Laboratory, Lawrence
Livermore Lab, and other research facilities, is cause for great alarm. Dr.
Nick Begich writes, in “Angels Don’t Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla
Technology” (by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeanne Manning), p. 148, discussing
electronic research:

“The Soviets went on to discover that by slight manipulation- by reversing
brain polarity (by passing very low voltage current through the front of the
brain to the back)- they could endure deep sleep. Mounting evidence also
indicated that they may have perfected ‘telepathic hypnosis’ which could be
deployed from hundreds of miles away from the target person.”
Colonel John Alexander expresses interest in this area as well. [F12]
According to the writer, Armen Victorian, Alexander is on the board of a
“remote-viewing” company called PSI-TECH, which also employs a “former
microwave scientist”.
Lt. Col. Aquino also wrote a paper, published in the Military Review, at
least 20 years ago called “From PSYOP to Mind War: The Psychology of
Victory”. The entire paper is photocopied in Milton Cooper’s book; “Behold a
Pale Horse”, p. 369. In this paper, Lt. Col Aquino argues in favor of the
usage of psychotronics on individuals in his response to Col. John
Alexander’s article in the same journal:

“There are some purely natural conditions under which minds may become more
or less receptive to ideas, and Mindwar should take full advantage of such
phenomenon as atmospheric electromagnetic activity, air ionization, and
extremely low frequency waves.”
According to Dr. Nick Begich, extremely low frequency [ELF] waves, also
called “microwaves”, are detrimental to human health.
There have also been questions raised among investigators about what
activity could be hidden behind “screen memories” and if an other agenda
lurked behind some instances of alleged ritual abuse or “UFO abductions”
that was more horrifying than, or what was in addition to, the scenarios
depicted. I believe “screen memories” may be designed to hide experiments
with computer-brain interface, which in combination with the destruction of
bio- energetic fields is tantamount to spiritual murder and is a complete

I was told that there were attempts by some to impact the bioenergetic
fields around the human body and interior to the body and that the utter
destruction of these fields results, ultimately, in complete technological
possession. The lawsuit Akwei vs. NSA refers to the ability of the NSA to
impact bioenergetic fields, but various cult organizations have other
agendas which include unique abuses personal to their own religious
persuasion such as destroying the Chakra system and the actual astral body
of the target.

This technology is now being directed at political targets. See this web
page for information about psychotronics and the Chakra system [13] and the
discussion of both at a conference about non-lethal warfare.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) introduced a bill in the House of
Representatives in late 2001 that would ban weapons in space. Among the
weapons that it would proscribe the new measure includes "psychotronic"
devices that are "directed at individual persons or targeted populations for
the purpose of ... mood management, or mind control." The bill is published
in full on the internet. [F14] The Kucinich bill was hailed by Citizens
Against Human Rights Abuse (CAHRA), one of a number of organizations of
people who say they are victims of government experimentation involving
electromagnetic and other psychotronic weapons. CAHRA has a web site [F15]
and a page listing symptoms in people targeted by such weaponry. [F16]

More web sites on electronic harassment include:

http://www.mail-archive.com/[EMAIL PROTECTED]/msg47260.html
http://www.bugsweeps.com/info/microwave.html [F17]

There is a saying by someone trying to explain how an entire country could
have turned a blind eye when the Nazi Germans cremated millions of citizens
from their own and neighboring countries. Loosely translated, it reads:

“When they came for the shop owner down the street, I turned my head cause I
could not be bothered; when they came for my neighbor, I looked the other
way so they would not see me; when they finally came for me, there was
nobody left to resist.”
Millions of people were exterminated in Germany in complicity with a passive
public and the paid propagandists of the state stating the extreme claims
were not true. Organizations like the False Memory Syndrome Foundation and
others will continue to cover up for, and deny, the existence of Satanic
cults, an excellent sub-population to experiment on without having concern
about the disclosures of these children. This is due to these families’ and
collateral networks’ ability to cover up crimes as well as the ability to
shut down investigations in the large community, as was documented to have
occurred in San Diego County. I believe it is important for a Federal Grand
Jury to investigate the FMSF as soon as possible.
1. San Diego County Grand Jury, Report No. 8, "Child Sexual Abuse, Assault,
and Molest Issues", June 29, 1992, and later report, No. 13, “Protect the
Child, Preserve the Family” dated June 29, 1993.
2. See Response by “Karen Curio Jones” to Mark Sauer's article, "A Web of
Intrigue" dated January 1, 2001, located on various newsgroups, also

3. Correspondence between Dr. Christopher Barden and Karen Jones (my
pseudonym) was posted on the internet newsgroups in 1998.

4. See “Jurors Believe Therapists”, The (NC) Charlotte Observer, August 20,

5. SDSU Incident Report, June 13, 2000, posted on January 12, 2001, at
04:52:07 PST on newsgroup alt.Satanism.

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7. See Cults in Our Midst, by Margaret Thaler Singer, Janja Lalich, Robert
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8. Gary Schons, Assistant Attorney General in San Diego, is known in San
Diego for debunking repressed memory as “Voodoo Science”, according to Mark
Sauer of the San Diego Union-Tribune. Search newspaper for key words.

9. See Linda Blood, “The New Satanists”, Times-Warner, 1994.

10. "The Second Beast of Revelation, Claims of Satanism And Child
Molesting", Newsweek, November 16, 1987.

11. Bluebird : Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality by Psychiatrists,
by Colin A. Ross (2000) Manitou. Dr. Ross documented the money trail of
illicit mind control experiments and other activity to major academic

12. Alexander, Lieutenant Colonel John B., “The New Mental Battlefield: Beam
Me Up Spock” in Military Review, Vol. LX, No. 12, December, 1980, and see

13. See http://www.ufonet.it/archivio/government-psi.htm , a web-page
publicizing military conference on the chakras, “non- lethal” weaponry, and
concern about an impending eschatological event.

14. See: http://www.fas.org/sgp/congress/2001/hr2977.html

15. See: http://mindjustice.org/,

16. See: http://mindjustice.org/symptoms.htm

17. “Microwave Detection: Remote Mind Control Technology”, by Anna Keeler,
states that Los Alamos National Laboratory is now under the supervision of
University of California (p. 8).

I declare under penalty of perjury and the laws of the State of California
that the foregoing is true correct.

_____________________ ________ August 29, 2003

Name Signature Date


I, the undersigned, do hereby certify that I am, and at all

times hereinafter mentioned was, more than 18 years of age, a

citizen of the United States and a [ ] resident of [X] employed

in the County of San Diego. I am not a party to this action. My

[X] business [ ] residence address is 3633 Camino del Rio South,

Suite 301, San Diego, CA 92108.

On August 30, 2003, I served the following documents:


OF THE BOARD OF BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE on the below-listed parties by

placing true copies thereof in a sealed envelope addressed as


Office of the District Attorney

Feona Khalil, Deputy District Attorney

330 West Broadway, Suite 1300

San Diego, CA 92101-3826

Bill Lockyer, Attorney General of the State of California

James M. Ledakis, Deputy Attorney General

110 West A Street, Ste. 1100

San Diego, CA 92101


I deposited said envelope in the United States mail, first

class postage prepaid, at San Diego, California.

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the

State of California that the foregoing is true and correct.

Date: August 30, 2003


Received 09-03-2003

Dr. Leslie Packer, Usenet & Internet Child Pedophile Rings (Repost), Oopsie Doodle
Re: Michael Aquino, Usenet & Internet Child Pedophile Rings, Oopsie Doodle
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Re: Dr. Leslie Packer, Usenet & Internet Child Pedophile Rings (Repost), Oopsie Doodle
Re: Dr. Leslie Packer, Usenet & Internet Child Pedophile Rings (Repost), Dr. Flonkenstein


  1. Many people who work in the mental “health” field are repressive, authoritarian people who are often thugs. It’s possible many of them might like to abuse children. “Tourette’s Syndrome” is a psychiatric label. I think that “Tourette’s Syndrome” could be a reaction to psychopharmaceuticals called akathisia. Peter Breggin, a dissident psychiatrist, said these types of drugs often cause it. Akathisia is a form of internal restlessness caused by some of these drugs that is often related to compulsive behaviors.

    It’s likely that the mental “health” field could be used to silence and discredit children who witnessed certain abuses. I read that some children get abused in CPS programs. I think these pedophiles often target vulnerable children, such as those in CPS. I read that government mind control programs might sexually abuse children to break and program them. This might explain some of the connections between government “intelligence” and the mental “health” industry. The “intelligence” industry might use the mental “health care” system to dump some of its victims or perhaps people it thinks “know too much”. I think that some types of fascists might use children or some sexually exploited adults to blackmail people in various positions of power. I read there are some women who are programmed to be beta slaves who are often forced to have sex with certain people and this is used to blackmail them.

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