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Constipated Terrorist Unhappy

Alex Constantine - May 6, 2009

constipation - Constipated Terrorist Unhappy01 May 2009

Terry Nichols, the American terrorist who teamed up with Timothy McVeigh to kill 168 people in the Oklahoma City bombing, is unhappy with his prison diet, which has left him struggling with “chronic constipation, bleeding, hemorrhoids” due to a lack of insoluble fibre, The Smoking Gun website reported this week.

A judge rejected Nichols’s bid for a preliminary injunction against the Bureau of Prisons.

The complaint filed by Nichols, who is imprisoned at the “Supermax” lockup in Florence, Colorado, contends that “God created mankind to consume unrefined whole foods” that work “in a synergistic way to keep one’s body (i.e. God’s holy temple) in good health to ward off various diseases”.

250768341 57360afb8a - Constipated Terrorist UnhappyNichols proposed a diet that prison officials should serve, which includes Kellogg’s bran products.


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